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Whatever everybody else is doing right now, does not mean you have to follow them. We can easily become caught up in shiny object syndrome and think because somebody else is doing something, then we automatically need to do the same.  As an online business owner, you may hear many times “You should be doing webinars” or “You should be doing download programs”. “Why are you not offering this service, that service and every other service to go with it?”.

Then before you know it you are having a meltdown, pulling your hair out and frustrated to high heaven and hating the pressure you have to live through each day to try and place something together that is not even the slightest bit pleasurable to you. You are only doing it because the rest of the crowd is doing it and you feel like you have to live up to that expectation.

Well, guess what? It’s complete bullshit! You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. The only place you should be working from is a place that excites you the most and that place is usually in the complete opposite of what everybody else is doing. The only thing that matters on this journey is what YOU love doing! Not what your neighbour is doing, or your best friend, or a large community  that you are maybe a part of on Facebook.

See here’s the thing,

When I set out in the online industry I didn’t have somebody like me back then to come up to me and tell me this advice. So, I went into the world where I was completely swallowed up by the belief that what everybody else is doing, is what I should be doing, right?. Mmmm big fat WRONG!  It led me to frustration, stress, pulling my hair out, attracting clients that had every excuse not to pay me and I was down right miserable.

What was it here that I was doing so wrong? I was following the crowd that’s what and not doing what pleased me! What made my heart sing and what lit up my soul so it was dancing inside. I was doing everything else to please other people and I was not pleasing myself. I was frustrated, sick all the time and started to hate what I was doing.

One day I sat down and said to myself “What can I do right now to please me?” not the world, not my clients, just me? What is it that I truly want to do? I knew I loved to write, create things and help people feel the best they could ever feel in their lives. Then I asked the question “Where do I feel pressured the most?” which then lead me to reel off a complete list of what I DIDNT want to do.

I didn’t want to do webinars, summits, download programs, and everything the crowd was doing. I just wanted to write, coach and create. So that’s what I did and I forgot the rest. My heart started to sing again and the things I was creating in the world were just astounding.

smallerI started to create a book series called The Missing Piece, which became an international best-selling book series with 10 books strong. I then went on to help other clients create their books and even went as far as flying to San Diego to host a retreat for 10 women and place together a calendar. After much success with my books, my client’s books and the calendar I started to feel a familiar feeling surface again. It was that feeling of wanting to change direction and do something new and exciting to make my heart and soul dance again.

I had become accustomed to doing the same thing over and over again and what others wanted me to do and not what I wanted to do for myself. So I began to get sick again and the same pattern started to repeat itself. At this moment in time I was running a multi-six figure business, but unhappy at the same time.

Money means shit if you have to nearly kill yourself to earn it! Towards the end of 2015, one of my business partners and close friends stabbed me in the back which completely made me bed ridden with illness and I went from running 9 miles 3 times a week to not even being able to climb the stairs without nearly passing out when I reached the top. I couldn’t believe what had happened to me and I felt so betrayed, let down and completely shattered.

In that moment I decided to take 5 months out and really get clear on what I wanted to do. I didn’t care that I was walking away from over $2,500-week income, my sanity was worth a million times more than that. In that 5 months, I placed myself into life coaching, spiritual coaching and spent the time deciding what I really wanted?

What was it that I wanted for me? Again I had come back around to answering this question 4 years later. I went to bed that evening still trying to search for the answers and something happened the very next morning that would totally change the course of my entire business, life journey and entire outcome. It brought me back to the answers like before that I love to write, create and teach.

I also had an image in my mind of an interactive online magazine that I could clearly see. I sat down at my kitchen table that morning and completely wrote out the design aspect, what would be in it and who would write for it and how it would look, read, feel to the customer, and who would buy it etc….

Right there and then I had written out a complete business model that would completely change the way I did everything. Now let’s bear in mind, that I have NEVER created a magazine before, or have any clue about graphic design or where the heck this idea came from. I had just let my mind unleash itself because I was doing what pleased me and going in completely opposite direction of what was expected of me. I was acting on God’s vision alone.


After I had written out the complete magazine business model, I went forward and took action on my ideas. I sat there for hours learning design, how to brand this like no other magazine and how to do it completely different to the masses. In a matter of a few months I was creating beautiful pages (like you see above) I had a complete writing team of world re-nowed coaches, and I secured multi-millionaires, billionaires and other major successful business owners for the front covers and exclusive interviews.

It all came to life because I did what made me happy! I walked away from what didn’t serve me anymore and I can say I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. Me and my partner are now building a 2nd a business to which the earning potential is limitless and takes very little work each day. I am now coaching people to become great publishers instead of being the publisher myself, and the magazine is going strength to strength and will be launched on January 17th, 2017.

I learned that out of pain comes amazing things and my painful experience last year was the beginning of something wonderful. It was also an even bigger lesson to go in the opposite direction to the crowd.

Until next time

2016-05-23 15.00.26-2

Much Love & Zero Bullshit

Kate xx

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