Are you sleeping with the enemy?

When I ask if you are sleeping with the enemy, I am really asking if you are giving into doubt?

Enemy, ego, darkness, doubt, bitch in the attic, or whatever you choose to call the niggling voice at the back of your mind that keeps trying to talk you out of making your dreams come true.

To me it’s the enemy, the darkness, otherwise, also know as Lucifer/ the Devil to the majority of the world. The one that prowls among us to turn ourselves against each other and ourselves. Yes, him!

We all have to battle him, including me. YES! Me! Even I have days when I have to wrestle him off my shoulder and have my soul roar from deep down inside and shout “I can and I will make this happen! and you will never stop me!”

The deeper your journey goes into spirituality, you will start to understand the good vs evil and the full story behind it all. Why doubt controls you? Why are dreams stopped? Why do people turn against each other? Why people self-sabotage themselves?

And it all comes down to one thing, the fact that you give in and let yourself be seduced by the enemy, ego, darkness, doubt, bitch in the attic, or whatever you choose to call the niggling voice at the back of your mind. You give in and let him seduce you into that way of thinking and before you know it BAM! He’s won! And a dream dies, along with part of your soul with it.

When you don’t live to your fullest, or you don’t carry out the dreams that you had sown into you when you were created. You live a life of regret which eats away at your soul. Which makes you feel like you missed out on “the good life” because you give into to that voice and let him have control over you.

To enable you to move forward with your self-discovery/spirituality journey you have to learn to stand your ground with this. Start recognising when it’s happening and be completely adamant that you won’t be seduced into negative thinking or giving up before you haven’t even started.

You can do this by choosing to be a chicken or a lion! Why a chicken or a lion? Let me explain:

A Lion: Knows it’s boundaries, has high self-respect, does not bow to man, is strong, independent and hunts for his own food. Knows his limits and you know when he roars because you can hear it for miles! And when he’s pissed, boy you would seriously DUCK!

A Chicken: Runs at the slightest noise, has no balls, flaps at the slightest bit of trouble, runs in the other direction, never faces danger head on, waits for someone to fetch food to him, hides under a bush and large things pop out it’s ass.

The question is which would you rather be known for?

It’s time to stand your ground and become the person you were created to be. Stop hiding behind fear and start to understand that you were made to stand boldly to face everything that presents it’s self to you. You are a leader, a business owner, a provider of a service that people require.

You cannot be all of that if you continue to keep sleeping with the enemy. Find your Lion voice and roar!

Until next time, have an amazing rest of your week,

Much Love

Kate xx



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