Money and Budgets: Do I have too?

Article Written By Ellen Rich, Holistic Life Coach and Founder

“The budget is not just a collection of numbers, but an expression of our values and aspirations.”

~Jacob Lew Read


People have different approaches to money.  Rich or poor, perception of money changes with context.  Each financial group from billionaires to the homeless evaluate groups they are not a part.

Family and culture play a huge role in how you approach money and budget.  A large family that lives together may need less money and can stretch a budget. A single person living on their own, however, may not be able to do this as well.  Money and budgets are not good or bad.  The key is determining what you have now, what resources will come into your possession, and lifestyle.


What’s mine?

Whomever you are living with, someone or living on your own, you need to decide how money is consolidated or kept separate from others.  Expenses are split and money allocated depending on each person’s contribution and perspective.  Bills need to be paid and a monthly budget plan put into place.


Debt: most of us use it.

Many people stretch their lifestyle by borrowing money (banks, friends, family, investment accounts and credit cards). * closed parentheses  added. There is always a price to pay for borrowing money.  The budget may be met, but the emotional price and financial impact depends on your particular situation.  Emotions can (fly) RUN HIGH when discussions about income, spending and debt arise.


Danger, danger and more danger!

If you borrow or lend money, beware that the long -term outcome may not work out as agreed.  I know of someone who lent a “friend” $1,000 and never saw it again.  Even landlords or the tax collectors may impose rules on you that you didn’t anticipate.  Think about what could happen and plan accordingly.


What is your money make-up?

How you view money can impact budget decisions.  Even if your current situation looks strong, spenders and savers often clash.  Situations can change (layoffs, death, illness, children, etc.).


Money usually creates financial “power” issues

This issue can be traced back to how much money you have and can impact issues that you never experienced.  A loss of a salary can change the entire household.  Additionally, your salary negotiations fall into this category. Applying for a loan or government financial aid also can impact you due to the loss of your power. Whoever has the money has the financial power.


Children are expensive.  It is estimated by that it costs $233,610 to raise a child to until they reach the age of 18.  And colleges are very expensive?  There are student loans, community colleges, trade schools and government subsidies.  Your choice is based on your financial commitment to your child.

Sometimes children over 18 want to continue to live with you to reduce their expenses.  You need to consider how much money you will use to support adult children.  It can help if your adult children decide to support you or can contribute financially to the household. I became a caretaker to my mother for 8 years when she was in her 80’s.  This impacted my job, working part time, salary, siblings and inheritance.

Extended Family

As your parents or elders age, their ability or desire to earn income falls.  Most seniors may want to live alone, but can’t afford it.  They may also be sickly and need help with healthcare and day-to-day activities.  Outside, home health care is very expensive.

Where will your money going to go?  Is it going to you, your household, relatives or parents?  These decisions may impact your savings and lifestyle.  The good news here is that your extended family may help you out in ways you never considered.


Communication is the key to financial challenges. Dealing with debt is essential in understanding your ongoing plans.  Bankruptcy or wage garnishment may be just around the corner.  If married you are responsible for your partner’s debt.  Don’t shy away from pre-nuptial discussions or a contract when setting up a household with others.

Divorce is quiet common and over 50% of marriages are impacted.  Without understanding the laws in your state, province or country, this can be devastating from a financial standpoint. Go online or visit a divorce attorney to find out what you may be responsible for.  Good advice to keep you on top of your money is, “Never a borrower or a lender be.”

Why do I need a budget?

A budget is a plan that allows you to compare the amount of money you have with your expenses.  Budgets can be developed for any time period, but a monthly review is a good idea to see if you are on track.  Budgets are flexible and can be changed based on circumstances.  Budgets are critical in making big purchases.  They can help you decide whether to make a purchase or not.  With budgets you remain “in the know” of your resources so there are no surprises.

