Why Chasing Success Will Kill You!

Aahhhh the sweet smell of success! The constant reminders every two minutes in our Facebook feeds with sponsored ads flashing out their promises of teaching you how to make 6 figures in 6 minutes and having a freedom lifestyle.

Selling to your heart desires and triggering your emotions by using clever marketing tactics, these ads forget to mention the ball breaking hard work and daily application of what it really takes to build strong foundations in a business that will stay standing for generations to come.

They forget to mention the MASSIVE risks you have to take, the responsibility you have to shoulder along the way and how you have to completely transform your personality in order to transform your reality…..Yeah! They kinda forget to mention the REAL hard work part.

So, instead, people fall hook line and sinker into the ads and walk blindly into what’s about to come. They start implementing what is taught to them and it starts to succeed and they have a rush of success and money, and SUDDENLY out of nowhere like a thief in the night, WHAMMMMMMMM!!! … You are hit with huge blows!

Suddenly you have a tonne of responsibility, you have a payroll to your staff to pay, you have so many people looking to you to make MASSIVE decisions every day in order to keep things moving. The anxiety burns up in your chest and throat, you feel like you have to work bigger, faster, quicker, stronger, longer each week.

I mean, after all, you have a reputation and staff to keep right?…… But then suddenly! You start to feel like you are stuck on this God forsaken hamster wheel, what have you created? This isn’t living your passion! This is working stupid hours each week with tonnes of responsibility and people to lead and answer to and you are making less an hour then you worked in corporate???

Nobody mentioned this in the course I signed up for??????…. Nobody mentioned in their shiny Facebook advert that I would be freaking and pulling my hair out by the end of the year! How the f**k am I suppose to handle all this? .. (then your immune system takes a beating) and before you know it you are hit with many illnesses, sometimes one after the other or all at once. What the f**k happen on this journey? Why did nobody warn me about this? Why does it same like one thing after another is against me? …. I JUST DONT GET IT! THIS IS NOT LIVING YOUR PASSION, THIS IS SLOW DEATH TORTURE!!!!!!!

Yes, I hear you! I hear every single question you are asking, why? Because I was that person. I totally experienced the above (and a whole load more) on my journey of building my international publishing company. Within 10 months I was riding my way to 7 figures, had a full team and assistants for my every need and was working with TV personalities, award winning film directors and News readers to help publish and market their books to best seller status. I helped over 350 clients hit the best sellers list in under 3 years and had 18 best selling books of my own under my belt, along with bad health, declining passion and a human body that had turned into a robot that was running a hamster wheel and shouldering masses of responsibility that was wearing me down to zero!

Was I really doing this for others? Or was I feeding my big fat ego to feel like a somebody? To feel important and to be idolized? … Was I really seeing that my business foundations were built on chasing success rather than building a legacy?

I was so BLIND! I was chasing success and it was killing me, far from softly! It was killing me harshly every single day! .. I had NOBODY telling me in every training course I did, in every program I signed up for, in every book I would read, and every session with every coach I had, I had NOBODY teaching me the powerful grounded principles that I would need to learn in order to build strong foundations that will build a legacy of a life time. Nobody shared that with me when they were taking money from my credit card…. NONE!

It’s something I had to learn myself and it came to me one day 2 years ago and hit me like a gigantic piece of wood around the head! SLAM! … There I lay in bed with a bad infection in my lungs and unable to climb the stairs without practically coughing up a lung watching a speaker on a Youtube video, I have no idea why I was drawn to her that day, I just decided to watch this particular video and her words hit me. It was in that moment my eyeballs opened wide and I said OH MY GOSH! I had been doing it WRONG for so LONG!

She repeated the same sentence twice, and each time my hair stood up on end and my goosebumps doubled in size on my arms. This was a massive revelation! I could see for the first time in years what I had been doing wrong. Why I was knackered, ill and completely drained! Why all this stuff was happening to me, and what I had to do to put it so right.

Within 24 hours of watching that video, I made the biggest decision in the world, that was to walk away from the publishing company, let my team go and place myself and my health first. I took 5 months away from the online industry and spent that time just being a mum, wife, grandma and spirituality student. I studied daily and continued to look after myself and my health started to improve along with me gaining my strength back daily.

