A Valuable Mindset by Trilby Johnson

Article Written By Trilby Johnson

“Mind what you are saying, especially about and to yourself.
Because you always tend to believe it.”
– Trilby Johnson

Mindset, is all about the stories we tell ourselves as well as what motives us when making the decisions and taking the actions we do. Our mindset consists of belief systems that we learn as children and that will inform much of our lives as adults. Beliefs are the mental building blocks we have that help us to make sense of the world around us and which many use to draw meaning about their lives from. Mindset is important because it fuels our attitudes and the way it which we respond to situations and other people and it helps us to form habits.

For much of our lives, we operate from these conscious and subconscious mindsets. Depending on the quality of the predominant mindset however, as we go through different life stages, situations and experiences, a specific mindset which may have been suitable and effective beforehand, no longer offers the most appropriate results and outcomes and may require reassessment and updating to something new.

Sounds straightforward for sure. Yet many people struggle with this. Firstly, because these mindsets are often operating on a subconscious level as well as being habitual and automatic behaviours and responses. And so whilst a person may really desire to change a specific belief and attitude, they may experience resistance. For instance, a person who lacks self-confidence may desire to feel more confident. And so they may choose to believe they are more confident and there may even be an improvement in their confidence levels  – like the ‘fake it till you make it’ slogan. This may work for a while. However, faking it will not be sustainable for very long and often the older more habitual mindset can pull them down. This is the reason that in my opinion and experience, positive affirmations can only take someone so far, before there needs to be another shift to the next level.

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To experience mindset in an evergreen way, there is more to mindset than mere beliefs. They are indeed the building blocks to how we choose to function in the world. Yet humans are also sentient beings and so much of our prioritizing is based on our value system, which is the foundation of our building blocks. This aspect is often overlooked when it comes to wanting to install new belief patterns. The reason, in my experience, that there can be so much resistance is because when our values and our beliefs are not in alignment, we experience resistance and feel that we have to force or struggle in life.

Our values are a set of core principles that we use in making decision across our lives and are based on importance and need. Not to be confused with your beliefs, which are basically assumptions that we take to be true. Tension can arise when two important values come into play and create a feeling of conflict, when it comes to making important decisions. For instance, whether to stay in a job that is no longer satisfying and boring for security reasons and because that’s how it’s been there for years. Or go for a new job or lifestyle where it would be possible to express more creativity and independence, although it’s risking financial security.

In a case like this, there may be several conflicting beliefs, feelings and circumstances that need to be managed. More often than not, a person can feel pulled in different directions and this makes choosing the correct mindset and attitude challenging. Values come from the heart and beliefs come from the head. So the challenge is finding a happy medium that makes resetting our minds easier.

To do this, prioritizing and updating your values is very important because situations and options are changing all the time, as we grow and expand. Here’s an example! A few years ago, I decided I wanted to be happier and healthier and release the struggle that seem to always appear. So I sat down and did an evaluation and prioritization of my values. One of my top three priorities was ‘security’. Imagine my astonishment when I realized that happiness and health were not even in my top 10! So I had to shift my beliefs around ‘being safe’ and looking at ‘happiness and health’ in a new way. This change in priorities and values, helped me shift my thinking and establish a new mindset, that incorporated all of these values.

Here is a short exercise to help you identify your top 10 core values are:
Sit down and write down the first things that come to mind that are important to you in your life. (If you need examples of values, just google values and you can find lists to draw from.)

  1. Rank them from 1 to 10 with 1 being the most important and 10 the least.
  2. Then ask yourself if these are still valid for you?
  3. Are these values truly your own?
  4. When sorted, ask if there are any ‘new’ values that you wish to add? Add and rank them.
  5. Reflect on what has come up and also write down any of the beliefs that may have popped up. For example, health depends on genetic make-up; or if I am happy people will think I am selfish etc.
  6. If the values identified are not in your top 10, I invite you to add them in. Then sit back and watch what shows up.
  7. Repeat often.

Actively participating in setting our values, helps to prioritize and activate them in both the conscious and subconscious mind. This dynamic is what fuels a powerful and positive intention, attitude and mindset. Having a valuable mindset, requires adding value to our lives and ensuring when and how our mindset serves us best as we grow and expand.

Much Love, Trilby

p.s. Would you like a great resource of original inspiration to support shifting your thinking? My book ‘A-Ha Moments’ is available online and will support you in having your own a-ha moments.

Trilby Johnson is an Author, Speaker and Body Energy Alchemist. She supports conscious and forward-thinking individuals to move from pain to resolution by resolving the core imbalances that destabilize and limit them, leaving them stuck in the muck of trauma and pain. When they connect the essence of who they truly are, they realize and align with their full potential and live happy, healthy and successful lives, on their own terms.


