Article Written By Janet Swift


It may arrive in an unguarded laser-focused moment of awareness or gradually seep through like sun dispersing morning mist.  Some are born with a singularity of purpose whilst others struggle amidst the chaos of unmade decisions.   Wondering what I’m talking about?  In the interest of clarity, it’s exactly that – CLARITY.

Reading that word, what image springs to mind for you?  I see a pool of clear mountain water, gathered from the inward flow from above, before trickling onward to nourish what lies beyond.  Movement, yes, there must be movement or that beautiful clarity will be lost to the turgid stagnation of standing water.

In the blueprint of life there is an underlying order, a path leads to our purpose, our raison d’etre.  If only we would still our physical and inner worlds, just for a moment, clarity would be ours.  Doing nothing is suffocating.  Not knowing who we truly are or where we’re going can be frightening and leave us exposed to the will and actions of others who, however well-meaning, have no understanding of our highest values.

Identifying the drivers which power our inner compass unlocks our spiritual purpose, freeing us to discover how we can be of greatest service.

But clarity of what?  Why not start by establishing your personal truth around:

  • Values
  • Purpose
  • Relationships
  • Career

Every one of us has a purpose, even if it’s currently awaiting the spark of recognition , but no two people have the same value structure .  Hmmm, could this by why a wheel sometimes comes off the waggon in relationships?  Hold that thought for a moment.

Truly being congruent with our highest values leads to inspiration from within to fulfil them and we’re automatically disciplined, reliable and focused.  You’ve guessed what’s coming next – if we’re operating in the ranks of our lower values, our motivational levels are lower and procrastination, hesitation, frustration and inertia set in.  Been there and have a rack of tee-shirts to prove it – how about you?

In all the noise and bustle of modern life, it’s easy to be swept along, weeks turning into months which, before you know it, have become decades.  Here speaks one who knows – I didn’t wake up until I was fifty but achieved more in the next decade than I did in the first five.  So what was the difference?  Clarity of purpose.

The great news is that, even if you’re currently in chaos, it’s never too late to find focus and clarity around our core values and objectives and set some stretching but achievable goals to get us there.   The alternative is to meander aimlessly through life feeling disappointed and probably helping someone else realise their goals by responding to their agenda.

Remember you were holding that thought about values in relationships?  In the first few ‘hearts and flowers’ weeks or months, our new love can do no wrong.  Then little things start to niggle.  As the relationship deepens, we expose our real values and, when they’re different, scratches start to appear on our rose-tinted spectacles.  Why?  Because we’re discovering our partner has a different value set to ours which can feel uncomfortable and may eventually lead to relationship breakdown.

Now before you rush off in search of a new value-matched model, it’s important to say that no two people’s values will be in perfect alignment and neither must they be.  Simply acknowledging what’s important to each of you and recognising there’s a couple of gaps and discussing them may well be enough.  Compromise is the key but never sacrifice your highest values.  Everyone wants to be loved and appreciated for who they are, which is represented by their highest values.

Identifying our values with absolute clarity is crucial because they influence our choices, reactions and boundaries, complicated by the fact that they may change as we mature.  Sure signs that we’re no longer in alignment are feeling unbalanced, unhappy with life or unsure of who we are anymore.  It’s time to revisit and clarify.  As our definition of success changes, so do our personal values and cross-checking between our emotions and reality is a life-long activity.

There isn’t space here to take a deep dive into the process of establishing  core values but, as goal setting is so much easier when we’re clear on the journey ahead, our ‘why’ and what drives us,  it’s worth investing a couple of minutes in considering where we’ll find clues.

A revelation to me was that many of ‘my’ values weren’t mine at all; I’d picked them up along the way and the emotional importance I’d subconsciously placed upon them surprised me.  Top Tip: If it’s something you think you ‘should’, ‘ought’ or ‘must’ do, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s a belief rather than a true value.

Let’s get cracking.  Write down a list of all the values you can think of, it doesn’t matter for now if some seem similar.  Here’s a few to start you off:

Acceptance  Accomplishment  Adventure Affection  Altruism  Ambition  Beauty  Brilliance Benevolence Certainty  Challenge Commitment  Compassion  Conformity  Daring  Decisiveness Discipline  Empathy Enthusiasm  Fairness  Family  Freedom  Friendship  Fun  Gratitude  Growth …

When you’ve worked your way through the alphabet and written down everything which is meaningful to you, revisit the list cutting it down to twenty, then ten and then your most important FIVE , which is difficult.  Each time you go through your list – which could easily reach a hundred values – choose the ones which resonate most deeply.  Some overlap and it will be easier to eliminate those.  It helps to look at them in pairs, asking yourself which one you’d choose if you could have only one.  Rinse and repeat until the list is down to the all-important five.