I woke up one morning to the vision of creating an online digital magazine, I had zero clue how to create it or make it happen and no idea how to design a magazine, let alone have a team to hand to do it. I just knew I had to create the vision that God had planted in my mind… So I did.

The Missing Piece Magazine was born on January 17th, 2017, it has saved people’s lives, help people move forward from even the toughest of situations and it has a team of 31 amazing coaches from all across the world who write and create articles on a monthly basis to help others. We have grown from strength to strength and have over 14,000 followers on social media and subscribers who love our content so much! Because it changes lives!

So what really did peel me back up off that floor when I needed it the most? What did that woman say on that YouTube video to enable me to be the tower of strength?? .. What was it?

Her words were “So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor.”
~ 1 Peter 5:6

BOOM! There it was! … We can chase success as much as we like, but until HE decides you’re worthy, you will be going around in circles for centuries. Until YOU really start to understand strong spiritual principles and live by them, study them and become them every single day, then you will be STILL going around in circles for centuries.

Now, before you start with the “She is a religious nut job” judgement, I spent my childhood growing up in a pagan household, made a tonne of mistakes in my 20’s and was a drug addict and self-harming by the time I was 25. After I stopped taking drugs at 25 I hit the bottle and depended on alcohol for another 10 years, which lead to 1 domestic violence relationship after another. Until I took my journey to self-discovery and faced all my demons of my past abuse in childhood and adulthood. I thought I knew quite a lot considering how far I had come on my journey of self-discovery and my success, but the truth was I knew SHIT, and I had YET MORE to learn.

The past two years have been truly an amazing growth period and I have learned what it REALLY takes to succeed in business to leave a legacy and what it really takes to equip others with the true principles of building a strong foundation in your life and business… I am living proof!

Next year (2018) myself and my business partner Kim B.Smith will start to teach these principles to people in events all across the globe and hosting a powerful retreat once a year!

I am so excited for what is to come and to finally shine a beacon of light upon all the business owners in the world, who like me once upon a time felt like they were drowning and have zero clues why?

It’s time for this to be taught, it’s time for people to build legacies and love every minute of it!

It’s great to be back from vacation after marrying my awesome partner! And thank you so much for taking time to read reading this!

God Bless, your friend for this journey,

Kate xx

3 Elements to Boost Positive Self-Esteem

by Trilby Johnson – Author and Body Energy Alchemist.

Writer for The Missing Piece Magazine

Self-Esteem is very much a question of connection. In my experience, it’s first and foremost about the connection you have with yourself. It’s how you think about yourself and feel about yourself! It’s also the manner in which you talk to and about yourself.

For many years I struggled with low self-esteem. In fact, I basically hated myself and my life was miserable because of this. I believed what others had told me about myself and it hurt. What hurt so much, was that I knew deep down inside that all of that simply wasn’t true – and yet I let myself down.

For me to get from that place of not liking or loving myself at all, to a place where I had a higher level of self-esteem, took a while and a lot of honest introspection. So in this issue, I want to share with you, 3 of the elements that I consciously chose to add to my life and which helped me to boost a higher and healthier sense of self-esteem.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

  1. Element of Self-Love

Having been someone who didn’t love myself very much, I can guarantee you that Loving Yourself is the most important thing you will even do. Not only for yourself – also for the other people in your life.

Then, it’s about how you connect to others in ways that either support or disempower your level of self-esteem. The reason is that, when you truly love yourself and allow yourself to be who you truly are – the good, the bad, the ugly and all the other bits – you are a Gift – to everybody you know and meet!  You can be confident. You can let go of the doubt, guilt and shame – all of which were probably not yours to begin with.

It took me a long time – through depression, abusive relationships and situations, suicidal tendencies and many low and dark moments – until I realized that all I really wanted, was to love myself.

So please give your permission today, if you are not yet there, to LOVE YOURSELF. It is soooo important!

Self-esteem is a by-product of loving yourself and not vice-verse. So make sure your are not missing out on this crucial boosting element.

