And So… She Comes Alive!

The excitement that is running through me right now is electric!

To take action upon a dream and see it come alive is an amazing feeling, not just that, but also huge to others who watch my journey and see what I create along the way. The Missing Piece Magazine was nothing but a dream only 4 weeks ago. Now all the foundations are laid, website work complete and the doors are open and people are starting to come through to cement their places to teach before a huge highly targeted audience of over 300,000 people.

Isn’t it amazing how we can take a thought in our head and take action upon that thought, which then creates something so powerful to help others in so many different ways? This Missing Piece Magazine is the future of publishing in a digital, interactive way and will be dedicated to providing YOU with the help you need on your self-discovery journey. This interactive digital platform also helps online business owners, coaches, and mentors target highly targeted traffic by presenting themselves and their knowledge to over 300,000 people.

So, business owners, are no longer “just advertising” they are in fact helping and teaching solutions worldwide on every budget, even limited budgets. I was a broke business owner once upon a time and to bring this forward today is a passion of mine to helping those on a limited budget, as well as other budgets, to enable them to purchase a coaching tool each month at a low price filled with exercises and information that they can implement straight away and see results.


Missing Piece

My whole entire journey I have look where I can create projects and build platforms to help everyone involved have a win-win journey. Today marks another day (as well as Independence Day) to fetch this amazing platform to life! We have amazing people like Katy Bray, who is a professional clairvoyant and empath coach, providing guidance to people in every issue by answering people’s burning questions. The answers that we so dearly want and so truly desire cannot always be seen by us, and to have that peace of mind can be priceless and a relief that no amount of money could buy.

Copy of Sample 1 TMP Ask Katy Page

As well as Katy, many other successful business owners, coaches and #1 international best-selling authors are stepping forward to teach in this powerful and amazing magazine. The advice from business owners who have been there, done that and wore the t-shirt to enable them to stand in their glory and come to life in a digital interactive space. To help the readers learn from true authentic leaders and learn skills that actually gain RESULTS!

Each cover will grace the presence of 6, 7,8, figure business owners and multi-millionaires and even billionaires. In each issue, these amazing people will share their wisdom with you in an exclusive LIVE video interview. The beauty about technology today is that it helps publishing come alive and enable me to fetch projects to life and embed videos, audio and connect URL links all in one place.

Today as America celebrates Independence Day I will celebrate along with you because freedom and living out your dreams is a priceless feeling that fulfils my soul.

Here’s to the next level of The Missing Piece and this amazing journey called life 🙂

Until next time,

Here’s to your success.

Love From

2016-05-23 15.00.26-2

Kate xxx


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