Thank you so much for reading, much love

Ellen xx

After working in the corporate world for 30+ years, Ellen started a Holistic Life Coaching program.  Called (, it is a Holistic Life Coaching Program that allows the client drive the process in a safe and comfortable environment.  Ellen has a BA, MBA, many certificates and has attended Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy.

Make Selling Effortless

Whenever I mention the word selling to a new or small online business owner they usually cringe. This is because many new online business owners self-sabotage themselves in many different ways when it comes to selling their products or services.

Every person is in sales, whether we are business owners, employees, parents or even in your own personal relationships, you are in sales!

How can everyone be in sales you are thinking?

Because everyone sells themselves somehow. This could be a mother who is selling to her son that if he loads the dishwasher so he can then have treats, Or when you are married, you definitely sold yourself to the person you married, so much so, they made a life-long commitment to you!

So you have been pretty much selling yourself your whole life, but you just didn’t know you were.

When it comes to selling in your business it really is 80% psychology and 20% mechanic’s that lead to a building a foundation of raving followers that turn into paying clients. Your mindset plays a massive part in how you run your business and how you sell to people.

I have spent over 11 years studying behaviour science, and I became a qualified psychologist in May 2007, and I am also a certified Life Coach and Certified saleswomen who has been in business for 13 years. So when you place the knowledge you have of human emotion with selling, it opens up a completely new door of selling.

Gone are the days of cold calling and knocking on doors and making random calls to people’s homes or talk them to death for 3 hours online in hope to buy your product and services. Human beings work through emotion, and everything we do or buy is through how it makes us feel.

We buy from who we trust and know. We place this trust in that person, and then when the service does not live up to the standards it was marketed we then feel disappointed and upset. We feel cheated after parting with our hard earned cash to pay for them goods or services.

To sell successfully from your online business through social media is a skill which takes practice, but once you have mastered the skills and incorporate it into your life on a daily basis, it becomes effortless. You then begin to build a strong foundation of raving fans and you create a leadership influence within your following. This leadership influence leads you to attract people and opportunities that you would never have before experienced.

However, back up a moment, before we can get you to the success you want to be in sales we first have to get passed the self-sabotage that we always do when we are on our road to selling in the online world.

So why you are self-sabotaging yourself over selling?

You are self-sabotaging yourself over selling because you don’t have the belief inside of you that you can sell well, and this is then making you nervous in front of your potential clients. This is projecting out of you onto your prospective client and they sense your uncomfortable energy.

So the first thing we really need to take a look at is raising your confidence in sales and there is an easy way to do this. We just have to convince your subconscious mind that you are indeed worthy of the sales you make.

So how do we convince you that you are worthy? Well, this can be easily achieved by daily affirmations which can change the belief systems that we operate from.

What are Affirmations?

An affirmation is spoken or written statement that is read daily which can complete transform your thoughts and make your belief systems shift to a whole new level. When using affirmations you speak of already achieving the goals you desire. Which then shifts the mind to that level of achievement and so you start to believe you are what you want to be.

When your mind shifts to this level the laws of the universe work in harmony with these new thoughts and draws everything to you that you need to become what it is you desire.

So basically if you read a simple paragraph of say 3 to 4 lines twice a day. You start to become what it is you truly want to be and believing you can be it. Before your very eyes, you will start attracting the things and people to yourself in order to make your goal possible.

If you use the same affirmation for 90 days and ready it constantly throughout your day, you will start to really see a drastic change in your thoughts.

Now to begin with you may think how can reading a sentence every day make me sell better?

Well In order for affirmations to work you need to place them somewhere that you will read them at least twice a day. I place my affirmations right in front of my desk in my office and I have one placed in my bathroom near my sink. This way I read them twice daily when I brush my teeth. In the whole time it takes me to brush my teeth I am repeating this paragraph over and over again. You need to have fun with it and turn it into a little game for yourself and see how many times you can read the paragraph in the time it takes you to brush your teeth. Then place other affirmations in places where you spend a lot of time, this could be at your desk, or in your car.