  1. Element of Worth

I have worked with so many people, who believe that they are not enough. I know how that feels – I used to be like that. They believe that if they try harder or hard enough, if they give more, if they behave in a certain way, that finally they would be enough … and be worthy of other people’s praise, love, approval, or something else.

I have witnessed it and felt it myself – the huge sense of relief that comes with finally accepting and knowing that I am enough already. That I am worthy. And with this, the knowing that we are all worthy!!!

There is nothing to prove, despite that so many of us have been duped into believe it is something to be achieved or earned. The problems arise when we start to doubt or are led astray by other’s opinions and when we think that we have to DO something to Be Enough. We are enough . . . evident in the fact that Life itself has given us Life. We are enough!

So please, choose to know that you are worthy. This choice will add and boost your self-esteem.

  1. Element of Safety

This may surprise many people – I know it did me, when I realized that not feeling safe had a huge impact on my sense of self-esteem. Many of us are so afraid of the judgement of others. Perhaps even more so and subconsciously, we are afraid of our own judgement. I don’t know about you, but I have often been my harshest and most unforgiving critic!

I can remember the acute sense of relief I experience when I finally let go of judging myself and wanting to control everything … aahhhhh … it was amazing! I began to feel safe.

When you feel safe, you feel okay when you make mistakes. It feels safe even when you don’t always know exactly what to do, all of the time. It feels safe for you to be You – with or without other people’s approval.

When you don’t feel safe, worthy nor love yourself, these mindsets create a gravitational pull to everything ‘out there’ that matches these lower states of self-esteem. Life will serve you up the very things you fear. Life will show you perhaps adversely where you need to boost your levels of love, worthiness and feeling safe.

Safety is an inner state of being. Yes, you can live in a dangerous places – I’ve done that – and even in these situations, you can still feel safe. You can begin by claiming I love myself, I am enough and I am worthy, I am always safe! Even if at first you don’t quite believe or feel it completely. Claiming and declaring these will boost your self-esteem no end.

This does not mean there will not be days that are difficult nor that you will not have dips in your self-esteem. Simple no longer feed them and soon you will find yourself bouncing back. You will begin to enjoy the benefits of high self-esteem like feeling more confident, happier, healthier and more successful in your daily endeavours.

YOU are your most priceless and valuable commodity! Believe in yourself and your self-esteem will follow. Boost it daily with thoughts, words and feelings of  love, worth and safety that will provide you with a healthy and loving connection and web of self-esteem.

Thank you so much for reading, much love

Trilby xx

Trilby Johnson
Author, Speaker and Body Energy Alchemist
Connect The Essence of Who You Truly Are!
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Written By Doneane Beckcom

When people meet me for the first time and learn about who I am, what all I do, and my many accomplishments, they have no idea that I ever struggled with self-esteem, stemming from being bullied from middle school all the way through college. My parents were wonderful at instilling in me the drive to succeed and that I could do anything I set my mind to; however, being bullied by people who were supposed to be my friends tore me down and made me feel self-conscious of my physical appearance.

I was one of those girls who was a very late bloomer. I shot up to 5’7” at about age 12, but I only weighed about 80 pounds and had no shape whatsoever. I towered over both the girls and boys from 6th grade until about 8th grade when they all started to catch up. But, when all of my girlfriends were starting to look more like women, I looked like a tall, skinny little boy. Even into high school, I still was thin and had no womanly curves whatsoever. Even my girlfriends made fun of me (I remember my best friend at the time telling me “something is wrong with you!”), and of course as the boys’ thoughts turned sexual, many of them chimed in also. This followed me all the way through my senior year in college, when it was mostly the young men who continued to taunt me. The last football season of my college years, when I was proud and honored to be the very first female Drum Major of our famed marching band, the band fraternity got together and bought me a big pair of fake plastic boobs and unveiled them after half time at the last game. I was mortified. I was a good sport though, and donned them as I conducted the fight song one last time. Whomever has pictures of this debacle I sure hope they have burned them by now!

