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My alarm goes off at 9am, it’s Sunday, so I don’t bother getting up.  I decide to stay in bed, it’s my weekend off without my kids, it’s raining outside and my joints are stiff….so I’m going nowhere fast!  I always like to phone my kids when they’re not with me, so I lean over my bed, with much discomfort and ooohhhing and aaarrrggging, and pick up my mobile off my bedroom floor, with a newly acquired crack on the screen!!  My fingers are like sausages from water retention…’s not pretty being in your 40’s!  I click Contacts on my mobile and phone my dentist instead of my son!  With another click on my phone, I get it right, and I’m welcomed with a “hello Mum, how are you”?  This makes my day, and I continue to chat to my son Tommy before I realise he is more hungover than Martin Sheen!!  Tommy’s words are slurred, he’s giggling more than a 2 month old baby who’s parents are playing ‘peekaboo’, yet there is a sense of embarrassment in his voice.  ‘Why the embarrassment I thought’?  ‘What’s wrong with Tommy….what happened to him last night whilst he was ‘out on the lash’?

Whilst I am thinking and dwelling on Tommy’s demeanour, I can hear Tommy on the other end of the phone rambling away about something, but I couldn’t make out what?  ‘What was this news or gossip that my son wanted to share with me’?  “Hey Tommy”, I said, “you still sound hungover son, and I’ve never heard you laugh so much”!  “Share the gossip with me son, I could do with a laugh”!

“Ok mum, heehee, sorry, I can’t contain myself”!  “This will make you laugh, but maybe also hate me…..I got absolutely battered last night…”!

“Yeah I can hear it in your voice son, you sound very relaxed, you sound like you’re struggling to put two words together “!  “Why would I hate you son”?  “What an earth did you do last night”?  “Oh god, don’t tell me you got into a fight”?  “You didn’t get into a fight last night did you son”?!

Tommy laughs at the end of the phone and tries to compose himself before he answers my questions.  “Oh no mum, definitely not, I’m a lover not a fighter heehee”!  “What I’ve done is far worse than that!”

I shriek in despair….”WHAT”?!!  “Oh no son, what have you done”?!   My heart started racing, my mind became a minefield of emotions….so I walked over to my sofa, sitting gently in anticipation of what I was about to hear.  I can remember the last time I felt like this….it was 20th January…..the day Trump was elected !!!

“OK Tommy, you know I love you no matter what…I’m your Mum, here to protect and serve!”

Tommy’s voice becomes a bit subdued and the giggling seems to be easing off….Tommy hesitates before he discloses the much awaited gossip that I am desperate to hear!!

“Please don’t judge me Mum, like I said, I got absolutely battered last night, and don’t remember a thing!  “Erm…..when I got home last night, I obviously panicked….have no idea why….and I ermm ..took a crap in the bloody washing machine”!.  “I am so disappointed with myself, I am such a twat”!!  “I feel horrible… how do I even apologise for that”?!

“Are you kidding son?? You took a crap in the machine?!”…..

Tommy replied with a combination of laughter and humiliation in his voice.  “I don’t remember doing so, but it would appear so!!  I know, I’m an idiot”!!

“You’re not an idiot son…far from it”!  “You’re a beautiful human being and I’m proud to say that you’re my son”!  “Washing machines live longer with crap-on!” – I sung this to Tommy in the style of the TV advert for Calgon!

“You know what makes it worse”, Tommy said.  “I didn’t do it for the banter, at least then it would’ve been a practical joke”!  “I literally was just in the mindset that I am in the bathroom!”

“Yeah right son”, I said,  “that old chestnut”!   “Hey Tommy, you fancy coming round for dinner this week”?  “I’d love to see how you managed to squat down and contort your body to fit your bottom in the machine”?!  I couldn’t get my breath for laughing too much in disbelief at what Tommy had told me!

“Yeah sure mum, I’d love to pop round for dinner…what day”?  “By the way…what are the dimensions of your washing machine”!?

“Erm….what son?!!  What are the dimensions”??  “Why?…you’re not thinking of taking a crap in my machine are you!  Most people generally do that on my doorstep”!!

“Aaahh no mum,  I won’t be defecating in your machine, that’s quite a unique art form…more of a spur of the moment thing”!!

I didn’t realise Tommy had such a great sense of humour and sense of fun!  Not in the 20 years since giving birth to Tommy had I ever realised what an honest, funny, down-to-earth young man he has evolved into.  Forgetting the fact that he took a dump in his dad’s washing machine, and not even had the decency to fill the machine draw with a dash of bleach and put it on a 90 degree quick wash ……perhaps Tommy will never become a Washing Machine Engineer, but one thing is for sure….being a qualified Gym Instructor/Swimming Teacher has definitely paid dividends when it came to improvisation!!

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