Belief/Affirmations: Do you believe in the power of prayer?

Article Written By Dr. Jane Cox

You might have noticed that I rather enjoy taking a bit of a controversial view on all sorts of subjects. I remember being taught from quite young that there are certain subjects that you just don’t talk about, and those generally include subjects around things like religion, or politics. Well, that was like a red rag to a bull for me. Tell me I shouldn’t do something, and immediately it engages me as something worth taking notice of. I am also often the “devil’s advocate” – I’ll keep the open mind, and always allow for the possibility that what I “believe” at any stage may change, because my current decision or belief may be based on a lack of knowledge, rather than an abundance of knowledge. And for me, ignorance is no reason to structure my life in a certain way. After all, life is about growing and learning, and I think we all have a huge amount of potential for that learning and that growth.

So one of the controversial subjects that has always interested me is the power of prayer. Some people swear by it, some people dismiss it completely. I went and became a metaphysican in my desire to understand it, amongst trying to get a handle on all other things spiritual and philosophical. I found out a lot of things about prayer, but I hope to share just a small finding in this couple of pages that we have together. And maybe it’ll encourage you to test this concept for yourself.

If you believed the nuns that taught me during my high school years, prayers are answered. To be honest, I had a big red flashing doubt sign in my brain when they came up with this concept. I tested it. I would pray for something, put my heart and soul into that prayer, and nothing seemed to happen. I would do the other thing they suggest – always start your prayer with thanks of what you have in your life, and then expand on this concept and pray for what you want as though the prayer had already been granted. Well, I liked the idea of that, but I wasn’t feeling overwhelmed with the success of the strategy.

One of my best friends at school was always worrying about her weight. She tried this prayer thing as well. She prayed to lose weight. She gave thanks for her thinness as though it had already become a reality. But nope. She kept looking much the same and, dare I say it, if there was weight doing anything it was appearing, not disappearing. So for a while I liked the concept of praying but the proof was still lacking.

Then I sat back and looked at what prayer actually was. It was effectively the sending up of energy into the Universe. And of course if there is real emotion involved in anything, it increased the amount of energy attached to that thought or desire. If we think of ourselves as electrical circuits, it makes sense that we exchange energy with the Universe. And if we guide that energy, and set our intentions, and include our emotions, it is like sending a guided missile up into the energy system of the Universe, and it certainly should be weighted in the favour of working, so why did it seem to have so little working proof?

Then I took a broader look at what was going on, and I experimented further, and I can honestly say that it is true what they say: Every prayer is answered. The trouble is that we tend to forget the first half of the statement. The fact is that EVERY THOUGHT is a prayer, and every prayer is answered. Think about it. Over seven billion souls, all sending up the energy of their thoughts. That’s a helluva lot of energy being sent out into the Universe!

So somehow we expect the Universe, that God power, to listen really carefully to all of that energy coming from each one of us. We expect that if that thought is preceded by a “Dear God”, and ends off with an “Amen”, that somehow the Universe will ignore the clutter of all those other energetic signals we send off, and just grant the request or intention sandwiched between those magic words. The more I thought about it, the more ridiculous it seemed.

I listened carefully to my friend. While for a few minutes each day she prayed for weight loss, she spent most of the other 23 hours and 55 minutes talking about how fat she felt she was. How she “only needed to think about a slice of cake and she would put on weight”. And I looked at where her thoughts centred, I listened to her self talk, and I saw where her emotions lay, and I saw how where she placed her attention was what manifested.

I saw myself do the same. I would “pray” for one thing, but believe another. I would ask for one result, and take actions and expend energy into creating the opposite result. Not intentionally, but when I was honest with myself, the pattern was clear. The negative self talk that we indulge in. The times that we diminish ourselves and run ourselves down. All of that energy, all of those thoughts, all sending out their energy into a very busy Universe, and the answering energy comes back. What we believe, we achieve. If what we internally believe is that we are failures, we create failure. If we believe we are incapable, we are. Or in my friend’s case, if we think we are overweight, we become the outward manifestation of those thoughts.

