The Next 4 Weeks Are Crucial

Hey, there I hope you are well and having a fantastic week so far. You may have noticed I have not been around or highly visual on Facebook as I usually am but with little over 4 weeks to go before my Christmas vacation starts and 3 major projects to create and wrap up, my time is spent in my women den closed off from the virtual/outside world to enable these projects to come alive and be released by Christmas.

I decided this year to take 3 weeks out and really enjoy a long Christmas break before it is full steam ahead with the magazine launch in January 2017. That plus some huge in-person events that I will be hosting in London and New York City over the course of 2017.

Rest and time out are vital if you have huge things coming up in the new year. It’s really important to keep grounded and keep your feet on the ground and enjoy time away from social media doing simple and ordinary things. It’s even more important to stay focused and keep on the schedule leading up to this time so that you don’t have miss out on the time you had booked off in the first place.

This time of year is always a very active time for me and my team. With many authors wanting to have a best-selling book before Christmas, or others that are booking themselves in for a January appointment so they can take 2017 by storm, it is always a time of year that needs major focus and organisation (The UK spelling) so that we complete everything on time.

Which means I spend less time on social media and more time leading and managing the projects at hand. This year we are tying up 2016 with a loud and proud BANG! On December 7th, 2016 I launch my last EVER anthology book! Yes, you read that right! My last EVER compilation book. From here on out I will only be consulting these projects and teaching others how to make it happen for themselves. Of course, I will always write books, but from now on they will be solo-authored books only. I have very much enjoyed my journey of creating a best-selling book series and placing together this last business book with my partner Kim B. Smith, but now it’s time to teach others “how” to build their own success with books, just like I did.

The No B.S Truth What it Takes to Build a Successful Business seemed like the best way to go out with a BANG! To help so many business owners in the world by cutting the crap and telling them what it really takes to succeed online.


Plus, to top the year off nicely we are also working on this amazing powerful project:


Of which, will fetch awareness of mental health issues and how attempted suicide really effects people and their families. With suffering from mental health issues myself along my own journey and a failed suicide attempted in my mid 20’s I felt a huge emotional connection to working on this project. It is a real pleassure to help fetch this book to life and to have written it’s foreword for the compiler Kristie Knights.

Tying these projects up and making them reality before Christmas is vital so that we can make room for the birth of The Missing Piece Magazine which launches on Jan 17th, 2017!


The Missing Piece Magazine is an interactive digital self-discovery magazine where you will be opened up to powerful information and exercises to accompany you on your self-discovery journey. The Missing Piece Magazine also helps online business owners, coaches, and mentors to be positioned in front of  ‘highly’ targeted audience by presenting themselves and their knowledge our network coverage per month.

So, get ready for a life-changing month, every month!

With all this awesomeness coming up, you can now see why the next 4 weeks are major vital for this creative mind to stay focused and on track to have all this completed in time. I hope you make the most of your 4 weeks and have the Christmas break you deserve too.

I best get back to work before the sun goes down, 4 weeks and counting, tick follows tock follows tick etc…

Speak to you soon,


Much love and appreciation

Kate xx


And So… She Comes Alive!

The excitement that is running through me right now is electric!

To take action upon a dream and see it come alive is an amazing feeling, not just that, but also huge to others who watch my journey and see what I create along the way. The Missing Piece Magazine was nothing but a dream only 4 weeks ago. Now all the foundations are laid, website work complete and the doors are open and people are starting to come through to cement their places to teach before a huge highly targeted audience of over 300,000 people.

Isn’t it amazing how we can take a thought in our head and take action upon that thought, which then creates something so powerful to help others in so many different ways? This Missing Piece Magazine is the future of publishing in a digital, interactive way and will be dedicated to providing YOU with the help you need on your self-discovery journey. This interactive digital platform also helps online business owners, coaches, and mentors target highly targeted traffic by presenting themselves and their knowledge to over 300,000 people.