You need to place the affirmations in a visible place so that when you look straight at them you can read them and repeat them several times. This then starts to create new belief systems within your sub-conscious mind.

I want to really start making you believe that it is possible for you to become a top salesperson in your industry. Sales people who are in the top 20% and top 10 % of sales are there because they believe they can achieve whatever selling goal is possible. The top 20% of salespeople are very clear on how much they are going to earn that month and how many clients they are going to attract to them because they have already trained their sub-conscious mind to go seek it.

In an exercise I am going to share in this blog with you, we are going to use an affirmation that is used by the top 20% of salespeople in the world that helps them believe they are in fact they are the best sales people in the world and helps raise their confidence by making themselves BELIEVE they are the best sales people so that they become complete crystal clear and start to train their mind to become a better earner.

To strengthen that belief system of yours, we first need to train your subconscious mind so that your beliefs system starts to really become the best at what you do. You can do these easily by using this affirmation on a daily basis and repeating it over and over again out loud to yourself many many times over a day.

I have given you two affirmations below to use daily to raise your self-confidence and belief that you can become fantastic in sales. Repeat these affirmations daily for 90 days and then see the difference within your self-confidence levels.

Affirmation 1:
“I am in the top 20% of the best sales people in the world”
Affirmation 2:
“I am amazing and I am successful at everything I do”

Keep repeating these affirmations to yourself daily, 20-30 times daily to train your mind to become a better salesperson. Take courses in marketing and qualify as a sales person to help you understand how to master selling skills. This, plus, training your mind will have an amazing effect on you sell in your business.

Try it yourself, and leave the fear of selling behind!

Have an awesome Tuesday, and make it your best day yet!

Much Love

Kate xx

Legacy Beats Cash & Success Anyday!

I want you to consider the word LEGACY!

What does that actually mean?

Legacy: noun, plural legacies. (courtesy of

1. Law. a gift of property, especially personal property, as money, by will; a bequest.

2. Anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor:

3. An applicant to or student at a school that was attended by his or her parent.

4. Obsolete. the office, function, or commission of a legate.

You have probably noticed that I highlighted number 2 there, right? That is because that is EXACTLY what your journey should be about. This whole journey of the desire of wanting something big in life! Wanting your life to mean something, wanting to leave a mark on the world. It should be for the reason of LEGACY and to leave something for the next generation to be inspired with.

Too many of us are shadowed by doubt, toxic people and people trampling on our dreams. We get told we are “not good enough” or laughed at and told, “What makes you think you could do that?”… Take no notice, it’s just fear and jealousy projecting out of people who talk like that. When really they have no balls and probably can’t remember when they last looked in the mirror because they have become experts at running away from their own shit, instead of facing it like a true person would.

Only now you have chosen a different life and don’t want to retire at 65 years old with an armchair full of moth balls, a bank account that only holds $25,-30,000 to last you the next 30 YEARS! and the only things to look forward to is either re-run of soaps or chatting shit with their friends down the pub or bingo. No! you have chosen to take steps to live the life of your dreams, travel the world met amazing people and place a massive footprint on the planet in order to leave a LEGACY!

Now that you know that life does not need to be this way, you are on a mission to document it. So that least if you do get run over by a bus tomorrow, or your next generation does not exist yet, (or like my granddaughter) does not know how to read yet, at least you have placed it down somewhere for someone to read so that you can teach them about having a choice in life. That life is a choice! Which is the important part of what needs leaving in that legacy It needs to prove that life does not have to be boring, life can be EXACTLY how you want it to be. That you are the author of your own life and it’s up to you to start writing out each chapter to how you want it to be.

Yesterday I decided that I was going to write a book called “Letters to Rosie” or “Dear Rosie” depending which title I choose, which will be a book of letters on different subjects written to my granddaughter Rosie (or Rose Bud as I call her) I wanted to do this for her, place it on sale to the world and if it impacts even one person then AWESOME! I will be grateful that even one person even bought it!

