I Just Don’t Know???

A hugely important factor when taking control of our lives is making decisions. It’s common that a lot of people can’t make a decision to save their lives. They don’t know how to, or they have never been taught do this. A decision requires courage to make and a lot of people lack this courage because feeling the fear stops them from moving forwards.

When asked to make a decision we tend to reply with. The most famous answer we give when being made to make a decision is “I don’t know what do you think?”

We tend to think in secret and not speak out loud about what we really want. We failed to develop our ability to make a decision because we’re worried again about those around us and what they would think about our decision.
I am here to tell you to forget what they think and start to decide what it is that you really want! When you make a decision I want you to stick to it and see it through. And everybody else will just have to go with it!

WRITE THIS DOWN: What everybody else thinks is none of my business. Too many people worry what others would think or feel by them making a decision.

We think in secret and it comes to pass, environment is but our looking glass
~James Allen

An easier way to make a decision is to ask ourselves four questions before making this decision:

1. Do I want this?

2. Will making this decision moved me in the direction towards my goal?

3. Will making this decision work in harmony with the law of attraction?

4. Will making this decision violate the rights of others?

Using these four questions before making a decision for yourself will make it easier for you to decide. Remember not to listen to others and only truly decide what it is that you truly want and truly desire. If deep down inside you feel that you don’t want to go through with whatever it is you are making a decision on, then DON’T do it.

If it’s easier note the 4 questions down on a notepad and keep this notepad with you until your decision is made. Make sure you note down each answer to each question before finally making that decision.

You could purchase a little notepad and title it with “Five answers to making my decision” This notepad can be used for the making of decisions until you are stronger willed to make them without this exercise. You could write in at number one what the decision is that you have to make and then you can ask yourself the 4 questions above.

Make a note of your answers and then carry this pad around with you until your decision is fully made. In time you will notice that you will no longer need this notepad and that making decisions will become an everyday normal habit.

Start using this method today. You can start with the smallest everyday decisions you make and in time this method will become a habit to you.

Have an amazing Wednesday!

Make it your best day yet, if you decide to!

Kate xx

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