The Next 4 Weeks Are Crucial

Hey, there I hope you are well and having a fantastic week so far. You may have noticed I have not been around or highly visual on Facebook as I usually am but with little over 4 weeks to go before my Christmas vacation starts and 3 major projects to create and wrap up, my time is spent in my women den closed off from the virtual/outside world to enable these projects to come alive and be released by Christmas.

I decided this year to take 3 weeks out and really enjoy a long Christmas break before it is full steam ahead with the magazine launch in January 2017. That plus some huge in-person events that I will be hosting in London and New York City over the course of 2017.

Rest and time out are vital if you have huge things coming up in the new year. It’s really important to keep grounded and keep your feet on the ground and enjoy time away from social media doing simple and ordinary things. It’s even more important to stay focused and keep on the schedule leading up to this time so that you don’t have miss out on the time you had booked off in the first place.

This time of year is always a very active time for me and my team. With many authors wanting to have a best-selling book before Christmas, or others that are booking themselves in for a January appointment so they can take 2017 by storm, it is always a time of year that needs major focus and organisation (The UK spelling) so that we complete everything on time.

Which means I spend less time on social media and more time leading and managing the projects at hand. This year we are tying up 2016 with a loud and proud BANG! On December 7th, 2016 I launch my last EVER anthology book! Yes, you read that right! My last EVER compilation book. From here on out I will only be consulting these projects and teaching others how to make it happen for themselves. Of course, I will always write books, but from now on they will be solo-authored books only. I have very much enjoyed my journey of creating a best-selling book series and placing together this last business book with my partner Kim B. Smith, but now it’s time to teach others “how” to build their own success with books, just like I did.

The No B.S Truth What it Takes to Build a Successful Business seemed like the best way to go out with a BANG! To help so many business owners in the world by cutting the crap and telling them what it really takes to succeed online.


Plus, to top the year off nicely we are also working on this amazing powerful project:


Of which, will fetch awareness of mental health issues and how attempted suicide really effects people and their families. With suffering from mental health issues myself along my own journey and a failed suicide attempted in my mid 20’s I felt a huge emotional connection to working on this project. It is a real pleassure to help fetch this book to life and to have written it’s foreword for the compiler Kristie Knights.

Tying these projects up and making them reality before Christmas is vital so that we can make room for the birth of The Missing Piece Magazine which launches on Jan 17th, 2017!


The Missing Piece Magazine is an interactive digital self-discovery magazine where you will be opened up to powerful information and exercises to accompany you on your self-discovery journey. The Missing Piece Magazine also helps online business owners, coaches, and mentors to be positioned in front of  ‘highly’ targeted audience by presenting themselves and their knowledge our network coverage per month.

So, get ready for a life-changing month, every month!

With all this awesomeness coming up, you can now see why the next 4 weeks are major vital for this creative mind to stay focused and on track to have all this completed in time. I hope you make the most of your 4 weeks and have the Christmas break you deserve too.

I best get back to work before the sun goes down, 4 weeks and counting, tick follows tock follows tick etc…

Speak to you soon,


Much love and appreciation

Kate xx


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