But on the flip side, when we catch our negative thoughts and beliefs, and we replace them with positive ones, we start to manifest that too. When we start to genuinely tell ourselves that we can do something, we manage it with relative ease. When we expect a positive outcome, we create a much larger possibility for that positive outcome. When our mind sends out clean and consistent energy, and we take ownership of our thoughts, we take back control over the outcome of those thoughts.

At first it may seem clunky. And quite an eye opener as to how many times we “think ourselves down”. But if every time you catch yourself thinking negatively, you intentionally replace those thoughts with positive ones, you start retraining your brain for positive results rather than negative ones. Every thought is a prayer, and every prayer is answered.

What are your thoughts? Because those thoughts are the thoughts that will become your reality.

Thank you so much for reading,

Jane xx

Dr. Jane Cox is a Human behavioural specialist, success psychology expert and ethno-psychologist. Internationally renowed motivational speaker & trainer. find out more at:

Affirmations, do they really work? – By Kim B. Smith

Article Written By Kim B. Smith


I am a healthy person; I am strong and focused; I am loved; I am a shining ray of beauty…

I am energetic and productive to arrive through my day!

These are just a few samples of positive affirmations, something a lot of people do not believe in. Our belief system here is what we “buy” into, what we are told to by others.

First, I would like to talk more about affirmations. To be affirmed, affirming and more.

Here is the definition:

1, The action or process of affirming something or being affirme

“He nodded in affirmation.

2,  Emotional support and encouragement.

These affirmations are powerful – they work. For me personally, they help me calm my nerves and anxiety. I take three deep breaths before stating my affirmations. However, I have clients that insist that they don’t work or that it is just too simple! Really? Why does everything have to be so neck breaking hard for us to receive love and desired results? Crazy, huh?

Affirmations need to be visible. I find placing mine in my journal helps. I write them on Post-its, and I keep them in my car, on my mirror and around my monitor of my computer. Places where I can see them and be reminded.

I let myself get creative and use sharpies and different color Post-its. At one point I used to teach a leadership class to high schoolers, we did the eliminating of negative beliefs, we taught them how to take their negative beliefs and turn them into positive, supportive ones by using the Post-it method. One of the students shared with the class that she decided to place her Post-its on her bedroom ceiling so she could see them first thing in the morning and last at night! Brilliant! We saw a shift in this young lady’s personality.

These affirmations change our beliefs about ourselves, AND THEY WORK.

Yes, affirmations work, I know this because we live in a total affirmed world. A very negative world that affirms with fear and negativity.

How many times have you been given a compliment and affirm with a negative comment? How many times do you negatively put yourself down? “I am fat, I am a loser, I am a failure.” We have all done this at one point in our lives. And we buy into this, don’t we? Aren’t these affirmations changing our beliefs?

Affirmations work, positive or negative. Humans have been walking around for years affirming things.

“I am ____________.” You chose, power-filled and positive or knock-down, fear-based, and negative. But I will tell you, they work. Affirmations have worked since the beginning of time, it’s just that we as a race have been trained to use them negatively. So changing all of this up, feels strange, abnormal, and very different. Indeed, and it will until a new routine is started for yourself.

Practice is the way to change, and practice doesn’t get you to perfection. Practice supports us and allows us to be Human.

Begin today with three positive affirmations, place them around you on your mirror, monitor and such. You got this!