When I left college and moved away, the feeling of looking inadequate as a young woman still haunted me, even though I was no longer being teased and bullied by anyone. I found out that I had some hormonal issues and suffered from fibrocystic breast disease, which had affected the growth of breast tissue and caused reproductive issues for me. After some treatment with medications, I opted to have a surgical procedure which removed about half of the breast tissue I had at the time (which was not much, I was not even an A cup at the time) and replaced it with implants. Of course, because of having been teased for so many years, I opted to have larger implants so that I would look “normal.” It was nothing drastic, I had a wonderful reconstructive surgeon who understood my concerns and made me look proportional and natural (I ended up as a small C cup which was perfect for my frame). I was finally happy with the way I looked and no longer concerned that anyone would tease me about my chest.

That surgery was 30 years ago. But when I think back on the people who taunted me and the things that were said, it is as if it was yesterday. Although it was partially medically necessary, it was also mental and cosmetic for me. And it is a shame that I had to feel that way about my appearance based on what other people said and did. And out of all of the many people who participated in the teasing through the years, only one of them ever apologized. It was a college guy, he was friends with my boyfriend at that time (who did not step up to defend me when his “brothers” taunted me, and yes I kicked him to the curb quickly!) and he tearfully confessed how horrible he felt for the things he had done and said to me and asked for forgiveness. Of course I accepted his apology and forgave him, but what about all those others who said and did awful things? Do they ever think about the 12-year-old girl or young college-aged woman they teased and how it made her feel? Were they bullied also and that is why they lashed out at me? These are things that I still ponder on occasion, especially when I hear about a young woman or man harming themselves because of being bullied. My daughter lost a close friend to suicide when they were only 13 years old, he had been bullied by other boys in the locker room and killed himself when he lost hope that no one would make them stop. He is only one of many that we hear about all over the world who lose hope because of being bullied.

So what is the take away here? First, if you have been bullied and your self esteem has been trampled upon, know that it is not your fault. Seek help from a trusted friend or a counselor if you cannot shake the feelings of inadequacy that bullying can manifest in your thoughts. Next, if you are a parent of a young child, start early in not only uplifting them, but also teaching them not to tease others and to tell an adult if they know someone is being teased or bullied. Innocent teasing can hurt just as bad as intentional bullying. Had my parents not been so supportive and uplifting of me, always assuring me that I was beautiful and smart and could do anything, I cannot imagine how things may have been different. Last and most important, if you suspect or know that your child (or a friend of your child) has been bullied, step in! Get to the bottom of it, request a meeting with teacher, counselor, parent of the bully, anyone and everyone in order to stop and correct the behavior. Some children may not reach out to a parent or other adult, but may reach out to your child, so if your child tells you about another child being bullied, please step in. You may be the only adult who does anything about it and prevents tragedy from happening.

Self esteem can be fragile. Handle with care, always, whether it is yours or that of someone else. Once damaged, it can be very difficult to repair and may take years to overcome the pain. Even those of us who appear strong and like we “have it all together” on the outside can still be the hurt and scared child who was bullied years ago.

Thank you so much for reading, much love

Doneane Beckcom
CEO, Bold Radio Station
Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Fitness Nutrition Consulting, LLC

Are you sleeping with the enemy?

When I ask if you are sleeping with the enemy, I am really asking if you are giving into doubt?

Enemy, ego, darkness, doubt, bitch in the attic, or whatever you choose to call the niggling voice at the back of your mind that keeps trying to talk you out of making your dreams come true.

To me it’s the enemy, the darkness, otherwise, also know as Lucifer/ the Devil to the majority of the world. The one that prowls among us to turn ourselves against each other and ourselves. Yes, him!

We all have to battle him, including me. YES! Me! Even I have days when I have to wrestle him off my shoulder and have my soul roar from deep down inside and shout “I can and I will make this happen! and you will never stop me!”

The deeper your journey goes into spirituality, you will start to understand the good vs evil and the full story behind it all. Why doubt controls you? Why are dreams stopped? Why do people turn against each other? Why people self-sabotage themselves?

And it all comes down to one thing, the fact that you give in and let yourself be seduced by the enemy, ego, darkness, doubt, bitch in the attic, or whatever you choose to call the niggling voice at the back of your mind. You give in and let him seduce you into that way of thinking and before you know it BAM! He’s won! And a dream dies, along with part of your soul with it.