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Mums Fix Everything Right? Well I Couldn’t f***ing Fix This!

Day 1:

Well, at least that is what I thought and for the past 20 years, that is all I have been doing. “Mum I need you to fix this it’s not working”, “Mum how do I make this happen”, “Mum what do I do with this?”
If you are a parent you know them statements only too well from your children and you have adopted that role of the “fixer”. Well, I wish that was possible for me yesterday, but it wasn’t.

Nothing I could do could fix the situation we were in and I felt useless. When I received that call at 6:30 am in the morning to tell me my daughters waters had broken and she was on her way to the hospital, I sprang into fixer mode and started packing her hospital bag. We were so unorganised because she was only 27 weeks into her pregnancy and this was unexpected.

I rushed around like a headless chicken fixing the hospital bag cancelling all meetings that day and calling my partner back from work. As soon as Matthew arrived home we chucked everything in the car and headed to the hospital. I tried frantically to get in touch with my daughter on the way to the hospital, but she was not answering. 20 minutes later she called me to say she had delivered the baby but it was not looking good.

I was only 10 minutes away from the hospital at this time, now I was in shock in tears and needed to get there soon as possible. We pulled up in the hospital car park and grabbed the bag out the boot of the car and my phone rang again. It was Emily to tell me that the baby had passed away. I couldn’t breathe, I felt like somebody had punched me in the stomach. Now how the fuck am I suppose to fix this?

With tears streaming down my face I grabbed the hospital bag and ran to the special baby unit. When we arrived we were guided to a side room called the “Snow Drop” suite. The midwife could have been talking French for all I know, the only words I remembered her saying was “I am so sorry for your loss” the rest was a blur.

I just needed that urgency of holding my child because right now she would need her mother. I sat down on the sofa in the Snow Drop suite and waited for what seemed like 5 hours, but was only 10 minutes.
The double doors opened and the midwives pushed Emily’s hospital bed into the room. I turned my head back to the door and stood in the door frame was Mark holding his tiny son wrapped in a white towel.
Mark sat next to me and cried his heart out while holding his son. I held Mark and told him how sorry I was and I looked down at the little bundle he was holding. He passed me the bundle and I held him in my arms, he was still warm and he was the most beautiful thing I had laid eyes on.

His head was to the side and his mouth open, trying to get my mind to understand he was not alive was challenging. Every ounce of me hoped and prayed for a tiny noise or some movement, but nothing.
My tears fell from my cheeks onto his forehead. I passed him to my partner and walked over to the bed and sat next to Emily and hugged her and told her how sorry I was. She looked at me and said “Sorry for what mum? You have no need to be sorry”.

The rest of the morning was spent gathering footprints, hand prints and a lock of hair from David. I offered to wash him and dress him for his photo’s. His tiny body was stuck to the white towel he had been wrapped in and I had to peel the towel every so gently away from his skin, carefully not to tear his delicate skin. I wash him down with baby wipes to clean all the blood off his skin from the top of his neck to the bottom of his dinky toes.

He had really long legs, big hands and big feet, but so do all the boys in our family. His little legs had become black from no circulation or heartbeat in his tiny little body and he had a little bruise on his nose and chest where the nurses had tried to resuscitate him for over 30 minutes. I dressed him in a little white vest and wrapped him back up in his blanket and lifted him up to my face to get a better look at him. I wanted to take in every detail of his face while I had the chance. I kissed his cheek and could feel his cold skin against my lips.
I placed him back in mum’s arms and the vicar arrived to baptise him. We had a lovely little ceremony and he was blessed and his soul was released to heaven, where he lays in Jesus’ arms until the day we meet him again. I thanked the vicar for the lovely ceremony and he looked at me and said: “I am so sorry for your loss, there are no words to console your pain right now”.

I looked at him with my tear stained face and said: “Mum’s usually fix everything, this is something I cannot fix”, the vicar looked at me and said, “I know, God bless you and your family”. I shook his hand and thanked him for baptising David and he left the room.

I and Matthew spent the next hour with David and said our goodbyes forever. I took some photos of him and his foot and hand prints and kissed my daughter goodbye. This was now her time to spend alone with him until she decided she was ready to say goodbye.

We found out from the medical report that the placenta detached itself from Emily’s womb, which is why her waters broke and why David passed away. Even though this is a hard tragic time right now, I am so appreciative of the time I spent with my first grandson. I am so glad I made the choice to spend that time with him and to wash him and dress him because that will stay with me forever.