Peace, Kim xx

Kim Boudreau Smith is a multi-talented CEO and business leader with a legacy of empowering thousands of women. From a corporate background in sales and marketing and over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, Kim has gone on to become an #1 International Best-Selling Author with the book being one of the best-selling on Amazon for 2015! Kim also has become a multiple International Best-Selling Author Business Consultant and Speaker. Kim combines her expertise with a passion to motivate and inspire other women to become “top producers in their lives”. As CEO of Kim Boudreau Smith Inc.& Founder of Bold Radio Station her international speaking and consulting work has enabled thousands of women to benefit from her inspirational and empowering work. Find out more at


Beliefs and Affirmations- The No Non-sense Approach By Stephen Garrett

Article Written By Stephen Garrett

A lot of attention has been given to positive affirmations over the years especially in this time of New Aged Spirituality. There is a tendency to lean towards the light and avoid the dark at all costs. Well, the cost is actually in avoiding the dark, as that is where our personal power lies and also where it gets all knotted up.

Buried in our dark side are ALL the limiting self-beliefs that are our true magnets – magnets that draw to us those things we want and more those thing we do not want. These dark side magnets must first be re-polarized before any affirmations will have a permanent and lasting effect. If we simply lay positive affirmations on top of these unearthed and unhealed limiting self-beliefs all the laws of attraction will avoid the new lawyer of positive affirmations and instead attract what our core beliefs demand.

Positive affirmations painted on top of negative unconscious self-beliefs is much like applying a coat of paint on top of an ageing, cracked, existing paint job. It looks great initially but over a very short time period the cracks show their true colors and all the efforts of the new paint job were for naught.

If you intend to have a fantastic new paint job last the test of time you must first do the hard work of scrapping off all the old paint and getting back to the original surface of the wood. Once down to the clear base the new paint job will hold true and look as good as new for a long period of time.

Well, if it is true for a paint job it is also true for affirmations. They will not hold to an old cracked belief system not matter how much effort you apply. The old cracked belief system will always show through and the laws of attraction will bring to you what the old paint job has always brought you. You need to scrape away all those old limiting self-beliefs and get down to the base you – your divine spiritual heart.

Once the scrapping has effectively removed those once powerful dark side, negative beliefs the way is clear for new beliefs in the form of affirmations. So do your scraping work! Ask yourself these types of questions and be brutally honest;

  • How do I keep myself small?
  • How do I really think of myself?
  • If I am being honest with myself what are some of my negative identities?
  • When someone gives me a compliment what is my first thought?
  • When I make a mistake how do I really talk to myself?

These sorts of questions get at the negative self-beliefs lying beneath the surface in the shadows of your emotional mind/body. They must be brought into the light of day so you can de-identify from them and free yourself in order that you are able to receive the new paint job in the form of positive affirmations.

Without doing this preparation work; without scraping away the old paint; without getting down to the original clear wood surface you are simply wasting your time doing positive affirmations.

Much Love,


Over the past decade I have spoken to groups as large as 1,200 people and more intimate groups from 15 to 200 folks. I have spoken in person at conferences such as IdeaCity, Double D’s Death and Dying Conference, the Ageing and Spirituality Conference in Los Angeles, the Bereavement Ontario Networks 25th Annual Conference, along with numerous radio and television shows.

I currently work with such organizations as hospices, professional continuing education organizations, colleges, communities, and churches creating tailor-made workshops to suit each group’s unique needs and learning styles. Learn more at

Make Selling Effortless

Whenever I mention the word selling to a new or small online business owner they usually cringe. This is because many new online business owners self-sabotage themselves in many different ways when it comes to selling their products or services.

Every person is in sales, whether we are business owners, employees, parents or even in your own personal relationships, you are in sales!

How can everyone be in sales you are thinking?

Because everyone sells themselves somehow. This could be a mother who is selling to her son that if he loads the dishwasher so he can then have treats, Or when you are married, you definitely sold yourself to the person you married, so much so, they made a life-long commitment to you!

So you have been pretty much selling yourself your whole life, but you just didn’t know you were.

When it comes to selling in your business it really is 80% psychology and 20% mechanic’s that lead to a building a foundation of raving followers that turn into paying clients. Your mindset plays a massive part in how you run your business and how you sell to people.