So, business owners, are no longer “just advertising” they are in fact helping and teaching solutions worldwide on every budget, even limited budgets. I was a broke business owner once upon a time and to bring this forward today is a passion of mine to helping those on a limited budget, as well as other budgets, to enable them to purchase a coaching tool each month at a low price filled with exercises and information that they can implement straight away and see results.


Missing Piece

My whole entire journey I have look where I can create projects and build platforms to help everyone involved have a win-win journey. Today marks another day (as well as Independence Day) to fetch this amazing platform to life! We have amazing people like Katy Bray, who is a professional clairvoyant and empath coach, providing guidance to people in every issue by answering people’s burning questions. The answers that we so dearly want and so truly desire cannot always be seen by us, and to have that peace of mind can be priceless and a relief that no amount of money could buy.

Copy of Sample 1 TMP Ask Katy Page

As well as Katy, many other successful business owners, coaches and #1 international best-selling authors are stepping forward to teach in this powerful and amazing magazine. The advice from business owners who have been there, done that and wore the t-shirt to enable them to stand in their glory and come to life in a digital interactive space. To help the readers learn from true authentic leaders and learn skills that actually gain RESULTS!

Each cover will grace the presence of 6, 7,8, figure business owners and multi-millionaires and even billionaires. In each issue, these amazing people will share their wisdom with you in an exclusive LIVE video interview. The beauty about technology today is that it helps publishing come alive and enable me to fetch projects to life and embed videos, audio and connect URL links all in one place.

Today as America celebrates Independence Day I will celebrate along with you because freedom and living out your dreams is a priceless feeling that fulfils my soul.

Here’s to the next level of The Missing Piece and this amazing journey called life 🙂

Until next time,

Here’s to your success.

Love From

2016-05-23 15.00.26-2

Kate xxx


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I Need Your Help!

I need to hear your thoughts on what I am about to share with you.

I value your opinion very much and feedback from you is majorly important to me. I am a person who takes action upon her dreams, and I am a woman who is very spiritual and I don’t take my vision and dreams lightly. In fact, I act upon them even if I have no clue how to get to that end goal I somehow always make it happen very successfully.

Anyway, for the past 2 days, I have had a vision of publishing an online magazine. I have never in my life ever attempted this and the immense strong pull of divine “You gotta make this happen” feeling is upon me. The last time I had this feeling I became the creator and publisher of a 10x international best-selling book series, so this “gotta make it happen” feelings are not to be taken lightly.

I am not one for following the crowd so if I did take this onboard the basic outline would be a powerful online magazine that would point amazing great content to people on a self-discovery journey and contain amazing expert advice. Real juicy content that you could get your teeth into and that would help you move forward when you really need it. That plus amazing interviews with some highly successful coaches, or online business owners and great advice to those who are hungary to learn and implement what is taught to them.

To move forward with this to make it reality I need to know your thoughts of:

  1. What do you think of my crazy ass idea?
  2. What would you love to see in a online magazine that you don’t see right now?


This journey is not about me, it is about WE and to place something out there without even envolving you, or not asking your thoughts would not be a great way to begin anything. Too many people do that in the online world already and then always wonder why what they have created never works.

Feedback from your following is a MUST! I cannot tell you how much it means to me that you even take time out of your day to read my blogs, so your input is even more valuable and appreciated to me.

I am not in the slightest bit worried about the platform, or how to advertise this because the numbers and the highly targeted traffic are already there. The main consideration to me is YOU and what YOU truly want to read about?

You are my main proprity and it’s your opinion I value the most.

Please do feel free to leave your comments below I would love to know what you think?

Here’s to touching more lives together,

Author image

Much love

Kate xxx

Will You Do It This Time?

Ever since my mid 20’s I had a really strong feeling deep down inside to write a book. I couldn’t explain why I had this feeling I just knew I had to do it! Multiple times I attempted to start writing it but I wouldn’t last the full journey and I would most likely give in around chapter 2.

