It’s Making You Forget Why You Started

I don’t think I have enough fingers and toes to count how many times I have said “I QUIT” on this journey. I think in reality I would have to borrow your fingers and toes to count on as well… and even then I don’t think that would cover it.

I would have days where I felt I couldn’t give any more of myself if I tried. I had days where my phone seemed to be superglued to my hand from the moment I woke up in the morning until I went to bed at night. There were times when I felt the pressure was just too much and whatever I did was just not enough for the clients I served. I also had God awful days where I felt like I just didn’t even want to do what I was doing anymore and had zero clarity of how to move forward.

Welcome to the reality of building a business and if you don’t place solid foundations and policies at the based of your business to begin with what happens is you will end up hating what you do. If people don’t know your boundaries to begin with or you let people override them’. You can become worn out, worn down and continue living a vicious cycle of letting people strip you down to a point where you end up forgetting the reason you started.

I was guilty of falling into this trap myself a few times and it left me with a foggy brain and also questioning myself?

What was I really an expert at?

What I offer is it really needed?

Do I really want to do this anymore?

Am I really enjoying this anymore?

Yes! All these questions went through my own mind on my own journey of building an online business. The truth of the matter is you have let people take more of you than you intended to give. That plus the confusion of people telling you a thousand things about how to build your email list, content creating, online programs, how your website should look and sound, SEO, Facebook advertising, building your platform and presence online. It can all get to the point where you feel like your head is going to explode.

I get it! I hear you! I was there myself until I learned how to stop it!

I have helped so many business owners come out of that foggy mindset and helped them move forward by re-igniting their passions with the services they provide. I have helped them identify exactly what was making them miserable and readjusted it all to help release the energy drain. This journey for you is one that is suppose to be exciting, a pleasure to do and every day you should feel lit up, alive and not even feel like it’s work.



You deserve to be in a place where you are happy and love what you do. When you are in this place you work from your best and the best shines out of you onto others you work with. How you communicate with the world tells people everything about how you are feeling. The online industry, and society in general can be very judgemental.

I am sure you have been in many situations where you have felt judged and many times you have felt you were very alone through this constant growth journey you are on. When we are around positive minded people it really increases our vibration and makes us feel like we can achieve them huge goals. It can also help clear that foggy mindset and help you identify what areas of your business you need to strengthen or take out some things all together.

Last week I mentioned I will be opening The Entrepreneur Club where to begin with 4 people (with huge dreams and creative minds) will meet once a month to chat, mastermind, support, get coached by me in every subject I know, and have the added bonus of placing their website address on my advertising platform to open them up to over 265,000 highly targeted visitors to their website each day.

Ever since mentioning this on my blog I have seen an increase of female business owners feeling the pressure. I have also coached a few more to help gain clarity in their business and helped them clear the foggy mindset so that they can ditch what is making them unhappy, restructure their foundations and start to make their business exciting again. So, with noticing that this is something that is really needed I will be fetching The Entrepreneur Club forward and opening it earlier than intended.

I think it is massively important to have support on your journey and to have a small group of like-minded people that you can meet once a month with who you can mastermind with and gain clarity on your overall business, as well as having open access to coaching, learning new skills, and accountability.

You will reach new heights of success with a clear mind and bags of determination to see them huge goals through. It’s time to fetch this forward and help support you on your purpose and help you get in front of highly targeted traffic. It’s time to help you get through exactly what I experienced on my own journey and show you how to come through the other side more confident and capable of doing new and amazing things.

I look forward to fetching this forward and meeting you and 3 other women each month to discuss your goals, get clear on where you want to go, and help you mastermind huge goals that will soon be your reality. There is no better and more beautiful feeling than feeling like you truly belong in a circle that supports you every step of the way.

Especially one that creates amazing change in the world.

Keep your eyes peeled for further details.

Here’s to your success!

small me

Lots of Love

Kate xx





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