Think about your personal gifts and the reasons people turn to you for help.  How would your friends describe you?  What qualities do your role models have?  What makes you feel happy and in your flow?  What did you love as a child and what made you feel valued and happy?  Little clues will be sprinkled throughout those memories.

It’s really worth taking time to shine a light within because, once those values are identified, decision-making and goal setting will be so much easier as there is a firm yardstick against which to measure.

Well done for getting this far, many never do.   Now those most important five values are clear, it’ll be time to set some comfort-zone busting, hugely exciting, life-enhancing goals.

For now, just imagine where you’d like to be in ten years’ time.  Don’t hold back, you know it’s ALL possible, don’t you?  Listen to what resonates within your heart and soul and, remember, the only restrictions are those we choose for ourselves.  There’s a limitless reservoir of strength and potential within just waiting to be called upon – now’s the time to be the person you know you are, not the one holding back for fear of failure or ridicule.  It’s time to reflect the inner you to the outer world, ignite that purpose and shine brightly.

Until next time, I’d like to leave you with these meaningful words:

“Life’s up and downs provide windows of opportunity to determine your values and goals.  Think of using all obstacles as stepping stones to build the life you want.”  Marsha Sinetar


Thank you for reading,





Is Fear Running the Show in Your Business? – By Emma M. Churchman, M.Div.

Article Written By  Emma M. Churchman, M.Div.


I don’t know about you, but I spent YEARS in my business trying to make my fear okay. I tried to dialogue with it – I also tried to mask or ignore it with positive thinking. The end result? I still had fear popping up all over the place and it was keeping me in resistance. For, like, 17 years.

Let me go ahead and save you 17 years of trial and tribulation. Trust me, reading this article will be the best eight minutes you spend this year. Most of us in the spiritual development world have a warped relationship to FEAR.

Here’s what I mean:
As entrepreneurs we must learn to take risk. For our businesses to grow we MUST take risks. Our desire for personal and financial growth demands that we move towards fear and take new action.
When we take risks we don’t know the consequences of those actions will be – we can’t possibly know whether we are wasting our time, money and effort – that is the truth of the situation.

A lot of entrepreneurs try to whitewash that truth with positive thinking, and inspiration and motivation to mask the truth – the fear that we might fail.

Most people hate feeling fear – our first instinct is to run from the fear, our second instinct is to fight the fear. In the spiritual development community we have vilified fear – we have been taught to never feel fear. But fear is inherent to the human experience – you can try to numb yourself to it with positive thinking, medication, meditation, spiritual practices, alcohol, or drugs.

The truth is that if you have to work at thinking positively it is because you are actually afraid – you just don’t want to feel it. Collectively we’ve decided as a society to avoid fear, no matter how much medication and numbing it takes to avoid fear. Most people try to get to death as safely as possible.

But as an entrepreneur you must take risks to make money – and that means that you will experience way more fear than most people – especially for new entrepreneurs.
New entrepreneurs especially try to fix the fact that they are afraid because they think feeling the fear means they are on the wrong path. For new entrepreneurs – when they experience fear they go to a stand still (and stop implementing in their business) or they completely override their fear and go into fight mode with positive self-talk.

For the record, fear can be our very best friend – there are perfectly legitimate fears out there in business! Sometimes your fear is totally appropriate – and sometimes fear tries to move us into action.

When you invest all of your energy into feeling good you are not living in reality – sometimes your fear tries to warn you that you aren’t living in reality. We’ve become very good at not feeling fear even when fear is actually appropriate – there is NOTHING wrong with being afraid.

You are human, you will experience fear, stop making that a bad thing!

The trick is to learn to work with fear. Feel the fear, and take action anyway – most people never let themselves actually feel their fear – they numb it or push it away. But you can’t selectively push down your emotions – when you push away fear, you also won’t let yourself feel peace, comfort, well being, happiness – all of which are wrapped up in safety. Because fear and safety are polar opposites.

When you push away your fear, you will also feel less passion. And passion, or desire, are important for business. So the way to manage risk is to not necessarily act on the fear. Start by making conscious, rational evaluations and decisions about what to do with the fear, but begin by acknowledging it first. Risk is not taking a blind leap of faith.

