It’s time to get that book out of you!

Yesterday morning while I was sat having breakfast I considered all the people who have come to me over the past 3 years wanting to write a book but had never followed it through. Now trust me in them 3 years I have heard every excuse in the book! These people always allowed things to get in the way or they would never turn up for the Skype meetings I arranged with them and I would hear from them over a week later full of apologies for not turning up for the call.

All this time wasting and excuse making is based on fear of moving forward with the project and not having a better understanding of why this is happening in your life. It’s all fear based and it contains a whole other bundle of fears that stop you from even starting in the first place. What is really needed is a book club designed to hit them fears and get passed them, plus the assistance of great tools provided to help break what seems like a mountain to climb.

I pulled out my big note pad and jotted down every fear that came from writing your own book. I also wrote down the emotion this is all connected to, how to plan your book, create it, produce it, market it to become a best seller on Amazon, and how to move these authors from zero to a full edited manuscript that is completed by them.

There is far too many people in this world with books inside of them and nothing is happening to make it come into the world because we need to go back to what is really stopping them in the first place. Which is getting over fears, finding a great teacher to give them direction, and keeping them accountable for it. A book is not an easy thing that you can pull of your ass one day! It takes a lot of work and is a huge emotional rollercoaster …Ask anyone who has wrote one they will tell you.

I went over to my tribe at The Missing Piece Community  

I told them about the idea that I had that morning and the break down of what really needs targeting behind making a book real to the point where they are holding it in their hands and launching it. So many people in my tribe seriously LOVED it! To some it was like a breath of fresh air to hear that somebody actually will help them start to finish of how to complete a book and keep them accountable for it. They could finally have someone teach them how to get over the funky stuff to begin with.



So, I said give me some time to go way and plan this, and break it down of how I am going to teach it. This way I am clear of exactly what to pin point and how to really hit the target on everything with these authors. It’s possible to break all this down into biscuit form within 6 weeks which will help the author go away and have a same rountine they can duplicate over and over again.

I LOVE to provide tools that give people SKILLS to be able to duplicate over and over again. I will teach these people how I wrote 2 solo books in 5 months, launched them, and made them international best-sellers! It’s possible! I am living proof!

Screenshot 2015-04-23 15.36.47

My first book The Missing Piece in Online Business smashed the Amazon best-seller charts in 3 catergories and was a #1 hot release too. That was the first solo book that I had actually wrote, and it was a wonderful outcome. so wonderful I just duplicated what I did with the first and released a 2nd only months later. Again samething happened and that one was a best seller over night too.

I have co-authored many books in my time (15 books altogether) but boy! I can tell you! Writing my own solo books was SOME journey emotionally and mentally! And I had to face a whole load of other shiz to begin with! Like getting over myself! learning how to deal with my bitch in the attic (ego) and then placing strict set of rules into my life in order to write most days to get it completed.

So I hear you! That is why I want this process to STOP! I want people to get their books out to this world! I want to see your smiling face as you hold your dream in your hand, and I want you to go on and do amazing things like the other 120 authors in this world that I have helped do the same thing.

I know the only way forward from helping this happen is helping you get past that first hurdle and then handing you the duplication tools to make it happen. So on that note I will take time over the next few weeks to decide how I want to get this started and help you move forward to stop making excuses, keep you accountable and help you complete something you have always dreamed of doing.

I will keep you posted on my plans over the next few weeks.

Here’s to your success,

Much Love

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Kate xxx

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