The Missing Piece Magazine would love to share with the world real life stories every month in our online self-discovery magazine. If you feel you have a wonderful story to tell, then we would love to hear from YOU!  Although we cannot promise to publish all stories we receive, you will receive an email including full guidelines of what is expected from you if your story is chosen to be published. To submit your article to The Missing Piece Magazine for consideration of publishing, please send your 600-1,000 word article to with 2 x images of yourself.

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Article Submissions Guidelines:

I understand The Missing Piece Magazine, created and published by The Missing Piece Publishing is a FREE online interactive magazine that is providing advertising platform to help coaches, authors, and any other contributor to this platform an amazing opportunity to be presented to a huge highly targeted audience.

I understand that the advertising platform used by The Missing Piece Publishing to present this magazine will open my work and teachings up to targeted traffic. I give The Missing Piece Publishing full permission to publish my work and share through all the social media platforms and the advertising platforms so that I can target people with my work and fully understand this.


I hereby grant The Missing Piece Publishing permission to publish my work in The Missing Piece Magazine, in print and electronic formats, and all related rights necessary or desirable for the full use and enjoyment of such right of Publication, including but not limited to the right to republish the work in whole or in part in future issues of Magazine, in collections of works from the journal, in anthologies. The right to publish, in print or electronic format, short selections from the Article for publicity, PR, and scholarly purposes, as deemed appropriate by Publisher and the Press, without payment to the Author(s).

I agree to submit material that is only produced and copyrighted to me the author. I agree to represent and warrant: A. That the Article is original, that I have full power to make this Agreement, and that you I am the sole author(s); B. That the Article has not been previously published in whole or in the part where copyright belongs to someone else other than me. C. That no other agreement to publish the Article is now outstanding except as I have informed the Press in writing.

  1. That no part of the Article violates or infringes upon any copyright; E. That there are no rights, licenses, or commitments of any nature outstanding in favor of anyone who would or might impair or interfere with the rights granted by me to the Press; F. That the Article contains no statement known to be false, is free of any libel or libelous innuendo, and is in no other way harmful towards The Missing Piece Publishing. I understand that any work I deliver to The Missing Piece Publishing is my own responsibility and The Missing Piece Publishing take no responsibility for this.

Disclaimer: Due to the number of emails we receive, we will not respond to all submissions. All successful applications will receive email confirmation to congratulate them and to guide them through the next stage of the process. Please note that if you don’t hear from us then your application was not successful.

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