There is an unfortunate trend in personal/spiritual development community of taking crazy leaps of faith – people are encouraged to quit their jobs and hope the universe will catch them – this is not RISK, this is UNCONSCIOUSNESS.

We are capable of taking risk in a way that is highly grounded, that does not deny fear, but that also embraces our need for safety. The trick is to embrace both fear and safety equally, and to let fear be our teacher when appropriate.

Thank you for reading,

Emma x


Stop the World and Let Me Catch Up – Written By Michelle Poole

Article Written By Michelle Poole


‘Stop the world and let me catch up’ that was a frequent request of mine during the early times of being self-employed. I recall that feeling of loss of control, that stomach churning and racing brain that fed into overwhelm. I can tell you; from conversations with other business owners – I was never alone and I’m positive you will never be alone!

It is easy to see why so many businesses close their doors in the first year – the peaks and troughs are many and the solutions seem so random. To be honest there probably was a pattern but being so close to the business, the feelings and the fear they were not recognised.

When you feel slightly more in control you breathe a big sigh of relief and don’t want to contemplate what happened, how you can avoid in the future and you certainly don’t want to relive it again. But we need to analyse to be able to stop it from happening again – or at least reduce the impact.

I’ve learnt many techniques along the way – found things to do that help me concentrate on what needs to be done but more importantly recognise the signs.

Let’s get down to some of the techniques you can use to move forward; get past those feelings and be in a stronger position to carry on.

Recognition: Yes, recognising that ‘this is overwhelm’. Once we know what it is we can deal with it and move to a better time. Is it the sleepless nights, is it the tummy churning, is it the head in the sand routine (I’m fine! – when you are clearly not) or is it denial and avoidance of those that are expecting something from you and you’ve not delivered?

Take some time out: This is so useful to move yourself away from the ‘office’ (be that the spare room, the back room, the kitchen table or indeed the office). Spending some time away from your normal environment can be so therapeutic – some time when no one is looking to you or depending on you – you have yourself to answer to and yourself to ‘please’.

Brain-dump: I find this is a very useful tool in identifying everything that is going on for you – be it business, personal or just worry! Dump it all down on a piece of paper (or computer if that’s your media) – just write down every small, incidental thing that is on your mind; don’t forget anything. Once you’ve created this humongous list you can look at it with a clear mind and identify the must do’s, the could do’s and the ‘someone else’s problem!

Chunking: Some of those things on your list will be must do’s and are massive in themselves. They won’t be completed in a one-hit or one day. Chunking them down into smaller tasks; identifying the steps needed to achieve the outcome required will also help you to realise it can be achieved. This will reduce your overwhelm as you can see light at the end of the tunnel.

Leverage your time: We only have a certain amount of time each day and that will differ for those that don’t need the regulatory 8 hours’ sleep (which I do need!) but using that time effectively and efficiently (love those two words together) will enable you to blast through your tasks. Moving those tasks into your calendar (rather than leaving on your to-do-list) will show you when they practically can be completed.

Focus vs multitasking: Women are good at multi-tasking that’s why they can get more stuff done at once. A common misconception – or so they say! I like to think I can achieve more; such as taking things upstairs when I’m going there. I believe that works for me (domestically). However, in business I do believe focus is better. Being distracted by the ping of social media or emails dropping into your inbox interrupts and therefore stops the flow of work. Getting in the zone was pointless as you can be pulled from it in an instance. Returning is somewhat harder and therefore the task takes longer.

Stop doing list: As we look at our brain-dump there may be things that are causing us concern, add to our overwhelm or just make us pure crazy. Are there things you can put on your ‘stop doing’ list? Can we take them off our list and on to someone else’s?

Define your role: What is your role in the business (or the household if that’s your area of overwhelm)? Can you make changes for the benefit of you (and probably everyone else – no one likes to be around someone that is overwhelmed and generally not happy!)? For a business owner can you re-define your working hours giving yourself time off to regroup?

Email: Our email demands our attention at all times of the day or night. Be it clients, people selling, Newsletters or just general stuff. It’s hard to decrease the flow. There are things you can do – such as setting up rules so emails are filed as soon as they come near your inbox (good for Newsletters; although you don’t know they’ve arrived until you see the folder with 250 unread emails! Oops!) Some people read their emails twice a day – allowing focus for the rest of the day. Just be sure to tell everyone with an automatic response giving other options of contacting you for urgent action (such as text or mobile number).

