Don’t Worship Me, I am Not God

If you read my blogs, follow my work, buy my books or work with me somehow, you know that once I get a bee in my bonnet about something I have to express to you how I feel about what rattled me in the first place.

Today that subject is IDOLATRY!

If you are not clear with what idolatry is, then do keep reading and bear with me and I will explain all in this blog post and why this is the BIGGEST mistake you can make in your business and there is only one way it will take you, and that’s to the land of broke quicker than your little butt will take you!

So, a few days ago I sent out a status on my Facebook personal profile to ask the question: Good morning 😀
Share with me the new skill you are learning right now? I was blown over by all the replies and how much people really are investing in themselves to learn more skills to open themselves up to more opportunity. Within them comments I became interested in one young man’s comment about him learning to smile with his eyes, and not with his mouth.

When I mentioned to him that I would be interested in him giving me a few tips on how I could learn to do this, he replied: “Kate, such an honour as a person like you look into learning something from a person so little as me”.

He innocently replied this to me which made me see what a lot of leaders do. Make the people that follow them FEEL like they are below them. This natural reaction would not have come from somewhere other than feeling the need to be idolised. Or someone portraying within this young man’s life that people are better than others.

The trained psychologist within me cannot help to justify the behaviour science behind it. Everything is a result of how we have behaved in the first place and when you dig deeper on this and see it for what it really it is, it opens you and awakens you massively. The spiritual side of this states that idolatry is a MASSIVE rule breaker and the only place it will lead you is out in the cold on the bare bones of your arse.

What is idolatry?

“The worship of idols, images or anything made by hands or which is not God. Excessive attachment or veneration represents idolatry. Veneration, the highest degree of respect; reverence, respect mingled with some degree of awe; a feeling of sentiment, excitement by the dignity and superiority of a person by the sacredness of his character. For anything that which borders on adoration.” ~ Dani Johnson

So basically in English, if you idolise anything other then your creator, you are in big trouble, my friend. If you idolise money, success, people or anything else other than divine, expect powerful lessons to be learnt.

If you are chasing the 6 figure dream, good luck! Let’s see how many times you gain it and lose it before you learn to stop chasing money, wasting it or starting to realise it does not belong to you and realising wealth is built through respecting the money you have right now.

If you are chasing the dream of hundreds of thousands of followers on your social media platforms, and not respecting the ones right that are right in front of you, to begin with! Good luck with trying to get the hundreds of thousands. It won’t happen!

If you are chasing success because you want people to love you, think again, love comes out of respect and respect is earned not bought or by how many followers you have on Instagram.

When we allow something in the creation to take the place of the Creator and to shape our lives and our longings. We are living in idolatry. And how will you know? Because your results will keep showing up time and time again. Your bank account will be empty time and time again. Your situations will keep repeating themselves time and time again until you LEARN!

Trust me, if I had not learned these mistakes time and time again and then learn what DOES WORK! I would not teach it, write my life testimonies by it and I wouldn’t blog about it to pass on my knowledge and wisdom to you.

We has the true servers and true leaders need to prosper where we are planted and love and respect everyone around us RIGHT NOW and watch what happens when you focus on something with pure love and attention. It expands to something wayyyyyy beyond to what we could even imagine.

The respect, success, and wealth isn’t something to be chased, it’s something that is rewarded by the way you treat and respect what you have now. If you carry on chasing it, then don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Be the change you want to see in the world, and watch the world change with you.

Have an amazing weekend,

Much love

Kate xx


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