Hello From the Other Side

Hellooooo.. Can you hear me?

Oh! Wait! Of course! Listening was never a strong point of yours back then, so let’s start that all over again.

Dear Kate,

I thought by starting this post the 2nd time with your actual name you would then at least acknowledge me talking to you. Looking at you from accross the fence on the other side of life I can see why your reality was such a terrible one! I want to take this time (if you will listen) to sit down with you and explain a few things about why your life attracted the situations it did to it’s self.

I know that many people reading this public letter that I am writing to you will think it’s so strange that you were me, and I say “were” because you are no more. You see you don’t exist in reality anymore because I took over from you 4 and half years ago and created a whole new reality and thought patten, and by doing this I took over your life and made it better.


You see what happened was you had become a victim to society and of circumstance. Now don’t worry it’s massively common on this planet and around 98% of the population are effected by this too so you are not alone. You had come into this world a pure soul and the people around you started to shape and form your belief system, which then became your reality. Now because you never knew or had never experienced anything different to this life you thought it was actually the “normal” way to be.

Even though deep down in the pit of your stomuch you had a feeling inside you that you knew you were here for a bigger reason, but you didn’t know what? You still had your mind convinced otherwise. However that’s ok because it was not the right time of your journey to understand why? You were here and you were not ready for the full responsibility of the purpose God had written for you. To even get to that place of understanding you had to actually believe they was a God in the first place! And even that didn’t happen until you were on your knees begging to understand why you have been placed through so much pain.

So, now I stand here looking at you at the otherside of the fence and I just want you to know that taking control of your life and reality really comes down to quitting all excuses, no longer hiding, and accepting that you really are enough. You didn’t ever need to justify yourself to anybody, nor did you have to feel the need to hide from who you truly are. I really wish I had taken over from you sooner to save you the pain of your journey, and your daughters, but unfortunatley that was not my postion of authority to do so. You had to take that journey to begin with so that I could take over from you and make the changes in the world that I do each and everyday.


Today your children are happier and your partner is more loved and respected. Your work has majorly improved from what it use to be and it now makes a huge impact upon humanity unlike before where you were just doing everything for yourself.

Ok, maybe I do have to admit that since I took over from you maybe you don’t talk to people you use to surround yourself  with BUT you have to understand it was for the best! I was not going to take over from you and be surrounded with the people you left me with. I was on a mission and that mission was to become a better person each and every day! so they had to go along with you!

Even though the transition period was not easy at the time and there was many times that you were westling to stay. I became too strong and booted you out for good! Of which I am afraid my friend you will not manifest into this body again now that I am here because I am here to stay! If you had stayed in this body you would have distroyed it and everything else around you! and we couldn’t allow that now could we? Not when this body needs to carry the soul that has a huge purpose on this planet.


So, Kate it’s time for me to leave you here and bid you fare well from accross the fence because I must carry on my journey to a better me. I just wanted to take the time to come over to you and let you know why things have to be this way, and to thank you also!

Thank you for allowing yourself to take the journey to me and thank you for making me understand my future better. Thank you for accepting you will never exist again in my reality, and thank you for actually listening. I think by me writing to you it may give other a people a better understanding of how transitions work, and also understanding that we have to accept that the past them will never exist in the future.

Thank you from the otherside ….





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