Getting help: My last helpful way to reduce overwhelm is to get help! Accept we can’t do it all alone. If you are looking to grow this is an early lesson to learn – it is essential you get help to be able to grow your business. Help comes in a variety of guises; be it a business coach/mentor; a call answering service, a friend/colleague; or with employees/contractors.

So, my advice is recognise it, seek help and commit to some techniques to help you through the difficult times.

Thank you so much for reading,

Michelle Poole,

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Each day, thousands, if not millions of thoughts, cross our minds. Every waking moment is chock full of ideas, lists, to-dos, regrets, conversations that have happened or that need to take place soon, where to go, what to eat, who to call………whew- and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

If we took an inventory of our thoughts we would find that we spend way too much time “in our heads” with endless mind chatter and clutter. Most of it is useless because it’s in the past and cannot be changed no matter how often or hard we think about it. Finding solutions now to situations of the past won’t help due to the fact that you can’t go back and change things. Stop repeating history in your head! Our best lesson is to learn from the past and do things differently, if we choose, should the same or similar situation arise. Like it or not folks, it’s “onwards and upwards.” If you want half a chance to be productive in life you need to make peace with the past, make “NOW” awesome, and take action for an even better future!

One major obstacle is the incredible amount of negativity, fear and self-doubt that we have been bombarded with over the years whether it be conscious or subconscious. It’s all around us each and every day from several different directions. It seems virtually impossible to get away from it. We almost absent-mindedly get swept up into it and then find ourselves feeling little, weak and incomplete due to the impossibility of measuring up to unrealistic and unattainable standards or ideas. We are human, not robots.

So where do YOU fit in to all of this? Where do you find your peace, your confidence, your success? Do you leave that up to society and your environment? Do you blindly follow the status quo or do you realize that you deserve so much more?

Photo by David Pentek on Unsplash

Here are some suggestions to take control of your mind and thoughts for your highest and best use:


  • It has been said “Energy flows where focus goes.” What thoughts are occupying your space?
  • So, What Are You THINKING? Is it constructive or destructive?
  • Is what you think “In your own voice?” or is it someone elses view or expectation of you?


  • Remember the famous quote: “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right!”
  • What is it that you truly believe that you can do or accomplish?
  • Set your sails to that and start in that direction. As with anything you may have to adjust your sails to course correct – it’s okay because it’s all a part of the journey and process of getting you to your destination.


  • Yes, there is plenty to do yet you are 1 person and Rome wasn’t built in a day, remember?
  • How can you break down the whole goal into smaller actionable steps that are comfortable for you?
  • Be patient with yourself and chart out a step by step course in an attainable sequence.
  • Add in checkpoints for your progress and see if you need to reassess, push forward or take a break to build up your strength (of body AND mind) before continuing forward.


What Problem has you stuck right now? Can you see it as a situation with a solution rather than a problem? How can you turn your perception and perspective of it around in your best interest rather than be imprisoned by the thought of being stuck in it forever?

Most times we procrastinate and say “I’ll do it tomorrow.” That means tomorrow doesn’t start with a clean slate if things are endlessly added to it as a scapegoat or catch-all for what you did not do/say and things that were cleverly avoided yesterday. There are only so many hours in a day. Avoidance today does not buy you extra time tomorrow- quite the contrary- it steals your tomorrow of peace since the same undone task or topic keeps popping-up.

So, what is your CHOICE, right here and NOW to put things into a better perspective for you and have your thoughts and ideas work FOR you, not against you?  What is the next right step/action that you need to take that will move you in a forward direction?  You are smack dab in the middle of your life. If you take a step back and be completely honest with yourself you WILL know how to organize your thoughts into a productive pace that can set you free from the brain storm going on in your head.

Of course it’s easier said than done only because you’ve been under the conditioning of old habits. Are you ready to use your BRAIN POWER to create new habits of success and happiness?

Are your thoughts holding you hostage or are you in control of the productivity, expansion, and enjoyment of YOUR life?

Think about THAT!

And remember…It’s all in your mind!


Thank you for reading,

Donna xx

Stop Saying YES! – Written By Kate Batten

overwhelm, usually a posh word which roughly translated means “I do not know how to say no” syndrome. It is a common thing so don’t worry, we have all gone through life feeling guilty if we say no to somebody. You don’t want to let people down or feel like you are letting them down, so instead, you say yes, yes, yes, all the time!

