In 2017 I Won’t Have Any Furniture and That ROCKS!

My journey to detachment has been an interesting one so far and so much I have learnt from it already. In case you are wondering what a journey of detachment is? It is when you get rid of everything material wise you own in your home and leave that house to start over with nothing but a suitcase full of clothes and important documents. That’s it!

That is what I am doing in 2017 and completely detaching myself from every material thing in my house. I started this journey only 3 months ago and has everything gets less and less in our home, it feels freaking amazing!

I decided to move to a different town and start over again because the kids are now adults and flown the nest. However, I didn’t want to “just move town” I want to completely shift my life and start over again and take hardly anything from this life into my new life and home.


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So I started my journey to downsizing completely around 3 months ago. Yes! The old ego did have a good dig in the back of my subconscious mind a few times to say “You can’t let that go” and “No, you must keep that!”. However, it didn’t win and I continued my mission to detach from everything.

Now has the house starts to downsize and the material things start to leave the house through giving to charity, sales and throwing out crap I wouldn’t use again. The journey to detachment is exciting, freeing, and a realisation of how much people really do get attached to material things.

I am looking forward to the day my house is completely empty and all I take with me is my suitcase into my new home and life. If there is one thing this journey of life has taught me so far? Is that life is too short not to at least experience detachment at once in your life. so to put into perspective that really material thing means nothing to the overall beauty of being alive and well each day which enables you to be the author of your own reality and re-write as many time as you like!

I will continue to share my journey of detachment with you until I reach my new home and new life.

Have an epic week,
Much Love


Kate xx

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