Get Over Yourself!

One of the biggest and hardest things you have to accept on the road to success is TRUTH! Sometimes it can be hard to swallow and yet if we don’t accept it we can continue to place roadblocks in our own way. Facing the truth can be scary and the ego will do anything in it’s power to keep you stuck. So how do we learn to get over it? How do we move forward? Find out today on 15 Minutes of Motivation! Speak to you soon.

Will You Risk It?

On today’s 15 Minutes of Motivation we are LIVE on Google Hangouts and iTunes.

Today I am going to be talking about risk taking! If you want to play a bigger game in success you have to be prepared to be a big risk taker.

So how do you find the courage to do that?
What if I fail after taking a big risk?
How do I cope after taking a risk and it doesn’t work out how I intended?

How Do I Start With Zero Money!

On today’s 15 Minutes of Motivation I will be answering one of my listeners questions today. “How do you start a business online from zero?” I will be sharing exactly how I built my business up online from zero. I had zero list and still managed to earn up to $3,000 a day, but how? Listen in to today’s show and I will share a few handy tips with you!

What Is This Trying to Teach Me??

Good Morning! Welcome to Thursday! When we are going through a crap time and everything seems to come at you at once. Is there a real reason behind it? Why is it sent to me? Why am I experiencing this? When will it end? Is this the birth of something huge, and am getting prepared for it? On today’s 15 Minutes of Motivation show I will be sharing my own personal perspective of how I made more clarity of these “crap” times, and what I noticed at the end of them. Tune in to the show find out more! Speak to you soon and have a beautiful day!