Only the issue is you keep on saying yes, and before you know it your plate is so stacked high with so much shit to do that you are so stressed out you have zero time for anything else. You then turn into a complete stranger to your close ones because you are never around, and your husband and kids don’t have one clean pair of pants between them!

I have had many many clients over the years who have become so overwhelmed with saying yes far too many times.

Photo by Ivan Obolensky from Pexels

Then, before they know it they are stressed out, burnt out and don’t even want to carry on building their dream because they feel they don’t have what it takes in the first place.

Trust me, you have every ounce of what it takes to be a success in your life, The key to that success is only focusing on a few things and becoming great at them few things. Only because your friend is doing a webinar, download program and writing a book all at the same time does not mean you have to do the same.

Dividing your focus between 20 different things weakens your results compared to focusing on one or 2 things and mastering them.

Yes, I have been there, experienced that and have the wrinkles to prove it.

The question you need to ask yourself is:

Do you want to be great and successful at a few things that completely sell out all the time and have a thriving business?


Do you want to be sat there stressed out to high heaven with no time, energy and be broke because your products/services are not selling?

It’s not exactly rocket science now is it?

There is a lot to learn on your road to success. There is a right way to do things and a completely wrong way to do things. I have experienced both ways and trust me I prefer the way things are today in my life and business, then they were 2 years ago!

I stopped saying yes to people and realised that my self-respect to myself was more important and so was my health.

I started to focus on a few things rather then trying to be Jack of all trades and master of none. I started saying the word NO more and meaning it.

I started working less and earning more money, and I started to have more time for myself and my family which resulted in me becoming a better coach and a better business owner.

You are in complete control of your life, and overwhelm is only a reality of you saying yes far too much. It’s time to start saying NO!

Thank you for reading,

Kate x

Kate is an 18 x International Best-Selling Author, International Coach and Creator of The Missing Piece Magazine. As a coach Kate helps authors and professionals grow their platforms by teaching them how to publish, market and sell their books to international best-seller status. Kate has the honour and pleasure of consulting TV personalities and award-winning Hollywood film directors, she has a real passion to teach established business owners how to earn up to $180,000 with one book BEFORE it even goes to print. Kate currently holds the position of Publishing Specialist with the GWEN Network. Find out more at

7 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Relationship Part 4

Here is question 4 in highlight the #Metoo campaign


Q4. Are you having a relationship with an adult or a child?


To explain what I mean by this, I will describe my previous relationship and then you can get an idea of what I am talking about.

My previous partner lacked independence completely; he couldn’t do anything that an ordinary person like you or me could do. Not only did I have to cook, clean the house, take care of the finances, but I would even have to bring in work for him when he was sick. When it came to doing the weekly shop at the supermarket he would walk out after two minutes and go sit in the car and sulk. His excuse would be that he couldn’t deal with the stress of it. (Yes I know you are shaking your head already, it gets better to trust me!).

When it came to decorating our new home, I had to do it all myself. When it came to planning our wedding day, I had to do it all myself. When it came to him looking for a job, I had to look for him. When it came to insuring his car, I had to do it for him.

Even when it came running his bath, yes you got it…..I did it for him!

I am afraid there is nothing that can be changed with people like this; they have spent most of their lives latching on to people who will do everything for them, and they will continue to do so. When you do finally have enough and call it quits on your relationship they are not the slightest bit grateful for anything you did for them. They actually hate you for leaving them ! … Now it’s your fault that they have to now do things for themselves.

When I split with my partner, he sold his car. This was not because he needed the money or anything. It was because I cancelled his standing order from my bank account to his insurance company. So due to his lack of capability to ring the insurance company to set up a standing order he now no longer has a car……Really ??

(There is NO exercise on the planet that could work on this kind of personality, my advice is to leave them and save yourself from an eternity of butt wiping)..

Stay tuned for 3 more questions and 3 more exercises,

Much Love,

Kate x

Self-Esteem – Written By Hayley Young

Written by Hayley Young


I’m not sure about you, but I used to think self-esteem and self-confidence was the same thing. Well, quite simply, they are both very different. Self-confidence is a positive feeling that you can accomplish what you wish to, the assurance that you trust your judgment, ability, and power. Self-esteem is your emotional perception of yourself and your worth.