Today is a new day, and we have to move forward even if it’s a tiny step at a time. Emily is still in the hospital and the doctors don’t want to discharge her until tomorrow. So from there, she will decide what kind of funeral she would like for David and how it will happen.
I didn’t think in a million years I would be burying my grandson before Christmas, but I do know that everything happens for a reason in life and even know I could not fix this, I know there is a reason for all of this and even though it does not make any sense right now. It will do further down my journey.

Day 2:
Such an easy word to say, but in reality is the hardest thing you have to do. This is the part where you have to take responsibility for your reality and see the situation for what it is and how it is.
However, even though you are seeing the reality of the situation and accepting that it has happened and seeing it for what it is, you shouldn’t see it worse than it is.

You have to still remember that each day the world keeps turning and life keeps moving. You have to also understand that no matter how much pain you are hurting there is still those that need you. Those that still need you to guide them. Especially if you are someone that thousands of people on a daily basis look to for inspiration and to be led and most importantly a grandmother to another grandchild.

Throughout the journey of leadership, you have to really separate yourself sometimes from what is going on around you in order to keep focused on the things that need to keep moving forward. When people are looking at you day in day out (and we are talking thousands of people here) not just 1 or 2 who I can say “It’s alright to put this off for a few weeks and I will come back to you”. No, we are talking about HUGE dreams that have been placed in my responsibility to help make a reality I can’t just let it all crumble and say “fuck this” and walk away.

I was trusted with huge responsibility and with great power comes massive responsibility. So, even if it’s for a few hours, 45 minutes or even 10 minutes of the day I still need to lead a team to point them in the right direction of where they need to be in order to make the clients dreams still become reality.

I won’t lie it’s taking every ounce of mental strength I have daily to keep one leadership shoe on, support my daughter through the death of her son and start to help plan an infant’s funeral. Yesterday was extremely painful to lay me bare in front of you and to share the painful story of events that happened only 48 hours ago. However, like most writers, it can be amazing therapy and realise of the feelings that I am feeling so they are not locked up inside and driving me insane.

It’s also a great way for you and me to connect on a personal level. So that you can see that even though someone can succeed in so many ways it makes us no different on the human side. Shit still happens in my world and if any leader describes their life has perfect then they are talking out of their arse. Leadership is HARD and a TOUGH road and it is not for everyone, hence the reason why only very few actually make it.

There are two different types of people, leaders and followers. I was created for the leading part and in every situation no matter in personal life or business, I lead the rest of the group. Sometimes days are tough and some days it’s really really tough, but the overall outcome is priceless. I slipped into them leadership shoes for 30 minutes before the sun came up so to keep all projects on track and keep the client’s dreams on the road to reality.

Now, as I sit here and watch the sunrise on a new day, on the 3rd day of loss in our family. I have learnt to accept the situation that David is gone. My daughter has also accepted that she now needs to plan a funeral and take her first steps to call the funeral director.

One day all of this will make sense to why it happened and the pieces of God’s plan will form sensibility of it all. Until then all I know is that writing about it and sharing my journey really stops me going insane.
Thank you for all your messages, comments and love that you are sharing with me. There is too many to keep up with and reply to so I send you all one big thank you!

Here’s to a new sunrise, a new day, another little step towards healing.

Taken from David’s diary, written by Kate Gardner.


How to Make Relationships WORK!

A healthy loving relationship is a sacred gift from our higher source of power. For those who call your higher power God, just like me. We know that god wants us to love each other and create together. He didn’t want us to be upset in a relationship or be miserable, nor did he want us to merely exist in an unloving duty that we feel the need to be tied to because of money of other issues.

A relationship should be a happy journey for you and your partner. You both should have the room you need for each of you to develop and grow. Not everyone stays the same and over time we evolve. We all have personal growth journeys and none of us will be the same people ten years from now. This means the relationship has to grow and develop with us or it will never work. Too many people stay together just for the sake of “making things easier.”

We tell lies to ourselves by doing this. Nothing is going to be easier; in fact you are making life ten times harder for yourself for not being you. If you are not being complete free who you want to be then it’s time to stretch your wings and be the person that you have always wanted to be. It’s time to seriously look at what we should be doing in this relationship and what we shouldn’t. I can’t promise that at the end of this blog that your relationship will be all rosy and everything will be fantastic. But I can promise that I will give you a better understanding and make you aware of the things that should be happening, in order to improve your everyday lives, and also not to live frustrated and misunderstood each day.

We all yearn for emotional and spiritual connection. We want to be accepted for who we are. We want to be forgiven for our past mistakes and not be judged by the one person we share our lives with. We want understanding, affection, tenderness and we want our partner to know when exactly we need these things, so that we can receive them.

