5 Ways to Changing Your Focus & Gaining More Clients!

This week on The Missing Piece Magazine Facebook page I asked the question:

What one thing would you love to have more of in your life right now?

An answer that seemed to be repeated a few times from biz owners was: Clients

So in this blog post and in a Facebook live video that I will host on Monday 12th June, I thought this would be a great topic to share and really help you on your way to building your business online and gaining them clients you deserve. Let’s start with 5 great pointers of how you can gain more clients in your own business.

1.Creating great content: This my friend is a MUST to enable your followers to build a relationship with you. People buy from you when they have got to know you. They won’t just give their hard earned cash within 2 minutes of knowing you. You have to build a client base through respect and relationship building and the only way to build them relationships is to create content that motivates, inspires and triggers people to engage. From there you can chat, find out more about each other and build an element of trust between you and potential clients. If you are just hoping clients will knock on your door, then your in for a longgggg wait!
2.Create a platform: This could be through podcasting, blogging, radio show, Ebooks, published print books. I teach people how to go from zero investment to have a best-selling book on Amazon in 90 days!) So with the printed books, there is no excuse! However, you choose to build that platform always stick to rule #1 and that includes GREAT content that actually HELPS people.

3. Learn social media marketing and sales: It’s time to step forward in 2017 and understand that we live in a social media/technology world and the way people communicate, market and sell is completely different to like it was in 1983. So learning the skills you need to enable you to sell digitally to gain them clients is a must! Start learning Facebook marketing, Facebook ad training, selling online and technical skills that will enable you to run a business better online and close sales to build your client base.

4. Shift your focus: Rather than focusing on the lack of clients you don’t have, focus on the clients you do have. By giving so much love and attention to what you have already will expand right in front of your eyes befoe you know it. When you focus on “the lack” of something it’s really saying you don’t appreciate what you already have, and if you don’t appreciate what you already have it will be taken from you. Be a faithful servant and place all your love, guidance and attention into your clients now and what you are faithful with multiples!

5. Referrals: Look at where you can create a referral program for the clients you have now. There is no better way to gain more clients than to send your already die hard fans out into the world armed with a referral link/program and them telling all their friends on social media about their real life experience with you and how you changed their life. Real life testimonies sell products/services a whole lot better than any marketing on the planet! When it comes from the person who’s life it has changed, this stamps a whole new meaning for you as a business owner/coach.

I hope the 5 points above really start to shift your focus or plant some seeds into your mind this weekend on how you can really bring more clients to your business. I will see you on Monday on The Missing Piece Magazine Facebook page with a live Facebook video at 11:30 am EST time to go a bit further into detail about these 5 points.

Until then have a wonderful weekend and I will see you Monday!

Much Love

Kate xx

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