Why Knowing Your Why Is A Must!

If you don’t know the reason behind why you provide the service you do, then let me tell you something you are doomed before you even begin.

It must be a HUGE reason that makes you get out of bed every day and and carry on living out your dreams. There needs to be a why? Without a why there is no drive, no passion, no high energy within your work. You will not place your “all in” into it and the moment times get tough you will quit.

That is why your why? Needs to be a strong one. You need to be able to take people back to the exact experience that drove you to where you are now. You need to be able to tell the story of how it began, why it began, the journey up to now and why it still burns your coals deep down inside today.

By not having a why behind your mission this leaves you looking like you are just chasing one thing, and that one thing is just success. Nobody wants to do business with somebody who only wants a one time customer and couldn’t care less about the human being themselves. It is up to you to get clear on your why and understand that people will constantly ask you this question on your journey. They will come out with questions like;

What is it that you do?

Why do you do what you do?

What is your mission behind what you do?

Is there a reason why you started out doing this in the first place?

These questions will never go away and will always be asked by either clients, people who interview you, or by the genral public who follow you. So you have to be ready to answer them, which means you need to be ultra clear your self on the answer. The last thing you want to be doing is answering with “Mmmmmm cos I love doing what I do” .. Because that sounds completely rubbish and makes you look like a complete amateur.


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When I started out in my online journey I started out with a campaign page on Facebook. This page was to support and help people who had experienced domestic violence and rape. Due to my own victim to victor story, and my daughters rape at the age of 14 years old I had got to a place where I was mega PISSED with people taking away people’s personal power. I remember the day like it was just yesterday when I was sat in the waiting room of the rape centre while my daughter was getting interviewed by the police (for what seemed the 1,000th time before her trial).

I looked out of the window of the waiting room to see a women getting escorted to an unmarked police car. She had just come out of the 2nd interview room. Her eyes were looking directly on floor and her head was bowed like she was feeling ashamed about what had happened to her. As she stood near the car waiting for the police officer to escort her home safely she kept twisting and turning a handkercheif in her hand, only she was twisting it so hard you could see by the look on her face she was causing herself pain to take her mind off what she had just re-lived in the interview room.

At that moment my attention was disturbed by my daughter stepping back in the waiting room. I looked over to my daughter and as I was about to hug her until I noticed that she had the same look on her face as the women stood outside. She was hunched over staring at the floor with that same look of shame on her face. In that split second I looked back through the window at the women and then back at my daughter.

That was the day that something inside of me snapped! I said “Fuck this!”

Something needs to be done about this and to help people drop that shame feeling, gain back their confidence and live free. That day I set up a page on Facebook called The Freedom & Empowerment Campaign. This campaign evolved into The Missing Piece within 3 short years. The platform to allow people to be heard grew stronger and more people took notice the bigger it became.

If you had told me over 3 years ago that I would be the one to help over 120 people become international best-selling authors, coach TV personalities from all across the world, publishing the books of awarding winning Hollywood film directors, teach others how to earn money on books in 90 days before they are published, and be the creator of a international best-selling book series, I would have laughed at you and thought you were talking crazy!!..But it’s true!

Why is true? Because my why never changed and it’s still the reason I get out of bed in a morning today. It’s exactly the reason you are reading this blog now. The one person I direct my content, blogs, podcasts, books, posts on social media to is that women stood by that car 4 years ago. That plus the love of a mother for her child is what keeps the coals burning deep down inside my gut every single day. It’s my why!

2015-06-08 05.25.15

What shocked me the most is that I was not prepared for what my why was about to bring to the world. Just by talking to the women stood by the umarked police car, day in, day out,  grew something so huge! It provided over 120 worldwide a voice of their own. A best-selling book of their own and everyday it still get bigger and still change lives.

So, now that you know what my why is I want you to start getting clear on yours! It will make a huge difference between where you are now and where you want to go. If you have a feeling deep down inside of you that you are here for a bigger reason, then you have a huge purpose to fill.

Which means you need to start to get clear on your why? Because it will be the why that will get you through your journey. It will be the why that will get you through the times you want to give up, the times you are pulling your hair out, and the times when people hurt you, stab you in the back, or try to drag you down.

So you need to be clear why you are doing what you are doing.

So, the two questions of the day are:

Why do you do what you do? And What is your why behind it?

I will leave you to think on them,

Have a great weekend,

Until next time,

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Here’s to your success

Kate xx

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