Me? A Business Owner? Uh?

I never set out to be a business owner. In fact, during my school years, I actually had a dream of becoming a midwife to help deliver babies into this world. I remember my teacher asking me that same question all teachers ask students, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Right from an early stage of life, we are placed on the spot to decide there and then how we are going to contribute to the economy. We experience false beliefs that we have to do well at school, go to college, and get a degree because if we don’t we are a failure to our families.

That was exactly what was expected of me as soon as I opened my mouth and made that statement. My teacher wouldn’t let me forget and would say over and over again, “you won’t become a midwife if you don’t pay attention in class; you won’t become a midwife if you don’t do your homework”, and all the rest of the bullshit to go with it.

It was not that I didn’t want to work hard in school; it was the fact that school bored the heck out of me! Yes, I had this dream at 7 years old that I wanted to bring life into this world, but in order to live up to that dream, it would mean I would have to pay attention in class. That was something that was not possible when all the lessons bored me to death, and there were more interesting things going on outside the classroom window.

Like how the wind blew the trees and made the branches bend, but the tree would just bend back and not break. Or how flocks of birds would fly together and make amazing shapes across the sky.

As you can gather by who I am today, I never made it to becoming a midwife. However, I did work with children when I set up my very first business in May 2004. I became a registered childcare provider and my business, “Little Treasures,” was born. So I was not completely off the charts with that one, at least I worked with children at some stage in their lives, just not the part where they enter the world.

13 years later, I am still running my own business, although now the business and titles have changed. Today I am 18 times best-selling author, creator of a digital online interactive magazine and a publishing consultant who has created over 300 best-selling authors.

I have travelled to different countries to host The Missing Piece Masterminds, and I am the creator of the International Best Selling Book Series: The Missing Piece, which built a platform for 160 people to become Best Selling Authors in its first 12 months of existence. It completely changed lives and businesses all over the world. I continue to grow this amazing work by teaching others to become publishers themselves and how they can earn up to $18,000+ per book BEFORE it goes to print, and how to get it on the best-sellers list.

However, the lessons I learned along the way of becoming a business owner, both online and offline, are extremely valuable. They were the best lessons I learned and I wouldn’t change all the failures, frustrations, or limits that I pushed myself to because today it means I can sit here and have every right to deliver the successes to you in my work.

There is seriously a heck of a lot of bullshit out there!
Never settle for things because they have to be a “certain way”, or because you have been told a thousand times that if you don’t put your head down and don’t work hard you won’t be that person you want to be when you grow up.

It’s complete rubbish, you can be whatever you want to be and the experience of running your own business online will be the best teacher you could ever ask for. If you implement the things a great coach teaches you, then you are sure to shine out from the rest.

Do what other’s are not willing to do, focus, work hard and implement what you are taught by a great coach and you will not fail. Be lazy and think that success is easy, then you are kidding yourself and you will be waiting a rather long time to make it!

Have an amazing Friday, and make this day your best day yet!

Much Love & Gratitude

Kate xx

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