10 years and still no finished book later, I think I managed to push it to chapter 5 before giving up again. I didn’t actually produce and publish a finished solo authored book until exactly 1 year ago, and I didn’t just write and publish one book. No! I wrote, published, launched and made top of the best sellers list TWICE in ONLY 5 months!

Crazy uh? So what was stopping me?

The answer was me! I was stopping myself writing and completing this book due to fears that set off a whole other bunch of fears too. It wasn’t my lack of abilty to write this book, it was my lack of confidence, my ego , and my worrying what other people thought about me that stopped me before I had even completed the 6th chapter.



Fast forwarding the clock to 4 years later where I have co-authored 15 international best sellers, and two of my solo books as well as created over 120 best selling authors. I can see the same pattern of behaviour and fears in almost every person that contacts me for my help.

Out of hundreds of people that contact me a month only very few actually go through with it. The fears that haunted me for so long now haunt them too, which is stopping them touching lives with their words. When I released my first solo bookThe Missing Piece in Online Business”  boy did I crap myself!

Massive fears went through me and worries of people not liking it, or not buying it kept me awake at night. How wrong was I? Ooooh I was so wrong indeed! The book hit best seller in 3 catergories and messages poured in from all across the world from people thanking me for writing it.

I sat there gob smacked! Gob smacked that all this time it was me stopping me! Can you imagine how many books I would of written if I actually got over my fears 15 years ago? Gee whiz.

So, when I started noticing this pattern emerging from other people it got me thinking? It’s the fears we need to conquer, and have a broken down plan to actually finish the book. Then I considered placing powerful confidence exercises with this to help people finally move past the hurdles that is blocking them to begin with.

I went over to The Missing Piece Community (my tribe on Facebook) and I asked:

Screenshot 2016-05-17 09.03.59

Straight away 10 people rised their hands high to let me know they too have had the same problems with writing a book. They all knew deep down inside of them that they had a purpose of writing a book to touch lives all across the world, only they couldn’t get started, or they couldn’t finish. I told my tribe that I would go away and have a think of how I could combined the most powerful mind-set coaching tools I have used in the past with clients, with the system that I used to duplicate my 2nd book in only 5 months after releasing my first.

This way we can get past the fears and teach the skills which can be duplicated over and over again. Which means book writing will become so simple for them that before you they know it a book series of 10 books, just like The Missing Piece, will actually belong to them.

I came back with the answers and broke the system down in to 6 easy weeks of learning:

Week 1: Clarity & Fears

  • How to get through your book writing fears.
  • Clarity on your mission.
  • Clarity on your subject.
  • Tools to strengthen your confidence.
  • Your book layout.

Week 2: Planning/Creating Stage

  • Writing goals.
  • Scheduling.
  • How to name your chapters.
  • Templates to copy and paste and to post on your Facebook status.
  • Accountability.
  • How to start selling your book to your following before it’s launched.

Week 3: Production/Budget

  • How to choose a book cover that sells.
  • Publishing your end manuscript.
  • What you need to produce your printer files.

Week 4: Building Momentum to Sell

  • How to get noticed before launch day.
  • How sell more copies on launch day.
  • How choosing your title carefully means more sales.
  • How Amazon best-sellers list really works.
  • How to build followers.

Week 5: Launching/Marketing

  • Why graphics mean everything.
  • How to let people know you have written a book.
  • How to get in front of 365,000 book stores world-wide.
  • Templates to copy and paste on launch day.
  • What you need to do to enjoy your new success.

Week 6: Review of Progress

  • Clearing up any confusion.
  • Answers to all your questions you have
  • Accountability on writing goals.
  • Chance to share what you have learn’t in 6 weeks.
  • Quick re-cap on previous weeks.

Along with the modules they will be a LIVE meet up call each week using Skype, which can here answer all their questions, plus a private Facebook group which can be used to keep them accoutable for their writing goals in that time. It’s really nice to be able to help people that were in my postion 15 years ago and help them move forward to make their book a reality.