The book will include a lot of my teachings and what I have learned on my own journey of self-discovery, spirituality, building online businesses, writing 18 best-selling books and becoming an international coach that inspires tons of people every day. However, do you notice I never said I want to write a book to be more successful? That is because my intention is not to build my platform, or be “more famous” it’s plain and simply me leaving a legacy and if it touches other people’s lives, then that is a bonus. This should be the way you are thinking! Don’t be doing this for any other reason than to place a mark in history, to place a footprint so wide on the planet that when your next generations see what you have done, it seriously inspires them to do the same.This is about LEGACY and that my friend BEATS anything else in the whole world!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, and make this day your best one yet!

Much Love & Appreciation


Kate xx

P.S) Give it 25 years and watch a young lady called Rosie Marsh take the world by storm, because her grandmother left her everything she needed to take control of her life in one book 🙂

Why I got It So WRONG! (and how to put it so right!)

Success is something that almost every person dreams about. Flashy cars, world travel, big house and piles of money in the bank. We want it all and we want it all NOW!

However, the road to success and true wealth is far from straight and easy. It takes a lot of work, tonnes of patience and a whole load of work on yourself to get there. Five years ago, when I set out on my self-discovery journey and had my eyes opened to The Law of Attraction by coming across my first ever positive thinking book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes, I thought this was it! I had found the formula to that mega-successful life and everyone who taught this in the book and the film said basically “Think positive thoughts and you will attract whatever you want”.

Ok, seems easy enough, right? WRONG! I had never been more wrong about anything in my life and The Secret was cleverly marketed as the platform it is so that you would go on to hire the coaches presented to us on that platform, that’s all it was.

Now, don’t get me wrong I am not here to bash Law of Attraction coaches or people who teach the laws of the universe. I simply want to host my new show Spiritual Success has a testament of my own life. What worked for me and what happened when I dug deeper down a rabbit hole so deep for nearly 6 years, that I came right back to where it all began with the spiritual being who created it all and wrote them laws in the first place.

Living by laws of the universe was NOT the answer to my broke bank account, bad habits and victimhood 6 years ago. It certainly wasn’t going to help me in any way possible. What was going to help me was changing my mindset daily and facing a whole lot of demons about myself and facing the truth? The day you can comfortably look at your reflection in the mirror and truly know that you have ridden your past demons, forgiven yourself and everybody who has hurt you and understand that you were created for a specific purpose and that every one of them experiences was supposed to make you into the person you are today, then you start to begin to understand that nobody is to blame for any of it.

Then when you have got to that point of accepting all of that, you then start to see that all along there were rules that you were supposed to live by. Rules that were left on this planet more than 4,000 years ago, only along that 4,000 years, people choose to ignore them or abuse them for their own power, which led to people living blindly while running on a hamster wheel of life and blaming everybody else and everything else for their circumstances.
I wanted to share with you what has worked for me for the past 15 months. What I experienced to begin with, which lead me what I am about to teach you and how learning it affected my life and how it felt like I was learning to walk again. I hope by fetching this show to you with my co-host Kim B.Smith, that it really helps guide you on your journey and teaches you also to walk again.

This first show is based on the tests we have in life, is life one big test?
*What do I need to do to succeed in life?
*How can I build wealth?
*How can I really get the lifestyle I desire?
*Why are all these things happening to me at once?

Find out on today’s show with myself and my co-host Kim Boudreau Smith on HOW you can get through that test and be promoted to where you want to be!

Please do feel free to comment below and share to help touch somebodies life today!
Them too, like you, may need to hear this message today!

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Frustrated With Your Progress? Then You Need to Read This!

Don’t tell me? You have that burning feeling in the pit of your stomach that keeps rising up to the top of your head and making you fall out with yourself because you are not where you want to be right now? 

That my friend is called frustration.

You are frustrated because you feel you should be further then you are right now? You feel with everything you know and have learnt up to this stage and have been through, you should be further on your journey right now. Does this sound like what you are experiencing right now?