When we first enter a relationship we tend to put on our happy face and also wear the rose tinted specs. For the first 3 months our heads in the clouds and we are in honeymoon period. We are so overjoyed and infatuated with each other that we cancel out the real world. We only think of the “now moment” rather than 6, 12 months from now. After the infatuation dies down, reality sinks in. We really start to learn the person behind the happy face and we start to notice their true habits and true personality.

A long-term relationship and a marriage require a lot of work from both parties. It requires sensitivity, communication, respect, empathy and listening to one another. It requires a lot of your attention and time to make sure it keeps developing while you’re together.

One of the strongest tools in a relationship is communication and it’s something a lot of couples don’t do. We somehow expect our partners to automatically know how we are feeling. We have all expected this, at same stage in a relationship within our lives and those who say they haven’t really are not being completely honest to them self. Think about it for one moment. If we didn’t have to communicate to have the perfect relationship and our partners could read our minds then would frustration really exist?…Course it wouldn’t. In fact everyone would have perfect relationships, awesome sex lives and the divorce lawyers would be out of business!

My friends the only way you are going to have the most amazing relationship and sex life is through communicating with each other and telling each other how you feel and also taking each other’s feelings into consideration. HOWEVER. You do both have to commit to doing the work and carrying out the communication in the first place. If only one of you decides to complete the work and the other chooses not to then you’re both going to end up on completely different pages? Which will result in you totally not understand where the other person is coming from? So take your time to work through each issue in your relationship together, and support each other while you are taking this new journey.

Facing the Music

For any relationship to move forward we first have to deal with the issues that are frustrating you right now. Not every person possesses the same levels of caring, respect and love as each other.

You may love at a deeper level then your partner. Remember that you are not the same people and you have come from entirely different backgrounds. So you have learnt different ways of how to treat others. What might seem unacceptable treatment to one could feel completely normal to the other.

This is where frustration comes in.  So rather than communicating with each other we will instead bottle these emotions up which then build up and can result in an explosion of emotions which result in a huge argument. This is why in order to move forward we have to face the music and we have to put all our cards on the table and be forced to look at our bad points…….and accept them!

Don’t expect them to read your mind or live up to expactations that they could never reach! That’s completely unacceptable to expect somebody to deliver a high expectency and then later pull them down for not reaching what is expected from them. Nobody is perfect, so if you learn to support each other and work on the weak points (weak points NOT bad) you will go on to grow together and have a wonderful relationship.

Now I am not saying that won’t ever be storms to ride, stressful times ahead or unexpected hurdels ahead, because I would be completely B.S-ing you! Of course they will! But at least if you work together stronger as a unit, rather then divided you will come through the worse storms and out the otherside stronger then ever!

I pray a massive  blessing over you today and your relationships, and may your realtionship be as strong and happy as mine.

Have a wonderful rest of your week,

Much Love

Kate xx


How to place More Gratitude in Your Daily Life!


Gratitude– thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation is a feeling, from the heart or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive”.

Gratitude is one of the most important feelings which you need to devlop on a self-discovery journey. If you learn how to use more gratitude for the things that you already have in your life then you will notice more good things come your way. Gratitude operates through a universal law that governs your whole life.

Gratitude is the highest expression of love that we can give in this world.

If we go back through time and notice the sayings of all the great people who lived.

For example; Albert Einstein, Wallace Wattles, Beethoven and Napoleon Hill and many, many more have said that gratitude brings you much more. Albert Einstein, who was the greatest scientist who ever lived spoke of giving thanks 100 times each day in order to receive everything that the heart desires.

“100 times every day. I remind myself that my inner and outer life depend on the labours of other men, living and dead, and I must extend myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and I am still receiving”

                                                                                       ~Albert Einstein.


“People who can sincerely be thankful for things which they own in imagination have real faith. They will cause the creation of whatever they want”.

                                                                                 ~Wallace Wattles.


If you learn to use gratitude and be grateful for the circumstances that you have now and learn to use gratitude more in your life on a daily basis. You will be truly amazed by how much you receive back.

Your very first exercise will help you bring more gratitude into your life. It will help you be more grateful for things you have in your life now. Then with a little patience and continuous use of this exercise each day you will notice a difference within 90 days.

Your gratitude levels will be at a whole new level, and so will your life too!

It’s exactly how I started out on my journey and I still use it today to remind me of all the things I am thankful for.

The reason using more gratitude works in your life is because when you express gratitude for what you already have you are then putting yourself in the frame of mind that is of joy and expectancy. You are now focusing on what you have, rather than what it is you don’t have. This is then sending out the message to the universe that what you have already is a lot and in return the same energy is then returned back to you.

