When Taking The Road to One Dream Becomes Another!

Have you ever took the road to one dream and it becomes another?

Well, here’s what happened in my world in the past 72 hours. As you know, I was all packed and ready to move 200 miles away to a new home and start a new life over. This is because my partner’s work can basically take us anywhere in the UK.

Anyway, back to me all packed and ready to go, so then Matthew receives a phone call to say his next contract is in exactly the same city as before. So, there is me with all my house packed up, nearly all my furniture sold, given away and I am ready to start all over again.

Which basically means we are not going anywhere! And we have to stay for him to work this new contract, which could be for a very long time yet. Well, I stood in the hallway and my chin hit the floor! Why had I been put through this entire motion and what was God trying to teach me by placing me in this experience?

Within the next 24 hour’s it felt like I had been hit around the back of the head with a piece of wood. The clarity of this purpose all became so clear. I thought maybe by sharing this with you could help you on your own journey.

The reason I had been placed through this journey is because I couldn’t see what was right in front of me in the first place. I had so much emotion connections going on with all my previous material stuff that it was clouding my judgement of the present. You would be so surprised how much emotional connections we have with anything material like furniture from our past that maybe an ex-partner bought you, or something that once upon a time you may have borrowed the cash to buy, and the person you borrowed from keeps reminding you every year that if it was not for them 6 years ago you wouldn’t have had “it” in the first place.

When me and my partner of 5 and half years, Matthew, met each other he moved in with me. He moved into my home, with my material stuff, my furniture and everything else was basically mine. The things that I had purchased and accumulated over the years. So, with this, there was so much emotion connected to this stuff over the years and resentment attached to some of it. I couldn’t see clearly what was right in front of me!

So, what WAS right in front of me?

Right in front of me was a house that I can buy at 35% discount of the actual market price. That I could buy, do up beautifully and sell with making a massive profit which would enable me to go buy my dream home 200 miles away from where I was going to move in the first place.

So what was the lesson here?

The lesson was I had to go through the process of thinking I was moving in the first place, have Matthew’s first contract end, give away or sell the majority of my stuff, and go full circle to see what I didn’t see before and to have my eyes awakened to what was right in front of me all along. Why? Because sometimes God moves in ways that sometimes are drastic to make you SEE and to make you LEARN!

You refuse to let the little things cloud your judgement, so he WILL make you see it another way. Sometimes them ways are drastic, but boy! do they work!

48 hours after gaining all this clarity,  I booked a flight to the USA for 3 weeks during the summer time.

Why? Because if I have to place one dream on hold a bit longer because I really couldn’t see the WHY behind it, then am certainly NOT placing my dream of getting married in America off no longer…So it’s  now BOOKED!!! I fly out this year, and marry the love of my life and what’s even more special? My best friend Kim is going to marry us! She is conducting the ceremony.

And the almost empty house? Is now getting a makeover with new furniture and going to be our first house project and first step up on the property ladder as property developers like we had planned many years ago to do. This whole learning experience more than makes up for having to scramble through boxes to find stuff.

How about that for setting out on a road to a dream and then resulting in a completely different one?

You couldn’t make this journey up if you tried!

Have a beautiful Tuesday morning, and see you on Facebook live tomorrow!

Until then, I have unpacking to do 🙂

Much love & appreciation

Kate xx



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