I have spent over 11 years studying behaviour science, and I became a qualified psychologist in May 2007, and I am also a certified Life Coach and Certified saleswomen who has been in business for 13 years. So when you place the knowledge you have of human emotion with selling, it opens up a completely new door of selling.

Gone are the days of cold calling and knocking on doors and making random calls to people’s homes or talk them to death for 3 hours online in hope to buy your product and services. Human beings work through emotion, and everything we do or buy is through how it makes us feel.

We buy from who we trust and know. We place this trust in that person, and then when the service does not live up to the standards it was marketed we then feel disappointed and upset. We feel cheated after parting with our hard earned cash to pay for them goods or services.

To sell successfully from your online business through social media is a skill which takes practice, but once you have mastered the skills and incorporate it into your life on a daily basis, it becomes effortless. You then begin to build a strong foundation of raving fans and you create a leadership influence within your following. This leadership influence leads you to attract people and opportunities that you would never have before experienced.

However, back up a moment, before we can get you to the success you want to be in sales we first have to get passed the self-sabotage that we always do when we are on our road to selling in the online world.

So why you are self-sabotaging yourself over selling?

You are self-sabotaging yourself over selling because you don’t have the belief inside of you that you can sell well, and this is then making you nervous in front of your potential clients. This is projecting out of you onto your prospective client and they sense your uncomfortable energy.

So the first thing we really need to take a look at is raising your confidence in sales and there is an easy way to do this. We just have to convince your subconscious mind that you are indeed worthy of the sales you make.

So how do we convince you that you are worthy? Well, this can be easily achieved by daily affirmations which can change the belief systems that we operate from.

What are Affirmations?

An affirmation is spoken or written statement that is read daily which can complete transform your thoughts and make your belief systems shift to a whole new level. When using affirmations you speak of already achieving the goals you desire. Which then shifts the mind to that level of achievement and so you start to believe you are what you want to be.

When your mind shifts to this level the laws of the universe work in harmony with these new thoughts and draws everything to you that you need to become what it is you desire.

So basically if you read a simple paragraph of say 3 to 4 lines twice a day. You start to become what it is you truly want to be and believing you can be it. Before your very eyes, you will start attracting the things and people to yourself in order to make your goal possible.

If you use the same affirmation for 90 days and ready it constantly throughout your day, you will start to really see a drastic change in your thoughts.

Now to begin with you may think how can reading a sentence every day make me sell better?

Well In order for affirmations to work you need to place them somewhere that you will read them at least twice a day. I place my affirmations right in front of my desk in my office and I have one placed in my bathroom near my sink. This way I read them twice daily when I brush my teeth. In the whole time it takes me to brush my teeth I am repeating this paragraph over and over again. You need to have fun with it and turn it into a little game for yourself and see how many times you can read the paragraph in the time it takes you to brush your teeth. Then place other affirmations in places where you spend a lot of time, this could be at your desk, or in your car.

You need to place the affirmations in a visible place so that when you look straight at them you can read them and repeat them several times. This then starts to create new belief systems within your sub-conscious mind.

I want to really start making you believe that it is possible for you to become a top salesperson in your industry. Sales people who are in the top 20% and top 10 % of sales are there because they believe they can achieve whatever selling goal is possible. The top 20% of salespeople are very clear on how much they are going to earn that month and how many clients they are going to attract to them because they have already trained their sub-conscious mind to go seek it.

In an exercise I am going to share in this blog with you, we are going to use an affirmation that is used by the top 20% of salespeople in the world that helps them believe they are in fact they are the best sales people in the world and helps raise their confidence by making themselves BELIEVE they are the best sales people so that they become complete crystal clear and start to train their mind to become a better earner.

To strengthen that belief system of yours, we first need to train your subconscious mind so that your beliefs system starts to really become the best at what you do. You can do these easily by using this affirmation on a daily basis and repeating it over and over again out loud to yourself many many times over a day.

I have given you two affirmations below to use daily to raise your self-confidence and belief that you can become fantastic in sales. Repeat these affirmations daily for 90 days and then see the difference within your self-confidence levels.