Which then results in you receiving more!

When you are sending out the thoughts and feelings of being un-grateful the law of attraction will just keep returning what you already have. So use this to your advantage and send out the right energy to receive the right energy back.

“I am always grateful for all that I have in my live. I have a magnificent home. I have a tremendous wife… I love spending time with my family, and I absolutely love what I do in my business every day. I HAVE the best and much to my surprise it keeps getting better”.

 “BUT the point is I was not grateful when I had no home, no wife, no family and no business. You see it doesn’t matter where you are in life. There’s a reason right now to express gratitude”.

“So do it now. Get into the habit of it. Write your gratitude list every night, or say it out loud in the shower every morning. You’ll notice in just a matter of days how long that list begins to grow- and what change in attitude it creates for you… and that’s where the attraction finds its way to you”

                                                                ~Jack Canfield

Grab yourself a piece of paper and a pen, or purchase yourself a special gratitude journel and do the following exercise daily:

 Fill in the blanks with your own statements and continue to do this exercise for at least 90 days. If you really want to increase the magic of this exercise then write this list out each day in a journal.


  1. I am so happy and grateful that I have _______


  1. I am so happy and grateful for ________


  1. I am so happy and grateful that I have ___________


  1. I am so happy and grateful for ___________


  1. I am so happy and grateful that I have _________


  1. I am so happy and grateful for ___________


  1. I am so happy and grateful because ___________


  1. I am so happy and grateful now that ____________


  1. I am so happy and grateful to be blessed with ___________


  1. I am so happy and grateful for ___________

This is a powerful exercise that will result in fetching more gratitiude to your life. I remember the day it hit me like a piece of wood a round the back of my head. I was stood in a beautiful garden and sudden from the bottom of my toes to the top of my head I felt a powerful rush of appreciation run through me. Tears pricked my eyes has I looked around the garden and suddenly had an imense feeling of love and joy for my life.

It is by far one of the most powerful exercises I have ever used in my life, and I hope by sharing it with you that it has the same effect on your life too.

Here’s to a fully appreciated life!

Much Love & Appreciation

Kate xx

Without Humility, You Are Nothing

Humility is an extremely important part of being a coach, especially a very successful coach, or any online business service that helps, consults and mentors people.

When you start to act like you are above people because you have a few titles under your belt, then that’s when you need to check in with yourself. No title in the world will make you more supreme than another human being, you are human like the rest of us.

One key to running an extremely successful online business is keeping a strict policy of HUMILITY within your company and respecting every person on every level that comes to you for help, advice, or to use your services. You have to remember that once upon a time, just like them, you too had to start somewhere on your journey. Regardless of whatever service or solution you provide, you started at the beginning just like everyone else.

It can be known for some business owners to gain a few titles under their belt and then suddenly treat people like they are on different levels, which can really deflate a person who is coming to you for help, or it’s known to happen where some coaches, professionals, and mentors will take to social media to tear down somebody who just came to them for their expert opinion (trust me I see this most day and I am really DISGUSTED with it). This is NOT how I train people to be in the world and two strong principles I teach is effective communication and to be humble in everything you do.

These are two EXTREMELY POWERFUL spiritual laws to use in your business and you reap what you sow. If you sow the seeds of great communication and humility in everything you do, the fruit you harvest at the end will be so much more rich, than the person who walks around with their nose in the air thinking they are better than anybody else.

So how can we fetch these two powerful spiritual laws into everything we do? (Did you notice how I said everything you do, not just your business?)

Here are two powerful ways to sow them powerful seeds:

1) When you communicate to people in messages, calls, Emails, social media comments, and phone calls. Ask them how their day is? Ask them what they are doing this weekend. Never open up a direct message with a direct sell. It’s slimy, it stinks and it feels like a person who wants to sleep with you on the first date.

Build relationships with people and find out how to serve them better. People are not walking ATM machines, they are REAL people with REAL problems and they are reaching out to you and placing trust into you for help. Be human in the communication and tell them about your life, family, hobbies, interests and leave them to read your website to learn about your titles. Just be a great communicator and humble in every conversation and remember what you reap, you sow.

2) Humility needs to come into every connection you have with people. Let them know your past struggles and let them know your journey to success. Share the moments you ripped your hair out, got it wrong, failed, made stupid mistakes or the bad experiences you have come back from.

If we place ourselves across as being superior then you will scare people away from you, or you will make them feel that it’s totally impossible to ever reach you and have a conversation with you. If you are expecting people to buy from you and part with their hard earned cash for YOUR services. Then you really need to be accessible to these people and not just have your assistants, assistant handle conversation with your potential clients.