I opened up 6 places and 2 have filled already within 12 hours, which is hardly surprising because I have placed a massive bargin price of only $197.00 on this 6 week course and my goal is to have all places filled by the end of this week, so that we can move forward with the calls on June the 1st.

It’s time to set authors free from the chains that bind them from living out their purpose of touching lives. It’s time to teach authors how to make book writing easy, and it’s time to live out your dreams.

So, the question of the day is:

Will you do it this time? Or will you just continue on the road to non-completion?

The world needs to hear your voice…even if it shakes to begin with.

Until next time,

2016-01-19 10.47.22

Much Love & Success

Kate xx

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28,000 Reasons Why Staying Silent Isn’t a Good Thing!

I couldn’t quite believe what I was reading and had to re-read it 3 times. It was a reply from the professor and Excecutive Director of Fundraising & Publisher at Energime University, New York City, New York.

You see I had the honour (UK spelling of honor) to be invited to write an article for their blog and gladly accepted. The blog was released to the world on Earth Day (22nd April 2016) and it was now Monday morning and I was reading this message in my inbox 3 times over:

“Hey Kate your article is #1, 28,000 visitors so far! Plus the United Nations!”

Yes! That is exactly why I had to re-read it 3 times! I then went on to recieve the amazing honour of becoming their Ambassador by the request of the CEO and founder of the university after he read my article himself.

So, why am I sharing this with you?

The words I shared on Friday touched 28,000 people all at once, and most likely inspired thousands of people to make change in their lives. It give people hope that no matter what happens in life you can still get up, move foward, and live out your dreams. If I had kept on that road of thinking my dream was not worth it or kept the mind-set that I had previously, then none of them people’s lives would have been touched today.

The Missing Piece book series would never exist, nor would 115 people have become best selling authors or changed their lives, and for certain the podcast I host would not have changed lives after being played nearly 79,000 times already in the past year.

Today I really want you to ask yourself why do you choose to not share your voice in the world? Because my friend I can give you 28,000 + reasons why you SHOULD!

For those who have not had the chance to read my article (full unedited version) you can read it right here on the universities Excecutive Director of Fundraising & Publisher’s website.

Happy reading! and just remember there is 28,000 + reasons out there WHY you need to share your voice!

Have a wonderful Wednesday,

Until next time,

2016-02-10 12.23.35-1

Kate xx

P.S) Love you loads xx

I had forgotten what fun was!

I caught myself just in the split second and realised what I was doing….I realised I was laughing.

Now something you think is so simple like having fun, laughing, joking, and having a crazy sense of humour seems quite strange for you to think I had forgotten how to do that, right? Well the truth is I had forgotten how to have fun, so much so that I actually shocked myself in that moment reconising myself laughing.

(Please note UK spellings are used in all my blog posts)

Author imageIt suddenly hit me that my work had consumed the person I use to be and I had lost my fun factor in my life. I was successful in the online industry I had built the international publishing company, become a #1 international best selling author twice, co-authored 14 other best selling books, created a 13 best selling book series called The Missing Piece books, grew a team around me, started publishing books of TV personalities and Hollywood film directors, helped over 115 people become best selling authors in under 2 years, flew accross the world to host events, plus built the 6 figure empire…. BUT at a massive COST because it had cost me the fun in my life.

Trust me there is not many online biz owners out there that will tell you the up front no bullshit TRUTH! Well I am one of them that WILL tell you the TRUTH! The reason I share everything within my life and experiences is because I want to save you the pain of finding out the hard way. 12380027_10153486168013409_1958589891_n

So, there I was in that tiny moment noticing myself laughing, and realising that I had lost the fun factor in my life. I had turned into a work obsessed  CEO strapped to my desk 14-18 hours a day, running a team, running many many huge projects of around 200 people per time. While everything else around me was falling apart and I had turned into a machine that as soon as she woke up at 4:30am had a iPhone super glued to her palm from sunrise to well after sunset.