Affirmation 1:
“I am in the top 20% of the best sales people in the world”
Affirmation 2:
“I am amazing and I am successful at everything I do”

Keep repeating these affirmations to yourself daily, 20-30 times daily to train your mind to become a better salesperson. Take courses in marketing and qualify as a sales person to help you understand how to master selling skills. This, plus, training your mind will have an amazing effect on you sell in your business.

Try it yourself, and leave the fear of selling behind!

Have an awesome Tuesday, and make it your best day yet!

Much Love

Kate xx

Let Go of the Guilt, You Deserve to be Paid!

Asking for payment can be so difficult when you are a new business owner. You feel guilty for asking for the money you have worked for and now asking the client to pay feels somewhat difficult and you feel guilty for taking the money from them.

Why do we feel like that? And how can we get around this so we feel better in the long run, and get paid on time? In this blog, I am going to really break down the feelings of that guilt and give you a few tips, plus some message guide templates that you can place in your messages/emails to clients if you need them.

Let’s start with the guilty feeling, why do we feel guilty when we ask for money?

All business owners feel nervous, anxious or not very confident of taking money from somebody at some stage in their lives. Especially if it’s a new program you are launching or you are a new coach on the scene. Yes, it can be nerve-wracking, but what you do need to consider is first writing your payment rules of what you will tolerate in business and what you won’t.

You really don’t want to come across to any potential client like a push over, so having them boundaries in place before you even take on your first client is going to lay the foundations of the service you provide. The guilty feeling is because you care and feel like you are taking away something from them and if you are hearing “I just can’t afford it” well this plays on your heart strings and you accept what they are saying to you.

1) You MUST start believing in yourself that you are indeed worth every penny that your service delivers. You provide a service and if that person is not going to pay you up front or in a payment plan with the first payment up front, then they really cannot be so serious about wanting your service or needing the change you provide. Move on to the next person that is serious and will pay you and save yourself pulling your hair out.

2) Pre-write all your “asking for payment” messages and emails and keep them in a word document so you can just copy and paste and send. If you are new to all of this online business stuff, then this will keep your doubt and guilt from winning. Creating emails/messages that are planned ahead of time, beats the guilt by you just copying and pasting and send without a 2nd thought.

What if you have no clue what to write in the first place?

1) There is many ways to communicate, the right way, and the wrong way. By doing it the right way, it’s more effective and will get the outcome you want.

2) Here are some templates to copy and paste and keep for yourself (YES! Really, take them!)

Template one:
Good morning (name of person), I hope you are very well this morning, thank you so much for placing your trust in me to help you with (whatever solution you give) I am so excited to get started with you. Please do let me know your email address to send out my invoice. I really look forward to our future journey together.

Have an amazing rest of your day!

Template Two:
Good morning (name of person),
I hope you are very well today, I am so looking forward to getting started with our project. So that we can start to move forward and make the magic in your life happen, please do let me know your email address to send out my invoice. I really look forward to our future journey together.

Have an amazing rest of your day!

Take both these templates and tweak to your heart desires and keep them placed on a word document and use them time and time again.

Asking is a skill, which takes practice and like a muscle in our bodies we have to build that muscle over time so that it becomes strong. Along with this asking skill needs to come the belief that you truly are worth the service you provide.

Lastly, let’s tackle when clients don’t pay you and keep making excuses not to pay you on payment plans, now what do you do?

This goes back to start of this blog and your rules, boundaries and placing strong foundations down, to begin with, and placing them all in your terms and agreements on your website, or in your contracts.

Let the rules be known before you set out to work together, that you will add late payment fees of anything from $49.99+ after 7 days of the payment not being paid, then a late payment every 5 days after that and when it gets to 28 days still without payment, then it goes straight to collections and you no longer deal with it. A collection company chases down the payment for you with a high risk of that client developing a black mark on their credit score.