When you don’t live to your fullest, or you don’t carry out the dreams that you had sown into you when you were created. You live a life of regret which eats away at your soul. Which makes you feel like you missed out on “the good life” because you give into to that voice and let him have control over you.

To enable you to move forward with your self-discovery/spirituality journey you have to learn to stand your ground with this. Start recognising when it’s happening and be completely adamant that you won’t be seduced into negative thinking or giving up before you haven’t even started.

You can do this by choosing to be a chicken or a lion! Why a chicken or a lion? Let me explain:

A Lion: Knows it’s boundaries, has high self-respect, does not bow to man, is strong, independent and hunts for his own food. Knows his limits and you know when he roars because you can hear it for miles! And when he’s pissed, boy you would seriously DUCK!

A Chicken: Runs at the slightest noise, has no balls, flaps at the slightest bit of trouble, runs in the other direction, never faces danger head on, waits for someone to fetch food to him, hides under a bush and large things pop out it’s ass.

The question is which would you rather be known for?

It’s time to stand your ground and become the person you were created to be. Stop hiding behind fear and start to understand that you were made to stand boldly to face everything that presents it’s self to you. You are a leader, a business owner, a provider of a service that people require.

You cannot be all of that if you continue to keep sleeping with the enemy. Find your Lion voice and roar!

Until next time, have an amazing rest of your week,

Much Love

Kate xx



Oh, How Far I Have Come!



The past 7 days have been really extreme for me to say the least! You know when you have them moments of “Oh my gosh! Look how far I have come” moments?

Well, that was me this week. I watched a real life drama that told the story of a young woman who was beaten to death by her boyfriend while her 3-year-old daughter watched. This really placed me back to where I was 7 years ago, and how freaking LUCKY I am to be alive today!

I was in an abusive relationship in my early 30’s, which nearly cost me my life. The stress of that relationship caused me to develop anxiety disorder, which resulted from me in having huge panic attacks—one panic attack resulted in a stroke, which paralysed the right side of my body for two months afterwards. So to sit there and watch another person’s story and the fact she never made it out alive was EXTREME! I had a moment where I was shocked that I had come this far and was still alive.

Watching another person’s story took me back to the times when my ex would come home from the pub and sit at the end of my bed for two hours and give me of verbal torture, then he would then fall asleep into a beer coma next to me until morning. There were many times when I woke up in the morning wet through because he had wet the bed at the side of me. He would drink so much that he wouldn’t even get up to go to the bathroom, and just lay there and peed himself instead. One evening, when I suggested that he should slow down with his drinking because I was afraid he may have a drinking problem, he launched across the room and grabbed me by the neck and pushed my back up against the wall. He started squeezing my throat tighter and tighter and I panicked, thinking he was going to kill me. Finally, he slackened his grip and I fell to the floor, gasping for breath.

The ladies story took me back to my own, and the next morning I cried my eyes out. Not because I was upset, or because my life is bad in any way. I cried with massive appreciation in my heart that I now live with one amazing, loving man who will be my husband in only 10 weeks time. That I have a business that I love and a family that is so beautiful and precious in every way. I cried because I had completely changed my life around from the life I had only 7 and the half years ago!

I cried because I am so lucky compared to so many people in relationships who aren’t so lucky. The ones that don’t make it to even write a blog like this to share with you because their partner took their life. Having this huge awakening this week completely knocked me for six and I had to take time out for me to process all of this. Plus, yet another terrible incident happening in London this week where a whole tower block of people lost their homes, lost their loved ones and had to stand there and watch everything their own go up in flames.

All this and starting my new college course in addiction counselling and starting with my new coach was so much to take in and process all in one week. So when there is a lot to process it only means one thing for me. Take 5, process it all, recharge and then come back ready to face the world like a lion once more. If you don’t give yourself process time then your brain will overload and you could end up completely drained.

We always have to remember we are only human and breakthroughs, learning and situations in the world can have a massive impact upon you. And that’s ok, but just be honest with yourself and notice when you do need to process, and respect yourself enough time to allow that process to happen.