Let me tell you why you are not further than you wish to be right now. This is because the journey you have taken has been full of mistakes, and you have not stuck to the rules and somebody else way above your head is deciding you are not ready yet. I am not talking the human kind, I am talking the divine kind.

If you are a spiritual person you know only too well there are universal laws, scripture, rules and other things we have to learn on our journey. These rules, laws and scripture were put in place to really help us understand the real way of doing things. They were put in place for us to learn, guide us and create a mass understanding that if we do things a certain way guess what? We reap the results.

What you reap you sow, which basically teaches us that your own results are coming from the seeds you are planting in the first place and what rate of excellence you are planting them at. Nobody is responsible for your results apart from you, so it’s game over blaming anyone else for frustrations of your own progress. The frustration that comes from our own emotion is a result of us wanting more, but really we didn’t do what it took to get the results in the first place.

So, really, you are right where you are supposed to be and nothing will change that until you change the seed you are planting. Trust me, every day I learn WHY I made so many past mistakes and every day I understand HOW to be a better me and play by the rules that I got so wrong countless of times.

I also learnt that frustration was just me stamping my feet like a spoilt brat not wanting to take responsibility and looking to blame outside circumstances. When really? If I had just paid more attention to the rules and lived by them better and planted better seeds with more excellence, I would have actually been at this stage in my business and life YEARS AGO!

Except I didn’t, and I was right where I was supposed to be with my creator (in my case God) keeping me where I was (in the naughty corner) until I learnt, understood and grew up that little be more.

We live in an orderly universe and everything is how it should be because everything is a result of what we have created. Just by paying that little bit more attention each day and learning how to plant them seeds of excellence, will actually place you on to the road of completely different results.

However, first, you have to start to understand that frustration is only the end results of us not playing by the rules correct. So it’s up to us to learn these rules and understand how to move forward so that frustration never comes in. 

I never stop teaching the Law of Reaping & Sowing because it’s where everything starts and ends. It’s where we start to learn that every message, email, the word that was spoken, the action was taken, has a result. It was the way we planted that seed, to begin with, that determinds the end result.

Which means we really have to check in with ourselves and start to begin and understand we are the cause and effect of it all.

Even the frustration….

So how will change the seeds you are planting?

Here’s to a action packed seed planting week for you, with excellence.

Have a wonderful Monday,

Much love

Kate xxx

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Yes! You read correctly. I QUIT!

In case you are wondering what I am quitting, it is in fact publishing consulting next year, that is after I have placed another 12 publishers in the world. Then I will no longer be taking on 1 to 1 clients to take the journey to making their book real.

Tomorrow is the launch day of my final anthology book The No B.S Truth: What it Really Takes to Build a Successful Business which marks the retirement of my anthology journey. Over the past 3 years, I have built an internationally publishing company, created an international best-selling book series called The Missing Piece, co-authored 16 best-selling books and solo authored  2 best selling books.



I have also helped 200 authors become best-selling authors, publish books of TV personalities and award-winning film directors and named one of the world’s finest coaches in the book The Coaching Code, but now it’s time to hand down the baton to 12 others.

So that they can lead the world to their own dreams just like I have in the past 3 years. So that they do can build their platforms, business and income through the power of books just like I did.

It has been one amazing journey that I would not change and I have learnt so much, experienced many expensive failures and successes which enable me to teach these 12 people how to provide a service that people deserve. To become the leaders that people with dreams deserve and to look after them dreams as if they were their own dreams.

Next year the launch of my magazine The Missing Piece, which is an online digital interactive self-discovery magazine, will be launched to the world on January 17th, 2017. I have an amazing journey that awaits and which will be changing lives all across the world with what the future holds for the magazine and live shows that will be happening.

And like anything in life, we have to leave something behind in order to move forward to our bigger destiny. so in order to do that, I have to leave behind the publishing consulting. This is why I have decided to take 12 people on this journey  in 2017 and then retire.

these 12 chosen people will take the journey of their manuscript on a word document to becoming a real life product they are holding in their hands. Not only that, but they will learn the skills of how to publish, market and build their platforms, business and income from books.