You went into business to provide a service, a solution and to help people. If people are unable to stick to your boundaries then there is a lack of appreciation there from that person and you deserve better.

Stay strong, keep them feet of yours on the ground and know you are worth every penny you charge!

I hope this helps you today, have a wonderful Wednesday and make it your best day yet!

Much Love

Kate xx

Don’t Like Hearing The Truth? Then Don’t Speak to Me!

Every day and I mean every day! I receive messages from people all over the world.

So many people needing help, wanting to succeed and asking for my advice. How can I make this happen? how can I get through this? Can you help me? I am reaching out to you for help, I was wondering if you can help me?

And you know what 98% of these people don’t like? …My honesty! In fact, they despise it that much they come back at me with a defensive message or totally ignore me altogether. You see truth HURTS! It hurts so bad that we have to accept that the position we are in is not serving us very well at that moment in time.

Human beings have a tendency to 1) not ask for help and 2) When we do learn to ask we then have to learn to ACCEPT. Because what comes after asking maybe something we don’t wish to hear. When you ask, you receive, so working on them acceptance levels if you wish to ask in the first place is a MUST!

Don’t come to me if you are not prepared to hear the truth. There is most likely 100’s of people out there that will take your money off you, kiss your butt for doing so and place you on a program that will either become shelve-help or leave you still wondering why you have not got any further to your dreams 6 months later?

Not on my watch! I give you the blunt truth and say it how it is because I don’t have time to fanny dance around with people who are not serious about making a change in the world. If you want your butt wiping, then maybe am not the coach/teacher for you. I only work with truth warriors that are willing and prepared to work from their WHY with extreme passion and want for change and will implement what I teach them and they will gain results through applying what I teach them.

However, before I even consider working with anyone you first have to pass the first test to even get any further with me, and you want to know what that test is?

I watch how well you handle the truth in our first conversation. I watch how you react and see how well you accept the truth, to begin with, and that tells me everything. Your emotions and reactions tell me everything! How well you can accept and how well you communicate your help in the first place. When you are a trained psychologist and Life Coach, you cannot help BUT analyze human behavior science. There is always behavior patterns and after over 12 years of studying psychology, mindset and Life Coaching I have had many many years of understanding why people act the way they do.

Yet still one thing remains in behavior, and that is people are not great at accepting the truth. Have a think as you go forward on your journey today how you react when somebody tells you the truth about something?

Check in with yourself and become aware of how you are acting? Are you getting defensive as soon as the truth is told? Are you? Then maybe it’s time to work more on your acceptance levels.


Do you accept truth humbly and then thank the person for their advice and feedback? You do? Congratulations, you will go really far in this life for asking and being willing to accept, now it’s up to you to go away and implement that truth in order for you to gain results.

It all starts with truth, and if you can’t accept it, then please don’t ask me for it in the first place.

A deep and powerful thoughts for you to ponder over this Thursday,

Have a wonderful rest of your week, I can see the weekend and more house decorating from here….. Sighhhh 🙂

Big hugs,

Kate xx

Why I got It So WRONG! (and how to put it so right!)

Success is something that almost every person dreams about. Flashy cars, world travel, big house and piles of money in the bank. We want it all and we want it all NOW!

However, the road to success and true wealth is far from straight and easy. It takes a lot of work, tonnes of patience and a whole load of work on yourself to get there. Five years ago, when I set out on my self-discovery journey and had my eyes opened to The Law of Attraction by coming across my first ever positive thinking book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes, I thought this was it! I had found the formula to that mega-successful life and everyone who taught this in the book and the film said basically “Think positive thoughts and you will attract whatever you want”.

Ok, seems easy enough, right? WRONG! I had never been more wrong about anything in my life and The Secret was cleverly marketed as the platform it is so that you would go on to hire the coaches presented to us on that platform, that’s all it was.