If I was to pretend to you that shit never happened to me, or that I didn’t need time to process all that has hit me in one week, wouldn’t I be really bullshitting you? I would be setting a fake stage by saying “Growth is easy” … Mmmmm no it isn’t! It’s far from freaking easy, and your followers will appreciate you so much more if you actually admit it!

So this is my confession list to you today:

  • I cried this week because I am lucky to have all abusive relationships behind me and be still alive.
    I have a new and amazing coach and she taught me more in one week than I learnt in 2 years!
    The London tower fire made my heart heavy for those who have lost everything.
    I am a college student working towards a Diploma in Addiction coaching and loving it!
    I brought Matthew (future husband) to tears with his father’s day gift.
    I am a human being and needed the time out yesterday to process everything from this week.
    I am really really really appreciative of my life and YOU.

It’s been one heck of a journey to get here today, but I wouldn’t change any part of it. I will continue on this journey of growing The Missing Piece Magazine so that people like myself on a growth journey can have access to a powerful tool for FREE! So that they have to hand everything they need to work through them moments of processing. So they too don’t feel completely blinded by all the “perfection” that is placed before them in the world.

It can be so easy to follow somebody who makes it all look easy, who really does not tell you half of what they actually go through behind the scenes and to me that’s just complete rubbish and setting a fake high standard that you will never in a million years reach, or die trying. Growth is far from easy, it’s just freaking worth it!

This journey is never about how far you have yet to go, it’s about how far you have come already. Every other day from here on is just another bonus of you going further. As we go into the weekend take time for yourself and your own processing of this week. Tomorrow is the release of issue 6 of The Missing Piece Magazine and in this month’s issue, we are looking at The Laws of the Universe. what are they? Who wrote them? What are they all about? Do they work? and so much more will be answered inside with powerful articles and interactive video articles.

This is your chance to process some of the powerful knowledge in this month’s issue from all our 30 coaches and Plus an Exclusive Interview with our cover guy Mark Baker and so much more. Place your name and email address in the sign-up box below and issue 6 will be delivered straight to your inbox tomorrow.

So, until next time have a wonderful weekend and make this day your best day yet!

Kate xx

Today I Want to Make You Think Differently About Death

I want to talk about something today that a lot of people won’t talk about, and that is the subject of death.

Why is that death seems to be more of a taboo subject than hardcore sex? It’s like it’s more acceptable to talk about what society calls “not normal” rather than talk about the most natural thing on the planet. And before you shoot me down for saying sex isn’t the most natural thing on the planet, it is in my mind, I am just stating what “Society” thinks.

Let’s face it, nobody gets out of life alive right? We all die, we all leave this body to turn back into the earth and our spirit leaves our body to join the spirit world. But, the issue is that when somebody does die or we lose somebody, yes it’s sad and we miss them dearly, but what really places a bee in my bonnet is the way death is embraced.

Let me explain what I mean to you, my grandson David was born sleeping on November 2016, he didn’t make it to this life and died in his mother’s (my daughter’s) womb during labour. After he was born I spent 4 hours with him, washed him, dressed him and held his tiny body until he was cold to the touch.

After experiencing this huge loss nobody knew what to say to me. It was like I was suddenly being avoided because people just didn’t know what to say. As we can understand the death of a child, or anyone for that matter is a huge devastating blow for anybody, and yes I understand it’s not easy to find the words to express your support to somebody who has just lost someone. However, I want to change the way you think and act around people who have lost somebody, why? Because I am a coach, that’s what I do. I find the missing pieces of life and put them in place, and what I noticed missing on my journey of grief was feeling isolated and not feeling like I could talk about David.

Feeling like every time I mentioned his name people felt uncomfortable and this natural reaction from them left me feeling out in the cold and feeling like I should shut up and never mention him again. This natural reaction that has been placed into us from a very early age to reject death needs to stop, or perceptions need to change and we also need to understand that grief never goes away it just changes form.

So, yes we go through the sorrow part and the loss and feel so heavy hearted, but as we go through the journey of grief we feel a need to talk about the person who passed. We want to remember the great times, the memories that are treasured forever, only with such a bad reaction to death, how can we every move through the next phase of our grief if the world only has a perception of “I don’t want to talk about this”.