They will learn all my secrets of  “how” I have never failed to have a best-selling book and “how” I have earned $15,000 from one book before it’s even gone to the printers!

Then after these 12 people have taken this journey and learn these amazing skills my job will be done. My mission to have 12 more publishers in this world who will do it right! Will be complete.

The interviews for these 12 places to be filled start today and will continue until I have chosen the 12 people who I think can rise up to make this happen. The ones that can lead by example and lead people’s dreams to become reality.

Is this you?

If so, don’t hesitate to click here for more details.

It’s time to take that next step in 2017 and build your platform, earn more money and start to become the true expert in your field. The power of books will help you and the people you work with, get there!

If you think all the above sounds like you? And you would love to learn the skills to enable you to earn $15,000 from one book before it’s even gone to the printers, then don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Once the 12 people are chosen, their lives will change in 2017.

Here’s to one amazing new year!

Much love & success to you


Kate xx






Complain Less & Do More

Moaning, groaning, complaining and feeling hard done by is basically how a big percentage of the population feel. They feel their life is one big mass struggle and that it’s not fair their lives have turned out the way they have. 

Well, how does shut the heck up sound?

When we feel hard done by and feel like it’s not fair and wishing we had what others did, it’s basically us saying we are far from the appreciation of what we have already, and that we are not willing and prepared to place the energy in the right direction to make shit happen. Instead, the energy will be directed into moaning, complaining, comparing and acting like a spoilt brat because somebody else is more successful than you or has more money than you.

We are all individually made with different gifts and it is up to us to make these gifts shine. It is up to us to become better human beings each and every day and sharpen our skills so that we become more valuable in the world.

How would your great grandparents feel if they heard you complaining about your issues? These are people who lived in the war times and not knowing if a bomb was going to fall on their head anytime or that they would have enough food rations to feed their family that week. That is some serious shit to think about each day and to worry about.

Nowadays the biggest worry on somebodies mind is how many likes they have on a Facebook page, to that I say “What the fuck? Get outta here and come back when you really have faced responsibilities”.

If you want something in life you have to show up! You have to work for it! you have to be deadly serious about taking full responsibility for who you are. You have to get clear on what it is you want and what you are willing and prepared to do to make it happen.

Some days will be so tough you will have to limp to that finish line. Sometimes you will need to drag yourself to the finish line, but no matter what you can never give in! You can never accept failure as a defeat. You have to accept failure as a lesson of not doing it right and get up and try again. 

You have to keep trying and start to understand and learn what you need to improve. What is it that you could have done better? What is it you need to learn to make it succeed? You will know how good you by the results you are receiving.

The results will tell you how much of your back you are placing into something. Are you working with all your might? Are you working with the spirit of excellence? Or are you sat around wasting 4 hours a day moaning to your friends on Facebook?

We reap what we sow and what we heavest tells us EXACTLY how much effort we placed into planting that seed.

If you want to succeed more, learn more.

If you want to shine bright, take responsibility for everything you do.

If you want to accomplish more, then do it for other’s, not yourself.

If you want to be appreciated more, then appreciate them first.

You have the power to have the life you truly deserve, but first it always starts with you!

Have an amazing weekend,

Much love
until next time


Kate xx





How Do I Become Successful?

Isn’t that the question that a lot of you want to know the answer too?

How can I be as successful as you? How can I earn 6 figures? How can I get tonnes of followers to love me and fall over themselves and buy my services and products?

The answers I am going to give you are simple and I will break them down into a list, however, you actually “becoming them” is a different thing altogether? It’s not about what we always do that counts, it’s who are also willing to “become”.

