Social Media Drama …and How to Avoid it!

It’s the builder of businesses, the distroyer and creator of relationships, and an amplifier for drama queens to hang out their dirty laundry in public. Yes! I am talking about the wonderful world of social media.

As much as social media is wonderful and brings a world closer together, there is ways you shouldn’t use it. Especially when you are building a powerful brand, business, or non-profit through social media. Just remember you are the face of your business and whatever is posted by you will be seen by your audience.

Treat the social media world with respect if you want people to respect you back. keep your followers inspired, motivated, and above all LOVE THEM! Start conversation with them, build communities with them, and above all remember that every person behind each profile photo is a human being, with a heart beat!

We can get so caught up in ourselves sometimes and it leads to us thinking that we can take charge and spew rage out to the world on a status, which leaves most likely 100 other people on your friends list questioning “Is that status about me?”.

Move away from the negative, stay out the news feed more, and use social media to lead and inspire your following. Concentrate on what really matters and leave the rest to do as they please. This is your business, your place in the market place, so treat the people in front of you as the people you want to lead, inspire, and motivate.

I had my eyes opened WIDE when I attended a Social Meida Law workshop last year. Did you know? that people have faced jail time for what they have placed out in social media land? Oh yes! Tons of prosecutions because people thought they were above the law and just saying and doing what ever they liked.

We all get pissed off from time to time on things that effect us in our lives (and if you don’t then check yourself into the doctors cos you maybe not human). We all have life challenges, disagreements with people, and other stuff go on in our lives.

It’s just how you choose to handle it that really matters!

Be the leader of your following and lead them, inspire them, and motivate them. Stay away from all the drama mamas and just know that because they are on your friends list does not mean you have to follow suite. Half the time they are moaning and complaining about somebody with just assumption, not fact. Which can lead to hot water and getting themselves burnt!… And you do not want to be the one adding to that fire and poking it!

Be the change you wish to see in the world and lead by example, and leave the rest to do as they please.

Be a social media hero… Not a complete zero 🙂

Until next time my friend keep inspiring the world… it needs you!

Hugs & Love

Kate x

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