Love is More Than a Bouquet of Roses – Written By Wendy Hutchinson

Written By Wendy Hutchinson


There are so many expressions of love.   Love isn’t always romance. It isn’t sunsets and walks on the beach. Love is your soul connecting so deeply to another soul that pieces of you die when they die.  Love is the imprint two souls have on each other that say Namaste, the light in me honors the light in you. Pure love is unconditional. It doesn’t keep score.  It is being compassionate and forgiving and seeing beyond the pain the other is causing you. Above all, love is choosing to be complete and whole so you can show up in a healthy way, set boundaries, create harmony but not codependency.  Love honors you while holding space for the other.

Love is infinite in its depth and flows like a river between us all.  It is a connection beyond words or space or time.  It is unbreakable although sometimes we feel broken.  Choosing Love over fear creates miracles and healing. Although love varies from parent to child, or between you and your pet or between you and your spouse or friends and family, the one truth about love is it is eternal. Choosing Love over fear allows you to show up as the highest version of yourself.

After my son’s motorcycle accident, one night he was in so much pain nothing we could do was giving him any relief.  All I could do was crawl into bed next to him and hold his hand, and just be there holding space for him as he took the pain.  We laid there all night waiting for time to pass for next dose of pain meds. It was in that moment, that I knew a love so deep for my son it created a reservoir of strength that allowed me to walk through the suffering. This was one of the hardest things I have ever faced. Love is not a bouquet of roses. It is the full expansion of your heart reaching out and touching the heart of another.

Love allows you to be more than you thought you could be. It allows you to extend grace, it allows you to expand your capacity for understanding.  Love creates compassion. It is the unconditional space of giving without expectation of receiving.   Healthy love does not express this at your own expense, healthy love has boundaries, respect and truth.   Love is patience. It is having the capacity to allow someone to find their way without judgment. I know this first hand as I have traveled a long and winding road with my older son. Love can create suffering as we watch someone we care for struggle, sometimes we carry the pain for that person without the person ever knowing or realizing it, but that is what love is. Maybe it’s walking next to someone with your hand on their back literally or figuratively.

It is time for us all to open our hearts and release the wounds we have carried for so long. It is time to break the chains that have kept us from our fullest expression of love towards ourselves and others. It is time to love ourselves as we have never loved before because we deserve to be loved and nurtured as we give so much to the people around us.   Once we open the door to love, the expansion we will feel will overwhelm us. It is an untethering of the soul and release of expectation. It is living in the space of infinite abundance for as we give so shall we receive, it’s a law of the universe. Love is not a bouquet of roses, it is so much more, it is your untapped potential for a full and beautiful life.  Open your arms to receive it.


Wendy xx

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