Yet, on another note, they would talk opening about sex? Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but death comes to us all and like sex, it’s the most natural thing on the planet. So why can we not change our conditioning and belief about death as well?

The next time somebody starts to talk about somebody they have lost, please take into account that they are on a journey of grief and loss and it goes through stages and they will get to a stage where they wish to share things about the person who died. They want to talk about them because they did exist, and if you are a person who has shut people off before because talking about death or lost ones make you feel uncomfortable, then maybe this blog post will change your acceptance levels and next time you will embrace somebodies conversation about the one they lost.

So they can feel wanted, comfortable in your presence and feel like you want to hear what they have to say and keep the person’s memory alive. Losing David had really changed the person I have become for great reasons because now I see from the other side why people who have lost children feel so out in the cold and have to be around other’s that have lost children too. It’s because has a society we have got so great at shutting the death subject out that we leave the people on the grief journey out in the cold too.

My conversations with my daughter about David, tidying up his grave and sharing thoughts and insight with each other is our “normal” and we have to accept that, I just hope you can make it your acceptance along this journey and let the rejection go to allow those who lose people feel like they can speak about the person who was a part of their lives, even if it was for a very short time like me.

A deep thought to leave you with this Friday,

Much love & Appreciation

Kate xx

How My Decision to Work Less, Earn More Can Help You!

That sounds like everybody’s dream right? To work less, earn more. It’s what we all dream about, the freedom lifestyle that we desire to be the end goal of the crazy journey that we started out, to begin with.

Only, the truth quickly slaps us in the face with how much hard work really goes into success and before you know it you are superglued to your desk and never seeing sunlight or totally overwhelmed by how much work is involved in running a successful company.

Maybe you are the other end of the spectrum like me, who decided long ago to work less and earn more. Maybe you have made every mistake in the book like me and was completely overworked and under appreciated at one stage in your business that at one point you said screw this I am done! “I am going to work less, earn more instead”.

My life has never been so much calmer since I retired from publishing consulting and I love the new found freedom it has given me to now take on my first property development project. The house and the magazine are such a pleasure to work on and even working on both together have still cut my old work hours in half!

It’s so liberating and freeing when you take charge of your life and transition into the next stage of your purpose. It took me many years of frustration, stress and mini breakdowns to understand that those who chase success fail. Those that don’t plan will perish, and those that chase a fantasy end up on their backside without a dime to scratch their butt with.

Learning and understanding new rules to live by completely changed my life and business and after learning this new way of living for over 15 months, I wanted to start sharing my experiences with you. So I teamed up with my work colleague and best friend, Kim B. Smith.

Mine and Kim’s journey have been truly astounding together and almost mirror image experiences. Even though myself and Kim live thousands of miles apart on opposite sides of the world, we sure have endured an immense journey together. We have both learnt the true meaning of success and experienced all highs and lows, even the tough! We have learnt how to walk all over again and live by a whole set of different rules that if you live by your own life will change right before your very eyes.

Kim and I wanted to share these experiences in our new show call Spiritual Success. By sharing our own experiences of what we have lived and learned may just help you move towards that lifestyle you have always dreamed about. We hope that in sharing this we can help you find your missing pieces to the life you SHOULD be living and not the life that is leaving you to feel empty from chasing the hamster wheel.

If you didn’t  get the chance to watch the introduction to the show, then do click here to be transferred over to The Missing Piece Magazine Facebook page where you can get an insight to what we are going to be fetching to you twice a week, every week.

At the moment the shows are pre-recorded live, but we are working on how to fetch them to you live and take callers questions too. I hope by sharing mine & Kim’s past experiences, knowledge and wisdom we can help you move forward to working so much more less and getting paid what you deserve.

Have a beautiful start to your week!

Much Love

Kate xx

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Frustrated With Your Progress? Then You Need to Read This!

Don’t tell me? You have that burning feeling in the pit of your stomach that keeps rising up to the top of your head and making you fall out with yourself because you are not where you want to be right now? 

That my friend is called frustration.