And the last but definite NO-NO is EVER thinking it’s a great idea to gossip about somebody who has come to you for advice or your opinion. Keep everything private! Like I said earlier (trust me I see this most day and I am really DISGUSTED with it). I see too many people in the coaching industry pulling down others, and these people wonder why shit keeps coming around and kicks them in the ass? People watch and SEE everything you do on social media and if you are known to gossip, pull others down or decide to create drama, big clients, brands, big publishing houses, companies or sponsors won’t touch you with a 10-foot barge pole…. Just saying!

Stay humble, stay loving, stay human and everyone will love you for just being you 🙂

Have a beautiful weekend, and share this post today to help other’s learn from it too.

Much Love

Kate xxx

3 Awesome Tips to Ditch Overwhelm & Gain Back Control of Your Life!

Overwhelm, it is that thing that happens to you when you have become a yes man and taken on far too much again. You feel like you can do 200 things at once but in reality, you are knackered, worn out and completely exhausted!

Yes! I remember the days well, thinking I could achieve 20 thousand things in one week and still win the mother of the year award and be the perfect wife.

Only I wasn’t, I was far from it and I resembled the girl in exorcist with the neck spinning around and spewing pea soup out at anyone who came in my way! My house was neglected, I had piles of laundry and had no clue that it was actually me that was creating this mess.

This is what happens when we “think” we can take on many things at once. Which is complete bollocks, and everyone around us suffers because we just invested in a one-way ticket to the land of self-sabotage and run close to empty and running only on fumes?

When does it stop?
When will you be gentle on yourself?
When will you realize/realise you are only human?

Here are 3 great tips to bring you back from the land of self-sabotage and to stop your neck rotating at a 360 angle.

1) Stick to what you know, it’s that simple

Yes, it’s that simple, we all have an awesome gift to share with the world and we can do it in a number of ways. Only the problem is we don’t believe what we know is good enough and constantly feel like we should learn more, seek out more because what we already know isn’t good enough!

Well, it is, and if you have ever lost weight, wrote a book, repaired your marriage back to bliss, got yourself out of debt, built wealth or are a life coach that can change somebodies life. Then you have the solutions to problems that keep half the population awake at night, so stay focused on what you teach and just master how you can be more powerful at it.

2) Stay Focused on one thing at one time.

If you are building a major project, writing a program or hosting live events, then stay focused on that one thing until it’s become so easy to do that it does not feel like work. Keep focused on only 2 major projects that year that will pay you well and in the background be learning new skills.

When you take on too many things at once you weaken your focus. You have to remember that life-work balance is important and like I said when you take on too many things all at once you become a neck spinning, pea soup spewing “not-so-nice” person to be around and everything around you suffers.

Place systems in place that will keep you in check and on top of everything. life is so much more simple when you have simple systems and it completely ditches the overwhelm.

3) Remember to have fun!

This is something a lot of business owners forget to do. We tend to think we must work 24 hours a week, 8 days a week to build our businesses. WRONG!!!!

I actually earned more when I started working fewer hours. I give up working weekends and have them strictly for family days. I then started to put easy systems into my business which saved me a whole lot of time, kept me focused and helped me get more done in less time. Which then resulted in me taking Fridays off work to spend with my granddaughter and have all the time I needed to be a housewife and mother that my family deserved.

So now I run my business 4 days a week, my weekend starts on Friday morning, and I have bags load of fun! Plus my husband always has a fresh supply of clean pants and socks! Which is something I was not doing only 14 months ago.

This entire journey is about taking full control of your life, living a life you love and doing something every single day that you are great at and getting paid well for doing it. Just by keeping it simple it can be achieved and reap you tons of benefits in the end.

Wouldn’t you rather be putting your feet up right now with a great book (like I will be after posting out this blog) rather than have a twisted neck and spewing pea soup at everyone?

I will leave you to decide on that one, I hope these tips help you beat your own overwhelm, and if they don’t then please feel free to share this post so somebody else in the world can have access to it.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and make this your best day yet!

Much Love &Appreciation

Kate xx

Stay Focused on Your Own Shit!

Quite a shocking title for a blog I know, but hey it got your attention didn’t it?

I needed to gain your attention to really place the importance of what I need to share with you today! I see this so many times where people are getting it so wrong in their business, and me not sharing this with you to make you aware would make me a crappy teacher to let you continue doing it so wrong.

In this blog, I am going to focus on the subject of “focusing” and explain to you WHY everything goes tits up for you at a peak of something and WHY this is a MASSIVE wake up call for YOU! Believe me, what I am about to share in this blog is spiritually powerful and with these few simple steps placed into your life, you will see a complete change in things.