Now, don’t get me wrong I am not here to bash Law of Attraction coaches or people who teach the laws of the universe. I simply want to host my new show Spiritual Success has a testament of my own life. What worked for me and what happened when I dug deeper down a rabbit hole so deep for nearly 6 years, that I came right back to where it all began with the spiritual being who created it all and wrote them laws in the first place.

Living by laws of the universe was NOT the answer to my broke bank account, bad habits and victimhood 6 years ago. It certainly wasn’t going to help me in any way possible. What was going to help me was changing my mindset daily and facing a whole lot of demons about myself and facing the truth? The day you can comfortably look at your reflection in the mirror and truly know that you have ridden your past demons, forgiven yourself and everybody who has hurt you and understand that you were created for a specific purpose and that every one of them experiences was supposed to make you into the person you are today, then you start to begin to understand that nobody is to blame for any of it.

Then when you have got to that point of accepting all of that, you then start to see that all along there were rules that you were supposed to live by. Rules that were left on this planet more than 4,000 years ago, only along that 4,000 years, people choose to ignore them or abuse them for their own power, which led to people living blindly while running on a hamster wheel of life and blaming everybody else and everything else for their circumstances.
I wanted to share with you what has worked for me for the past 15 months. What I experienced to begin with, which lead me what I am about to teach you and how learning it affected my life and how it felt like I was learning to walk again. I hope by fetching this show to you with my co-host Kim B.Smith, that it really helps guide you on your journey and teaches you also to walk again.

This first show is based on the tests we have in life, is life one big test?
*What do I need to do to succeed in life?
*How can I build wealth?
*How can I really get the lifestyle I desire?
*Why are all these things happening to me at once?

Find out on today’s show with myself and my co-host Kim Boudreau Smith on HOW you can get through that test and be promoted to where you want to be!

Please do feel free to comment below and share to help touch somebodies life today!
Them too, like you, may need to hear this message today!

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Kate’s website:

Don’t Like Me? That’s ok, Because I Really Don’t Care If You Don’t

There is going to be times on your journey to living out your dreams that you will come into contact with people that will try to pull you down, tell you that you’re doing it all wrong, possibly tell you your full of yourself and ask “Who the heck to you think you are?”.

My friend, please don’t take any of this to heart and never believe what people say to you. Taking the journey to making your dreams become reality is HARD FRICKING WORK! That takes tonnes of passion, time and blood, sweat and tears.

It is the hardest road you will every walk and be the toughest thing you every achieve in life. You will have to face things that you don’t like about yourself and drop all victimhood, complaining, bitching, excuse making and tantrums to get it done. So, the last thing you need is to care that somebody does not like you for the way you do things.

One of the toughest things we have to accept on this journey is “What anybody thinks of you is none of your business”. Once you develop this belief in your mind and keep it growing, you will find worrying, anxiety and everything else will fade away the more you work on this belief to make it stronger.

So how can you do this?

Well, that is easy, you just repeat this sentence many many times over (out loud) during the day for the next 60 days and watch how your mind switches from worrying what everybody thinks about you, to not really giving two furry bunnies and not caring.

“What anybody thinks of you is none of my business”.

Keep reading it out loud to yourself and sow this seed into yourself daily. The only thing standing between you and worrying what others think about you right now is you repeating the sentence above and 60 days of speaking it.

Now, there is the other option of doing nothing, caring what everybody thinks about you and letting the toxic comments of others grind you down to nothing until you want to give up completely on your dreams.

Trust me I use to care too much about what people thought about me once upon a time and I suffered from it immensely until I started to work on my mindset and belief system and understand that with a little work and action each day with repeating such words as above, I could completely change my thought pattern completely and stop driving myself nuts with old beliefs.

Your mind is one amazing creation, and it can be changed and given a makeover with completely new beliefs, which then trigger new emotions and actions you never thought possible. Let’s start today with this one and create a 60-day challenge to not letting bad comments get to you.

