Let Your Light Shine!

Article Written By Wendy Hutchinson


Our beliefs shape every aspect of our lives. They drive who we associate with, what types of jobs we pursue, the level of education we receive and the stories we tell ourselves (mostly untrue) about who we are and where we belong in our social paradigm.   Our beliefs determine whether we kneel and pray five times a day, or walk into Church on certain days of the week, they create joy or sorrow. Our core beliefs are often formed by people other than ourselves.  Our family plays a huge role in shaping our story, as they are the people we spend most of our lives with.   Despite what you believe, let me say that you are loved.   You are worthy of love. You have all the tools, the intellect and the strength to transcend your current circumstances.   Why are you allowing the opinions of the few to determine your value and worth?  Much of what we are taught to believe about ourselves is only a reflection and projection of the people around us.  We carry these beliefs well into adulthood leaving many of us feeling like we can’t possibly rise from the ashes.   It is this slow erosion of the self that leaves us feeling vulnerable and wounded.

Our core beliefs shape the very essence of who we are. In our darkest moments, we believe we can never be whole.  There are times when we feel completely broken.  How many dreams have been crushed based on our story about our worthiness? The truth, the beauty of who we are at a soul level is completely shattered by ideas we have been spoon fed our entire life by the people around us, a reflection of the fears and insecurities of our spouse, our friends, and family.  Their opinions have been internalized by us dimming our beautiful light. This isn’t who you really are.  How did you manage to stray so far from your authentic self and how do you return?

The time is now to step away from beliefs and stories that no longer serve you.  Your soul is waiting for you to reclaim her, but it requires taking a leap of faith.  Finding your way back to your beautiful self comes through reflection and intention.   It requires stepping away from old programming. You are not your thoughts.  Those are merely constructs of the mind that hold no power until you attach emotion to them. Thoughts can be dismissed and released when you recognize you can choose whether to give them power or not.  We carry our suffering like heavy weights and chains.  It is time to unshackle ourselves and drop all those burdens into the river and watch them wash away.  Lighten your load.  We are the architects of our lives. Over the course of time, we’ve allowed bad relationships, a lack of self-esteem, and the repeated message that we aren’t enough to dull our shine.  You hold a power far greater than you realize.   Once you master your mind, you set yourself free to be the sovereign being you were born to be.   Slight shifts in the way you think about and relate to yourself will place your life on a completely different trajectory.   Positive mantras and affirmations create small cracks in the armor where the light can shine through.  There is a beautiful part of you that deserves to be seen, denying it, deprives everyone you meet of your gifts and talents.  It is time to let your light shine!

Affirmations are powerful because they create a new pathway for thinking. You can literally retrain your brain to move in a positive direction by repeating your affirmations every day, journaling about your feelings, or taping those empowering statements to your mirror or on your desk where you can see them as a reminder of who you really are.  Somewhere in the hustle we have lost ourselves and it’s time to find our way back.   The time is now to focus on creating a life full of joy, opportunity, and bliss.  It is time to stop merely existing and begin thriving.  Many people continue playing the victim card, making excuses as to why change is impossible.  Empowerment creates a different energy.  When you take control of your life, it creates change by allowing you to think, do, and be something different.  Release the fear about the outcome.  Remaining in the exact same place mentally, running the same disempowered tape in your mind will continue to result in the same exact outcome. Nothing will change until you decide to rewrite the story and create new core beliefs based on truth.

Rather than remain stuck in the same thought patterns, shift the paradigm. Recognize the difference between truth and fear.  If fear has you running scared and settling for less than you deserve, it’s time to begin putting the shattered pieces of your life back together.  Find something that makes you happy and do it.  Take a class, take a walk, pick up a paintbrush.  The only person who knows the right path to follow is you!  Trust yourself.  Listen to your heart.  It has been trying desperately to get your attention.   Slowly, you will begin creating the foundation for a new life.  Take one small step at a time to come more fully into alignment with yourself.  As you find your voice, as you begin to follow your compass, you will become more empowered. As you become empowered, you will begin to ignite forgotten dreams.  As you allow those dreams to take hold and take the next step, you will create momentum.  Sometimes we travel through darkness to shine the light for others.  All is not lost, it is never too late to walk the path back to your magnificent self.

Much Love,

Wendy xx

Wendy Hutchinson

Alinea Life Coaching




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