Firstly did you know that comparing yourself to others in your work is a MASSIVE spiritual law you are breaking? Oh yes! Each time you went over to somebodies website, or looked at them and said: “She/he is doing that so I must do it too”…Each time you take the focus off what you are doing and compared yourself, you are getting punished for not focusing on your own creations/services.

YOU are the highest form of creation and you have been created for a purpose and given God given talents that have been provided for a reason to enable you to teach, serve, help others who cannot see a way out otherwise. The talents and gifts are given to you need to be used for a “specific purpose” and if you are not using them and too busy comparing yourself with Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Oprah Winfrey or whoever else has 150,000+ followers plus on their social media channels, then good luck on your journey cos you will need it!

1) Comparing yourself with others stirs emotions that you are dissatisfied with your own situation (you reap what you sow) and everytime you compare and project that emotion more crap turns up.
2) Tony Robbins was designed to be Tony Robbins and there is only one and always will be…Just like YOU!
3) Your creator never makes mistakes! So believe in yourself and have faith that you are amazing and WATCH what happens!
4) Stay focused at all times on your own journey because breaking spiritual laws leads to punishment (butt kicking) from people way above your head in divine space.

If you are reading this blog and you have experienced crap time and time again and your wondering where you are going wrong? Then my advice to you today is STOP comparing yourself. stay focused on what you should be doing and creating and watch how your reality changes.

Trust me, the best thing I ever did with my life was to sit down and study spiritual laws 18 months ago. They changed me, changed my life, changed my business, changed my business partner’s life and continue to open my eyes DAILY to where people get things so wrong. This is one area where people get it so wrong! Something so simple can consume you, take you away from what you was really made for and make your life a crappy living hell!

And why? All because you didn’t stick to the rules, and compared yourself. To know the importance of this really crucial to how far you wish to go on your journey? If you really don’t want to go far and keep having the same thing show up time and time again, great! Keep comparing yourself. Your doing exactly what society wants you to do and keep you stuck while you are trying to conform yourself into somebody else and success runs for the hills far away from you.

Or, you can live by God’s unity, which is diversity and work together in unity. Roughly translated, you have to be focused on you and fetch YOUR gifts to the table and work in harmony with all other human beings so massive change can happen. Because trying to be the same, gets you nowhere and losing focus on what you should be doing and creating will only end up with you re-creating more of what you don’t want in your life.

Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you.

~Proverbs 4:25

Stay focused, don’t compare yourself and remember YOU have a reason to be here, so stay focused on that reason and deliver it to the world.


Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Much Love

Kate xx



When Taking The Road to One Dream Becomes Another!

Have you ever took the road to one dream and it becomes another?

Well, here’s what happened in my world in the past 72 hours. As you know, I was all packed and ready to move 200 miles away to a new home and start a new life over. This is because my partner’s work can basically take us anywhere in the UK.

Anyway, back to me all packed and ready to go, so then Matthew receives a phone call to say his next contract is in exactly the same city as before. So, there is me with all my house packed up, nearly all my furniture sold, given away and I am ready to start all over again.

Which basically means we are not going anywhere! And we have to stay for him to work this new contract, which could be for a very long time yet. Well, I stood in the hallway and my chin hit the floor! Why had I been put through this entire motion and what was God trying to teach me by placing me in this experience?

Within the next 24 hour’s it felt like I had been hit around the back of the head with a piece of wood. The clarity of this purpose all became so clear. I thought maybe by sharing this with you could help you on your own journey.

The reason I had been placed through this journey is because I couldn’t see what was right in front of me in the first place. I had so much emotion connections going on with all my previous material stuff that it was clouding my judgement of the present. You would be so surprised how much emotional connections we have with anything material like furniture from our past that maybe an ex-partner bought you, or something that once upon a time you may have borrowed the cash to buy, and the person you borrowed from keeps reminding you every year that if it was not for them 6 years ago you wouldn’t have had “it” in the first place.

When me and my partner of 5 and half years, Matthew, met each other he moved in with me. He moved into my home, with my material stuff, my furniture and everything else was basically mine. The things that I had purchased and accumulated over the years. So, with this, there was so much emotion connected to this stuff over the years and resentment attached to some of it. I couldn’t see clearly what was right in front of me!

So, what WAS right in front of me?

Right in front of me was a house that I can buy at 35% discount of the actual market price. That I could buy, do up beautifully and sell with making a massive profit which would enable me to go buy my dream home 200 miles away from where I was going to move in the first place.

So what was the lesson here?

The lesson was I had to go through the process of thinking I was moving in the first place, have Matthew’s first contract end, give away or sell the majority of my stuff, and go full circle to see what I didn’t see before and to have my eyes awakened to what was right in front of me all along. Why? Because sometimes God moves in ways that sometimes are drastic to make you SEE and to make you LEARN!

