Judge Them, Curse Yourself

Being judgmental is a bad habit that we have spent most of our lives developing. We have all been guilty of judging somebody’s personality in 3 seconds by the clothes they wear or how they have their hair., but do you really know what harm you are doing by judging that person in the first place?

When you judge, assume and then go onto gossip about the person you just made the judgement about, you actual define who you are and curse yourself. If you are a strong believer in using The Laws of the Universe and spirituality in your business, then it’s wise to listen up and really dig deeper into what I am telling you.

Whatever you reap you sow (The Law of Attraction/Karma) and if you are too busy judging somebody with an assumption of what you consider them to be without actually knowing the facts first, then how do you think this is going to affect your life and your business on a whole? It’s going to springboard negative shit right back attacha my friend! Because you are sowing the seeds!

“Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn others, or it will all come back against you. Forgive others, and you will be forgiven. ~ Luke 6:37

Getting out of a lifelong habit of judging is not easy, it’s been a habit that has been a part of us for most our lives. Especially with the society that we live in today and the way our mind is conditioned throughout childhood. When entering adulthood our whole lives involve judging everything and everyone in 3 seconds flat on the way they look.

So, how is this blog going to help you move forward to a better life?

By teaching you that every time you judge, condemn a person and gossip about them, life will throw you more of the same shit you keep going through until you awaken to the fact you are indeed the creator of your own reality.

It all starts with them seeds you plant (words that come out your mouth) they are so powerful and set beliefs, power your emotions and leave lasting effects that cannot be undone once let out. So it all starts with thinking before we speak and understanding that whatever we do speak will always with no doubt become the reality of our own life.

Social media is the worse place for this, so many people judge, gossip, moan, groan, bitch and complain about everything. Don’t be one to follow the crowd, go in the opposite direction always knowing that even one of them tiny moaning, judging and complaining posts are a seed to what is going to come back and bite that person in the arse.

Set yourself apart and motivate, inspire and give people the stuff the really want to see in social media. Be the light that shines out of the dark and be the person that does not judge others until you know all the facts.

Think about the crops you wish to harvest, then plant the right seeds to make it happen.

Have a wonderful weekend and until next time

Much Love


Kate xx






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