Self-esteem often feels like an inner voice, telling you what you are… or are not worth it. Think of it like the parrot on your shoulder or the chimp in your mind, judging us and tell us we are useless, pathetic or worthless. No matter what your skills, talent or ability anyone can have poor self-esteem, and it often goes unnoticed. It can be caused by a multitude of events from failure or criticism, to a bad decision we made, our upbringing and bullying, to name a few. These life experiences stay with us, affecting our future and how we see ourselves (even years down the line). We are more vulnerable as children, and this is when a lot of our perceptions of ourselves and who we will become develop. Self-esteem varies from person to person, day to day and hour to hour. Some people may appear positive on the outside, but battle with self-doubt on the inside.

Believe that you are worth it. You deserve everything you desire.

From now on stop procrastinating, accept compliments, stand tall, and walk confidently. Cage your parrot/chimp. Remember, I said everyone is different, so stop comparing yourself to others. You are worth it, and you have a meaning.

Exercise is not only good for our physical health but mental health too! It increases energy levels and improves brain function, keeping your mind healthy. Exercise releases endorphins, which makes you feel relaxed, lowers stress levels and improves your sense of well-being.

Nutrition and diet play a huge part in well-being by having the right vitamins and nutrients for our bodies to work properly. Also, maintaining a good diet encourages positive self-worth and esteem because you are thinking of yourself and taking care of you.

Getting plenty of sleep promotes positive feelings of self-worth as well as helping to reduce depression. Creativity and innovation are increased when you get enough sleep, and your brain function improves too!

I believe that meditation can help with self-esteem. Having that ‘you’ time promotes positive feelings of self-worth and increases your belief in yourself. You will also experience relaxation, clarity, peace, love, and joy.

Thank you so much for reading,

Much Love

Hayley xx

I am 5ft 5/6ish, dark blonde hair (often dye it red), blue eyes, happy-go-lucky, easy going, always happy and up for a laugh. Love travelling. Life is to short to be miserable!! you can connect with me right here:

My Axiety Companion – Book Review

Mel Bonthuys was born and raised in South Africa, but lives in the United Kingdom with her husband. She suffered her first ever anxiety attack in 2001, which developed into an anxiety disorder. Her first book ‘My Anxiety Companion’ tells her story from her first attack through the bad times to how she lives and copes with the condition today. Wanting to help other sufferers, Mel’s book will reassure and encourage anyone to see that mental illness does not mean a ticket to doom and gloom. Apart from her mental health advocacy, Mel blogs and puts up occasional video’s on her YouTube channel. She is also an avid animal lover, vegan and environmentalist.

She suffered her first ever anxiety attack in 2001, which developed into an anxiety disorder. Her first book ‘My Anxiety Companion’ tells her story from her first attack through the bad times to how she lives and copes with the condition today. Wanting to help other sufferers, Mel’s book will reassure and encourage you to see that mental illness does not mean a ticket to doom and gloom.

I know myself how anxiety can be scary at the beginning because you have no clue what is actually happening to you. My own anxiety became so bad that my panic attacks triggered a stroke. The stroke then left me paralyzed down my right-hand side for 2 months afterwards. The fear of not having control over my body was something that filled me with complete dread, especially when I had two small children to rise at the time.

Thankfully my own anxiety is under control 7 years later and medication free. I had to learn how to place tools into my life, look after myself and also work on my mindset daily.

I love the fact that Mel decided to help others by sharing her story as a “still in recovery” author. Mel dosen’t hide her condition and “owns” it. Which I think is vital in today’s society. Mental health is a serious issue and more people need to talk about it and not feel like it is something to be afraid of sharing.

What I loved about Mel’s book is that she provided exercises for you to place into your life on a daily basis. The right exercises for the right cause, and not leave you in the dark to find them out for yourself. Not only do you get to read up on the right exercises, but Mel provides a meal plan as well!

I would recommend that if you are suffering from anxiety, to check out Mel’s book at:

I wish I had come across something like this when my journey of panics attacks started 7 years ago, it would have helped me a whole lot more to understand what was happening to me and how I could have lived with mental health easier at the time.

Thank you to Mel for sending me a copy of your book to read I really appreciate it! I am looking forward to placing some of your great tips into my life.

Much Love

Kate xx

About Mel:

Mel Bonthuys is a mental health advocate, blogger and author of the book My Anxiety Companion. Through her book and blogs, she aims to bring hope and reassurance to all anxiety sufferers – even for the most severe anxiety disorders, by helping them to see that recovery is possible and that living a happy and amazing life can be done! Find out more at:

Instagram: myanxietycompanion
Facebook: My Anxiety Companion

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