Print out the sentence: “What anybody thinks of you is none of my business” and place it somewhere like your bathroom, or a place you spend most the time in a morning. While you are brushing your hair, teeth or grooming yourself in the morning. Keep your eyes on that sentence and repeat, repeat and repeat some more.

Let’s sow a new seed to you believing in yourself more and not caring what others think about you!

Have a wonderful Monday, let’s make the next 60 days mean something!

Much love and appreciation

Kate xx

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Move So You Can Flourish

There comes a time on our self-discovery journey where we have to move to flourish. We have to re-locate to thrive at our best and surround ourselves with different sights, sounds and people to excel at our true capacity.

Where I live right now, I have lived here for 22 years and never asked to be moved here. I came to live her at the age of 15 years old when my mother divorced her 2nd husband and ran off with his best friend. Here I remained for 22 years and went on to have my children, build my first business and became a working single mother of two amazing children.

20 years later that reality has somewhat changed and now my children are adults and I am a grandmother to Rosie and our baby angel David. It is now time for me to relocate to flourish at my full capacity, to completely detach myself from everything and leave the town that I never asked to live in. When I say everything, I mean everything!

I am taking a few suitcases and boxes and either selling or giving away EVERYTHING! To re-start my life over with my partner Matthew and start to design the new home, in the new town just how WE had DREAMED. Not how somebody else wants it, not how it “just happened to be” and not because we ended up somewhere because of others.

This is mine and Matthew’s chance to create the life we have always wanted. With this big major shift in mind, there is a lot of emotions and there is a lot of processing for my mind to do. The doubtful questions have sprung in with their niggles of “Are you doing the right thing?”, and “What about the kids?” .. Blah blah blah and the other crap that the devil like to swirl around your brain to keep you stuck.

If there is one thing that losing a grandchild has taught me, is that life is extremely precious and we cannot take any of it for granted. What raising two amazing children has taught me, is that in my hour of need and confusing doubts going through my mind, they were there for me delivering the right words that I needed to hear.

“Mum, you only live once and if you don’t do this now, then you may live to regret it” ..BOOM! Wise young adults!

The two people I held on for so long, give me the confirmation I needed to spread my wings and fly. Fly to relocate so that I can flourish and build their legacy.

Now, you may be thinking that 22 years is a heck of a long time! Why didn’t she move earlier? That is because I didn’t live by strict spiritual principles like I do now. I didn’t start my self-discovery journey until nearly 6 years ago and I didn’t know the meaning of life then, and nor did I understand the mighty power we live under and how living by them spiritual rules the right way can change your life forever.

For many many years, I kept getting them wrong, so I remained stuck. Stuck because I was getting placed right back at square one and not truly understanding why? Oh, how amazing clarity is and understanding how to do it all the right way.

And how do you know you are doing it the right way? Because your life starts to transform before your very eyes and extremely quickly. You start to understand how you have played the game of life wrong for so long and you learn to walk all over again. Play by the rules and you get rewarded, break them and you get punished and placed back at the square where you are broke, sick, frustrated, funding an expensive hobby not a business, and falling apart from a huge blow life.

Peter 5:6

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you,

The above sentence changed my life in December 2015 and it completely explains why my life is so completely different today. It explains why I am about to move 200 miles away to a beautiful town and flourish has I build my legacy for generations to come.

I had to humble myself under the mighty power of God, live by his rules and understand what happens when I don’t. Then at the appropriate time, not my time, the time that I had to serve true as a true servant to him and his people, HE would then rise me up. Not my sister, not my brother, not my aunt… HIM!

So, now the decision has been made, the true servant (me) has risen and now it’s time for me to move so I can flourish! If you read this blog and think “She has gone nuts”, then that is completely fine, because I use to be that way, until I learnt the true understanding of living by powerful spiritual principles that WORK!

I will keep you updated on my move and look forward to sharing my amazing life transforming journey with you.

Have an awesome Tuesday, 

Much Love

Kate xx

P.S) Issue 2 of The Missing Piece Magazine is NOW available, click here for details