I spent hardly no time with my kids and always had the same thing to tell my spouse each weekend “Sorry love I can’t do anything this weekend I have deadlines for this project”.. Basically in English that really would mean “Sorry darling I have become so work obsessed that I have to work to feel important”.

This may surprise you to read this and you may think to yourself “I would never let myself get that bad”..Well I have news for you! Most business owners do! We can get so engrossed and caught up in the business that we forget everything else around us. It’s only when we push it two hard we are sent a warning sign, now this warning sign could be a accident, illness, or something that puts us out of action and makes us rest to see if we have learn’t the lesson. Unfortunatley a lot of us take a few accidents and major illnesses before we start to see the reality of the situation.

Over the course of 2 years I had already fallen down a pot hole in the road and busted my knee and ankle legligaments, had many chest infections, many colds, many headaches, and at the beginning of this year I was so severely ill with two dangerous infections in my lungs that I was bed ridden me for 10 days and took a whole month to recover.  As I laid staring up at the ceiling  (because laying in bed for 10 days surely does make you think..A lot!) I started to notice exacty where I was going wrong and started to understand why it was all happening, why I had lost my fun factor, and why I was getting ill so much. I started to work it all out and could see the patten emerging.

From that day forward I made the decision I wasn’t going to carry on the way I was. That I was going to make more time for my family (especially now I was a grandma). I decided that I was only going to work with people who were deadly serious about become successful and learning how to become great leaders. Excuses from people who were not “all in” were not worthy of my time anymore and were not worth of me making myself ill over. If people choose to make excuses to not do the work then that is their problem not mine.

2016-03-23 16.45.46I also decided to cut back my hours of work, set up and build multi-streams of income that really didn’t need me to kill myself over to build asnd make a profit from. I ditched my office and turned it into a nursery for my granddaughter and went back to working around my home on a laptop. I went back to my title of “Work at home mum” instead of “Over work and knackered CEO of an internationally publishing company”.

I was back in control of my life and it felt bloody fantastic! I made the decision to work only 3 days a week, work with serious game changers only, and spend more time with my family. The moment I did that the big game changers stepped forward and so did the bigger contracts that take less time and earn more money.

It’s surprising how common it is for online business owners to end up on this slope of thinking they need to kill themselves and become a slave to their business. I know because I see it everyday and having clients saying the same things to me on our coaching sessions.

I hope by sharing my experiencies with you it helps not to fall into that fog that can surround you and stop you seeing the reality you are creating around you. Nothing is too important to miss the fun out of your life, or to stop you facing the other responsibilities in your life. If you have mountains of things piling up that you are not attending too, then this right here is a sign you are placing too much energy in one place and tipping the balance in your life. This will only give you a one way ticket to unhappiness and making you so exhusted you just don’t have anything else left in you to give.

Today there is only one person who controls my life and my business and that is ME! I hope you are there too! and if there is any typos in this post that will be my granddaughter tapping on my keyboard while she sat on my knee while writing this 🙂 xx

Until next time,

Much love and hugs

2016-02-10 12.23.35-1

Love Kate xxx

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People Love Real People More!

I have had the typical stay at home mum week.

My washing maching flooded my kitchen, my dog has an upset stomach and kept me awake for the past 3 nights, my house is upside down because we are decorating my hallway, which is a HUGE job! Plus I now spend 3 days a week helping out with my grandaughter.

Not a typical blog post to start reading from a CEO who runs an international publishing company and who is building a 2nd online business uh? In fact you are most likely thinking this sounds crazy and nothing like I read, or see on social media from an average female biz owners. 



I am not the type to sugar coat things and tell you that life is perfect running a business because it really isn’t. It is up to us to create something around our reality so that when things like this do happen all at once we are in a position to balance it all, and choose how we react to it all. I always make the choice to see it from a solution based mind-set rather than a problem based mind-set. Thinking problem based only leads to frustration, hair pulling and getting all annoyed with everyone around you.

Is it really worth it? Mmmmmmmmm nope!