You are frustrated because you feel you should be further then you are right now? You feel with everything you know and have learnt up to this stage and have been through, you should be further on your journey right now. Does this sound like what you are experiencing right now?

Let me tell you why you are not further than you wish to be right now. This is because the journey you have taken has been full of mistakes, and you have not stuck to the rules and somebody else way above your head is deciding you are not ready yet. I am not talking the human kind, I am talking the divine kind.

If you are a spiritual person you know only too well there are universal laws, scripture, rules and other things we have to learn on our journey. These rules, laws and scripture were put in place to really help us understand the real way of doing things. They were put in place for us to learn, guide us and create a mass understanding that if we do things a certain way guess what? We reap the results.

What you reap you sow, which basically teaches us that your own results are coming from the seeds you are planting in the first place and what rate of excellence you are planting them at. Nobody is responsible for your results apart from you, so it’s game over blaming anyone else for frustrations of your own progress. The frustration that comes from our own emotion is a result of us wanting more, but really we didn’t do what it took to get the results in the first place.

So, really, you are right where you are supposed to be and nothing will change that until you change the seed you are planting. Trust me, every day I learn WHY I made so many past mistakes and every day I understand HOW to be a better me and play by the rules that I got so wrong countless of times.

I also learnt that frustration was just me stamping my feet like a spoilt brat not wanting to take responsibility and looking to blame outside circumstances. When really? If I had just paid more attention to the rules and lived by them better and planted better seeds with more excellence, I would have actually been at this stage in my business and life YEARS AGO!

Except I didn’t, and I was right where I was supposed to be with my creator (in my case God) keeping me where I was (in the naughty corner) until I learnt, understood and grew up that little be more.

We live in an orderly universe and everything is how it should be because everything is a result of what we have created. Just by paying that little bit more attention each day and learning how to plant them seeds of excellence, will actually place you on to the road of completely different results.

However, first, you have to start to understand that frustration is only the end results of us not playing by the rules correct. So it’s up to us to learn these rules and understand how to move forward so that frustration never comes in. 

I never stop teaching the Law of Reaping & Sowing because it’s where everything starts and ends. It’s where we start to learn that every message, email, the word that was spoken, the action was taken, has a result. It was the way we planted that seed, to begin with, that determinds the end result.

Which means we really have to check in with ourselves and start to begin and understand we are the cause and effect of it all.

Even the frustration….

So how will change the seeds you are planting?

Here’s to a action packed seed planting week for you, with excellence.

Have a wonderful Monday,

Much love

Kate xxx

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In 2017 I Won’t Have Any Furniture and That ROCKS!

My journey to detachment has been an interesting one so far and so much I have learnt from it already. In case you are wondering what a journey of detachment is? It is when you get rid of everything material wise you own in your home and leave that house to start over with nothing but a suitcase full of clothes and important documents. That’s it!

That is what I am doing in 2017 and completely detaching myself from every material thing in my house. I started this journey only 3 months ago and has everything gets less and less in our home, it feels freaking amazing!

I decided to move to a different town and start over again because the kids are now adults and flown the nest. However, I didn’t want to “just move town” I want to completely shift my life and start over again and take hardly anything from this life into my new life and home.


46635036 - happy young couple sitting on floor in new home

So I started my journey to downsizing completely around 3 months ago. Yes! The old ego did have a good dig in the back of my subconscious mind a few times to say “You can’t let that go” and “No, you must keep that!”. However, it didn’t win and I continued my mission to detach from everything.

Now has the house starts to downsize and the material things start to leave the house through giving to charity, sales and throwing out crap I wouldn’t use again. The journey to detachment is exciting, freeing, and a realisation of how much people really do get attached to material things.

I am looking forward to the day my house is completely empty and all I take with me is my suitcase into my new home and life. If there is one thing this journey of life has taught me so far? Is that life is too short not to at least experience detachment at once in your life. so to put into perspective that really material thing means nothing to the overall beauty of being alive and well each day which enables you to be the author of your own reality and re-write as many time as you like!

I will continue to share my journey of detachment with you until I reach my new home and new life.

Have an epic week,
Much Love


Kate xx