I can list these things like:

  1. Learn new skills.
  2. Work on becoming a better you every day.
  3. Focus on what you are good at and only focus on one thing at a time until you master it.
  4. Do the work.
  5. Take action where you have never taken action before.
  6. Find out what your followers needs are and solve their problems.
  7. Seek out a coach who has what you desire and hire them, if that isn’t possible to your budget start with reading tonnes of books.
  8. Look at where you are wasting time doing unnecessary shit and schedule your time more productive.
  9. Learn leadership and effective communication skills.
  10. Learn to manage your money better.

I could list around 100 more, but like I said at the beginning of this blog post if you are not becoming this and making them everyday habits in your life then you will find yourself constantly on a hamster wheel and areas of your life will become affected.

Your health and relationships may suffer, or you are so overwhelmed with your business and you have no clue why? You are doing tonnes of work but not earning any money. You are making bad decisions that are costing you more than you are earning…. Trust me I have been there and experiencing all of this lead me to really starting to learn what worked and what succeeded.

I didn’t wake up one morning and becoming a sort after coach who leads big projects to success. I started as women with zero self-worth or confidence and absolutely no idea how to run an online business 5 years ago.

I just knew I had a strong “why” behind me and was willing and prepared to change my complete being to the person I have become today. I had to learn to sit down, shut up and tie my ears behind my head and listen to what the truth about my situation was. Once I had that slap in the face and realised I was creating my own reality and mistakes, I then went on to placing in action what I was coached to do.

Change is far from easy, growth is painful, but what lays for you on the other side of change and growth is you living the life you have always dreamed about.

Trust me. I am living proof 🙂

Until next time,

Have a wonderful Wednesday

Much Love

Kate xx



Get Real!

Marketing is something in the online world of business that has changed massively in the past 4 years alone. No longer do people fall for the “How to make 6 figures in 6 hours” bullshit that has been rammed down their throats for far too long.

We live in a mobile world and if you are not marketing like it is 2017 (yes be ahead of the game) and learning how to create a like, know and trust factor and present yourself the right way through a mobile device to your following, then you will miss out my friend.

Your audience wants to know you are human so they don’t feel they have to live up to a huge expectation that they could possibly not deliver. They need to hear it from you that you have failed, that you have had shitty moments on your journey to success and they need to know the solutions you can provide. When a person who follows you learns that your life was not a bed of roses, a whole relief washes over them.

Suddenly it motivates them to know that yippee!!! If she/he did this THEN SO CAN I!

Now, don’t get me wrong there is a line drawn to what you do place out to the world and nobody wants to know what colour underwear you are wearing, nor do they wish to see your bathroom selfie while you are doing your toilet business, but what they do want to see is your vulnerable side as well as your powerhouse side. 

They want to see you in everyday life sharing everyday things and see rich content delivery that will help them jump the hurdles of doubt, frustration and hair pulling moments. in return, you will build amazing relationships and build your business on strong foundations that will lead to providing a service for centuries to come.

It is your job as a service provided to stay on top of your game and always be learning, researching and understanding what the custom is sick of seeing, and learn what goes on in their minds and understand what they want to see. What are their needs? Wants? Desires?

This journey is not about us, it is about what we can do for others and the greatest way we can build strong deeper meaningful relationships with people is to open ourselves up and become human and show our human side.

If we keep talking about ourselves and what we have achieved and not consider how people feel and think, then It won’t work for you, it will lead you nowhere fast and it will make your customer feel like they are just an ATM machine at your service for a one-time payment. Human beings need to know they are cared for and the only thing that will help your business succeed is if you market like you give a shit.

It’s not hard to do and you can bring your own feelings across in many ways like:

  • Podcasting
  • Live video through Facebook
  • Video blogs
  • Radio shows
  • Internet TV shows
  • Written blogs
  • Ebooks
  • Paperback books
  • Building communities
  • Creating culture on a public level (See my Facebook profile for the worldwide video challenge)
  • Facebook pages
  • Other forms of social media

However you to choose to bring yourself across to the world, just remember to market like it is 2017 and to understand people love, real people.

Have an amazing weekend and until next time,

Keep shining,

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Much Love

Kate xx