Plus on the bonus side you know I am actually a real human being by sharing my shit with you. Even though I am a stay at home mum who runs 2 businesses I still have all the mummy shit to go with it. Just like yesterday after asking my son around 1 million times to clean his room (I swear it got to the point where I was starting to consider recording my voice because I felt like a broken record!). Well finally after a month of asking (and a few things dying in there am sure) he finally cleaned it!…and that was only because I grounded him in the first place to show him I was meaning business this time.

So let’s get to the point of why I am writing to you today so that I can help you turn your following into raving fans who will love you forever and ever.


Share what your real life is like and help others feel like it’s more possible to work from home and have the lifestyle they deserve. To be able to stay at home with children/grand children and see them grow up and have time to do all the other things that life throws at you. If we go back 4 years I use to be scared stiff of ever sharing anything about myself! I had just started out in online business and I felt like I could never live up to the standard of all the other online marketers where placing out there.

Suddenly it looked like a massive mountain to climb and I was crapping myself  thinking that I had to try and live up to this high standard of expectation from the public… So I thought, and how wrong was I? Online marketing has changed so much over 4 years and your customers are not daft and they know bullshit when they see it.

In fact they are screaming out for normal beings like you to come forward and say: “My washing maching just flooded my kitchen, and my laundary pile measures the same size as Mount Everest!” It’s such a relief to let others know they are no longer alone and it creates stronger deeper meaningful relationships with people who follow you and buy from you.

Believe me it’s far easier to just be yourself and you will attract your ideal client so much easier. People will love you and feel more comfortable to contact you and ask for your help, rather then feel intimidated and scared to ask you anything. We all need help on our personal growth journey and it helps so much more when the teacher is a great one! We all remember great teachers from our school years right? The ones who where cool, funny and real! They were so much more chilled out and you worked better in their class then any other class in school.

At the time you felt under more pressure with the teachers who expected more from you that you just could not deliver. Which is exactly the same pressure your feeling right now, but you just got to remember to be like the cool teacher you had in your childhood and let your followers know it’s ok to be human.

Just Remember: People Love Real People More!

So, anyway the washing maching is now replaced with a brand new one, my dog is on medication and my hallway is half painted…Progress!.. And I didn’t scream or drink wine once ha ha!

Until next time,

I wish you much success and love,

2016-01-19 10.47.22

Kate xx

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Reading This Blog Could Change Your Life!

Trust me I wasn’t over exaggerating with the blog title!

If you are reading this right now I want to tell you what happened to me last week, and how YOU could be apart of it too! What I am about to share with you could change your future if you act upon it!

Over the past 3 years I have taken my company The Missing Piece Publishing from a domestic violence support page on Facebook to an international publishing company that produced the international best selling book series The Missing Piece.

The book series now holds 13 best selling books and has created over 115 best selling authors. We have also had the privilege of published books for TV personalities and award winning Hollywood film directors. Now if you had told me 3 years ago that all this would happen in the space of only 3 years I would have laughed at you!


I never thought in a million years that the purpose and journey God had for me was this one! Neither did I know that my purpose included changing people’s lives by placing their words in beautifully printed and designed books which would go on to give them a powerful platform and change their lives.

Take Dr Shellie Hipsky the author of The Common Threads trilogy for example! We worked with Shellie in just under 3 months to create, publish and taught her some golden advice that would lead her to touching hundreds of thousands of lives on the planet. Shellie’s trilogy which was released in December 2015 became Amazon best selling books over night and we released them all in ONE DAY!

Shellie has now built this amazing platform to enable her to have amazing book signing events like this!


Photo taken by: Tersea Pyskaty

Shellie is just 1 of the 115 people The Missing Piece has helped to make their dreams become reality right before their very eyes. To help change people’s lives like this is the best feeling in the world and now we are going to change even more!

