Today Another Dream Becomes Reality!

Today another dream became reality for one of my previous clients.

Today Angela held in her hands the book that she had published! The masterpiece that she had taken from a blank word document to becoming a physical product that is now REAL!


Writing and producing a book is a massive journey for any author to go through!


It’s because a book is not just words on paper, it’s an emotional journey too! So many don’t cross the finishing line to holding their book in their hands because they feel they are not worthy to complete it. Or so many give up 3 chapters in and leave it another 10 years to start again.

When the book is finished and complete it still doesn’t end there because you then have to market it to your followers so they will buy it. All authors who have taken this journey with me know only too well what it really takes to create a book and make it a success, and that it involves action taking.

It also involves kicking your gremlins and the old hag in the attic (the ego) to the kerb many times over to reach your overall goal of a completed book. So, today I wanted to give a MASSIVE awesome shout out to Angela and say congratulations for making your dream become reality and leaving a footprint in the sand for the next generation to be inspired.

I am proud of you to have come this far and even more honoured that you chose me to be your teacher to make it happen. Take this day to reflect on how far you have actually come and the journey you entailed on the way. After today life will never be the same again, because now you know “how” to focus your attention on making something huge a reality!

Much love to you my darling and I wish you the most success with this book and every book you bring to life in the future.


Much love & Appreciation

Kate xx


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