You refuse to let the little things cloud your judgement, so he WILL make you see it another way. Sometimes them ways are drastic, but boy! do they work!

48 hours after gaining all this clarity,  I booked a flight to the USA for 3 weeks during the summer time.

Why? Because if I have to place one dream on hold a bit longer because I really couldn’t see the WHY behind it, then am certainly NOT placing my dream of getting married in America off no longer…So it’s  now BOOKED!!! I fly out this year, and marry the love of my life and what’s even more special? My best friend Kim is going to marry us! She is conducting the ceremony.

And the almost empty house? Is now getting a makeover with new furniture and going to be our first house project and first step up on the property ladder as property developers like we had planned many years ago to do. This whole learning experience more than makes up for having to scramble through boxes to find stuff.

How about that for setting out on a road to a dream and then resulting in a completely different one?

You couldn’t make this journey up if you tried!

Have a beautiful Tuesday morning, and see you on Facebook live tomorrow!

Until then, I have unpacking to do 🙂

Much love & appreciation

Kate xx



Move So You Can Flourish

There comes a time on our self-discovery journey where we have to move to flourish. We have to re-locate to thrive at our best and surround ourselves with different sights, sounds and people to excel at our true capacity.

Where I live right now, I have lived here for 22 years and never asked to be moved here. I came to live her at the age of 15 years old when my mother divorced her 2nd husband and ran off with his best friend. Here I remained for 22 years and went on to have my children, build my first business and became a working single mother of two amazing children.

20 years later that reality has somewhat changed and now my children are adults and I am a grandmother to Rosie and our baby angel David. It is now time for me to relocate to flourish at my full capacity, to completely detach myself from everything and leave the town that I never asked to live in. When I say everything, I mean everything!

I am taking a few suitcases and boxes and either selling or giving away EVERYTHING! To re-start my life over with my partner Matthew and start to design the new home, in the new town just how WE had DREAMED. Not how somebody else wants it, not how it “just happened to be” and not because we ended up somewhere because of others.

This is mine and Matthew’s chance to create the life we have always wanted. With this big major shift in mind, there is a lot of emotions and there is a lot of processing for my mind to do. The doubtful questions have sprung in with their niggles of “Are you doing the right thing?”, and “What about the kids?” .. Blah blah blah and the other crap that the devil like to swirl around your brain to keep you stuck.

If there is one thing that losing a grandchild has taught me, is that life is extremely precious and we cannot take any of it for granted. What raising two amazing children has taught me, is that in my hour of need and confusing doubts going through my mind, they were there for me delivering the right words that I needed to hear.

“Mum, you only live once and if you don’t do this now, then you may live to regret it” ..BOOM! Wise young adults!

The two people I held on for so long, give me the confirmation I needed to spread my wings and fly. Fly to relocate so that I can flourish and build their legacy.

Now, you may be thinking that 22 years is a heck of a long time! Why didn’t she move earlier? That is because I didn’t live by strict spiritual principles like I do now. I didn’t start my self-discovery journey until nearly 6 years ago and I didn’t know the meaning of life then, and nor did I understand the mighty power we live under and how living by them spiritual rules the right way can change your life forever.

For many many years, I kept getting them wrong, so I remained stuck. Stuck because I was getting placed right back at square one and not truly understanding why? Oh, how amazing clarity is and understanding how to do it all the right way.

And how do you know you are doing it the right way? Because your life starts to transform before your very eyes and extremely quickly. You start to understand how you have played the game of life wrong for so long and you learn to walk all over again. Play by the rules and you get rewarded, break them and you get punished and placed back at the square where you are broke, sick, frustrated, funding an expensive hobby not a business, and falling apart from a huge blow life.

Peter 5:6

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you,

The above sentence changed my life in December 2015 and it completely explains why my life is so completely different today. It explains why I am about to move 200 miles away to a beautiful town and flourish has I build my legacy for generations to come.

I had to humble myself under the mighty power of God, live by his rules and understand what happens when I don’t. Then at the appropriate time, not my time, the time that I had to serve true as a true servant to him and his people, HE would then rise me up. Not my sister, not my brother, not my aunt… HIM!

So, now the decision has been made, the true servant (me) has risen and now it’s time for me to move so I can flourish! If you read this blog and think “She has gone nuts”, then that is completely fine, because I use to be that way, until I learnt the true understanding of living by powerful spiritual principles that WORK!

I will keep you updated on my move and look forward to sharing my amazing life transforming journey with you.

Have an awesome Tuesday, 

Much Love

Kate xx

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