Acceptance Can Feel Like Eating a Cement Brick Whole!

Dear Friend,

Let’s talk about the subject of acceptance.

Now to begin with you with think why would you want to pick this subject?

Because acceptance is MASSIVE and it is something so many people reject! Many people don’t want to accept that they are the cause and effect of the reality they live in. People want to instantly reject and blame outside circumstances to what got them to the place they are now.

Well I say bollocks to it, if you are not going to take 100% responsibility for your life and results then how dare you lead others and not practice what you preach? I had to chew on a massive cement brick of acceptance over the past 48 hours and today I stand fully in my personal power. I have not looked outside myself to blame the weather, the people around me, the mercury retrograde, or any other stupid excuse I could find.


I OWNED my true self and accepted WHO and WHAT I should be! I noticed the signs and placed it all together and took complete responsibility, and BOY does it feel good when you OWN who you truly are! You are free from the chains and completely feel at one with yourself. You have no excuses, no complaining, no blaming going on.. Just totally resistance free and on the right path of where you should be going.

Don’t get me wrong we can all get lost along the way, nobody is perfect, and I totally own that! Sometimes we take a journey thinking it’s going to lead us to something amazing, only the destination never happens. This tells us that it was the lesson we learned along the way to the “non-existence in your reality” destination is really something is preparing you, preparing you for when you do get your shit together and be in full acceptance of where we truly belong.

Trust me I didn’t always think like I do now and a massive part of that was because I lived like 95% of the population do. Find an excuse outside myself for “why” things were not going my way. Or I would play the victim role of “You have no idea what I am going through” broken bullshit record.

Then one day things changed. They changed the day I picked up the phone and accepted a call from a guy called Brad. He was the manager of Jack Canfield’s coaching office in Santa Barbara. I had been accepted as a student upon Jack’s Success Principles Coaching Program. This was the beginning of my journey to acceptance and Jack’s first lesson in any of his books or coaching programs is: You have to take 100% responsibility for your own life and your own results. Whatever is happening in your life you are creating or allowing it to happen.


Right there I had to accept that I was allowing it to happen, and that I had been too busy blaming everybody else in front of me and that I didn’t see the one who was causing all of this. That person was the one staring right back at herself in the mirror.. ME!

At first it’s huge! It’s hard! It will also feel like a major slap in the face, but once you swallow that ego and acceptance starts to run through your veins you then feel a free feeling and the resistance energy starts to melt away. The pressure leaves your chest and no longer feels crushed, and you finally feel the knowing that you have the power to create your own reality. That there is standing in your awesomeness and reclaiming your true personal power, and for that you should be mighty proud of yourself for doing so.

My journey to acceptance lead me to helping others and helping making their dreams become reality.

2015-09-28 05.19.54

I now help these people find their voice and help place it out to the world and be heard on an international scale. This helps them in their journey to truly accept that what happened to them is not what needs to define them. This journey helps them start their own journey to success and all they did was share their past experiences, own it and take responsibility for their own lives by acceptance and in doing so completely changed they outcomes of their lives.

This was my BIG acceptance for the week….

That I should be taking 100% responsibility for The Missing Piece and not looking outside of that to try and build it’s success. Because it’s success lies within it and the power of it’s roots still shine brightly from my heart.I need to go back it’s roots of where it all began and recharge from that point, and that point is from a mother’s love (and now a grandmother’s love)

2015-09-26 18.38.07

So in 3 days time I board my flight back to the UK and gave up my place in the up coming film “Coaching Movie”. The signs were there and I noticed them all and I took them on board and took 100% responsibility for my life and accepted EXACTLY where I should be.

Did it feel like swallowing a brick? I won’t lie, yes it did!

However it’s not how hard we fall it’s how hard we come back! It took me 24 hours to come back from it, own who I truly am and accept where I should be right now! Now I know in my heart The Missing Piece with thrive triple the amount it did before.. Because I accepted where I should be and who I am..

It’s been a long and amazing and testing journey, but I wouldn’t be here with out acceptance.

Have a beautiful day and until next time

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Kate xxx


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