How Will This Magazine

Benefit Your Business?

The Missing Piece Magazine positions you as the “go-to expert” by allowing you to teach skills by video inside every issue. By  creating and sharing your coaching or training inside each issue of The Missing Piece Magazine this will fetch you credibility like nothing else can. We have created a magazine that cuts all B.S and presents you as the powerful coach, as well as teaching our readers SKILLS! Which then positions you to a highly targeted audience in a way that helps solve people’s problems, which increases more opportunity of  people hiring you by the trust that is developed through your training.

Sssshhhh Don’t Tell Everyone! This is Your Chance to Shine, Plus:

  • Increase your potential client audience

  • Get in front of highly targeted subscribers

  • Get seen as the go-to-expert in your field

  • Inspire, motivate and teach people

  • Be presented to a world wide audience

  • Increase opportunity of networking with others

  • Be a part of something POWERFUL

  • Get Published. Get Seen. Get Hired!

Get Published. Get Seen. Get Hired!

The Missing Piece Magazine is a digital, interactive magazine dedicated to teaching skills to business owners and personal growth students as well as acting as a digital advertising platform for business owners, coaches, and mentors.

This is a genius way to help fetch the two parties together and bridge that gap between you and a highly targeted audience. There may be several magazines published in the world, but how many of them actually act as a platform to help get the word out about what you can really teach?

The Missing Piece Magazine is a free magazine and our content is filled with highly sought after training, coaches, and content. Which means you have the chance to be presented to a “highly targeted” audience. The Missing Piece Magazine subscribers and network grows more GLOBALLY every day!



    Get seen as the go-to-expert in your field


    Advertise GLOBALLY to people worldwide


    Increase your potential client audience


    Open yourself up to a HIGHLY targeted audience of hungry subscribers

Disclaimer: Each individual’s success depends on their dedication, hard work, and motivation to succeed by the actions they take. The Missing Piece Magazine is an advertising platform to help business owners present themselves in front of a large audience.  Results are not typical and The Missing Piece Publishing takes no responsibility for the outcomes or results of any individual business owner.