Last week the wonderful self-made billionaire and author of the book 8th Grade Millionaire Mr Ed Mercer contacted me and asked me to work with him. Not only did he ask me to work with him but he also wants to mentor me and have me at his side at the top of one of the companies he is working with. So as you can imagine my chin hit the floor and I was gob smacked at this amazing opportunity presented to me.

Well I grab this opportunity with both hands and said YES! I accepted his invitation and brought him into The Missing Piece community where Ed could meet all the people I have worked with on this amazing journey. So my vision of creating a community full of opportunity that I never had 3 years ago has now just quadrupled in size and started the ball rolling to helping so many more people succeed in life.

Mr Ed is seeking people within the world to fullfil a goal of his by creating 100 millionaires, and he has already made this happen with 50 other people. Mr Ed knows what it takes to make this happen because he has made millions and millions himself in the market place and created 50 millionaires along the way.

We currently have a project in The Missing Piece right now that is looking for 52 coaches/mentors in all different areas of mentoring. The goal is for each coach/mentor to contribute 7 coaching exercises of their own into the project and we build an entire life changing coaching program that will change a person’s life completely. Now the one of the best parts is we are giving the coaches involved the complete re-selling rights so they can go into the world with this beautifully designed program in hardback, and PDF download for them to take with them to become coaches who can transform people’s lives in every area.


This will help develop multiple streams of income for the coaches and serve their clients for longer! You will know exactly how to target every area of a person’s life and you won’t be drowned out in the market place because there is only 52 of you! Which means you could charge more!

This is an amazing opportunity for you to be involved in something that not only helps you stand out from the crowd, but you will also be in the postion to show Mr Ed how you show up as a coach/mentor. Which could very well lead you to becoming on his team, and who knows? You could well be added to the list of 100 millionaires in the Guiness World Record that Mr Ed is going to smash!

Opportunities like this don’t come around every day and too many people let them pass them by. Now if I had let chance after chance pass me by then I wouldn’t be able to present these opportunities to people today. If I had not taken risk after risk, never given up, or just thrown in the towel because of the fears and stress, then my brand logo wouldn’t have been printed behind Shellie on that screen at her recent event…. In fact Shellie’s dream wouldn’t be real either!


Photo’s taken by: Tersea Pyskaty

Everything on this planet is connected and everything serves a purpose. The reason you are reading this blog right now is because it’s a sign for you to ACT upon an opportunity that could change your future. Opportunities to change our lives get presented to us and we have to take ACTION and act upon them so that we gain the reality we want and deserve.

So the question to you today is:

Q: What are you waiting for?

Tomorrow this opportunity may just be GONE! And it may be a very long time before it comes around again. To be able to help people succeed like this and help dreams come true is truly an astounding way to live and so amazing to watch. I want this for YOU too!

Don’t be one that sits on the bench today and  say “I will do it next time” .. Because next time maybe 20 years from now and you will miss out. And NO! You don’t need a piece of paper saying you are a qualified health, life, spiritual, money, or whatever coach to be invloved. You just have to provide 7 exercises and 7 videos to help somebody get past whatever problem you can solve in their life, and it could even be as simple as  just teaching somebody how to gain control of their time.

People in this world need your solutions and only YOU can provide the knowledge to help make it happen. If you question yourself to what you could contribute? then all you have to do is look at how you overcame the huge testing times of your life and start there.

You are the teacher of what you have overcome yourself!

So, to those of you who are action takers and don’t want to mess around and want to know more about this amazing project then click here for full details. Or you can contact me here on Facebook I look forward to having you with us and embarking on a new journey to create more people’s dreams become reality and place you in front of somebody who could make you his next millionaire!

Speak to you soon,

Much Love

Kate x


Are Your Ready For Success?

Good Morning! On today’s 15 Minutes of Motivation I am going to be talking about them two big scary words “up levelling’ It’s time to up stage yourself, pull up your big girl/boy panties and be ready to step into your next level of power! The only person stopping you is yourself. So how can we glide into this up levelling process? Well join me on today’s show and I will share a 3 stage process to up levelling and preparing yourself for the next big shift.